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J Aug 22, 2018 Review updated:

If someone could PLEASE contact me! Guns of Glory Kingdom 186!! This is beyond ridiculous and below the standard of gaming ethics! This urgency requires immediate attention for as the real life's of people are being destroyed and this game has gone way out of hand! I'm extremely upset and disappointed as well as dissatisfied with the responses I have been getting from the game mod! Again unethical behavior, racism, bullying, illegal purchasing, force spending of others money, the creation of websites and posting people in the kingdoms pics on there and mocking them! I need to explain more please call! [protected]!


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    Shovan RAHMAN Mar 10, 2020

    One of the player we booted from our alliance named EDDY OG aka mrs war machine, is currently sexually harassing all our female members. Many have blocked him, then he continues posting abusive messages in the kingdom chat. Will GOG do anything against this scum, as its clearly against GOG rule number one : play fair. Please find a screen shot n
    His coords on the kingdom map : 1011:1731 K453

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