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M Nov 25, 2018
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My niece went into the ER terribly sick and painful. We were there 5 1/2 hrs before they got her into the Neuro ICU. She had been released from the same hospital 36 hrs before. She had just had a surgical procedure done to resolve the failing shunt in her brain. None of the ER docs seemed to have a clue- which was odd considering she had just undergone surgery. Her symptoms in the ER all pointed to infection from the last recent procedure but was not given antibiotics for approximately 4 hrs. There was a complete lack of communication between staff. It was incredibly frustrating to watch. My niece was in an incredible amount of pain and they couldn't manage her vital symptoms. She ended up staying in the hospital for nearly 24 days. They did finally figure out the next day that she had gotten an infection during her last procedure. The Neuro ICU was mostly positive with just a few issues that anyone would have to realistically expect. However, when they moved her to 5NW- a Neuro unit- the care was horrible. I could not believe how the nurses treated my niece who has considerable brain damage. It was horrible to witness. The first 2 nurses she had, Jamie and Bre, yelled at her instead of deescalating the situation. Instead of acting like adult professionals, they sunk down to the level of verbally abusive monsters. No nurse should ever act that way to a patient with brain damage. They were extremely combative with her which only made the situation worse. They also were horrible to me and totally passive aggressive, dismissive and would refuse to even look at me. It truly made me cry. I tried to explain to her nurse Jamie that my niece had brain damage and could not remember if you told her to do something in particular, i.e. don't pull the tape off of your arm securing your IV. The nurse dismissively said the telesitter camera in her room was for that exact purpose and they would be closely monitoring her. The first night she stayed in the NW Neuro unit she climbed over the rails of her bed and fell to the floor- even with the bed alarm going off. She also had a telesitter camera in her room which was supposed to stop her from being able to hurt herself. The camera is hooked up to a computer where someone is SUPPOSED to be watching her, yet nobody alerted staff. What a nightmare. I came the next day and was told what happened. They finally decided she wasn't safe and had a human sitter in her room with her so she wouldn't hurt herself. That woman was wonderful, Jo, and apologized for the inappropriate nurses she had. She even gave me a big hug which was the catalyst for all the tears I cried for the next hour. It's so stressful being in the hospital with a very sick loved one and to have such uncaring, immature nurses is simply unfair and unfortunate. Please go to another hospital if at all possible...

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