FreedomPopphone service, charges

A Sep 16, 2018

I recently acquire Freedompop service and once I found it is not to the standard I converted to their FREE LTE plan, being unaware they charge me $20 for one SIM and charge total $40 for 2. Then found out apart from that they charged me additional $3.99 for some service and I cancelled immediately those service.

When I ask them to refund they not happily refunded that money so I open the dispute case with Paypal and later then refund my money after accepted that service was cancelled. However, next day they cancelled my both SIM and also holding my $40. When I see the cancellation I file again Dispute to Paypal and now trying hard to collect that money. They are not interested to pay me back they are stating why I file the dispute.

Well if you charge me something and not give the service so why not I dispute that.

You have no right to keep money. Freedomop harming customers day by day, I saw so many victims on Facebook and not sure how does such company is in market.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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