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Free Cash review: Did not get credited for completion of offer

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there is a game on freecash which is by freecash called dice dreams. The game rewards you for each time, points which get added to your profile and then what you choose to do is up to you, in my case as with completion of surveys, I convert points into paypal and withdraw into that account. For the most part it all goes smoothly and there hasn't been any issues. That then changed once I had reached and completed level 25 in dice dreams in which I should have received 6000 points. When I first advised support they said that if it has been less than 72hrs then just wait then after that create a ticket. I did create a ticket then I received a message in live chat at some stage a short time after saying that the team was behind on rewarding points, I'm not sure if they were speaking in general though or in relation to that game, needless to say I wasn't happy and wrote back 'this is ridiculous I've already been waiting over a week'. Now come maybe 5days ago or so, I completed level 30 which is the next level after 25, where you get credited for completion and it is also 6000 points. I also contacted support and they also said the same thing to create a ticket if it's been more than 72hrs. Just a extra bit of information aswell, with level 25 I never seen level 25 mentioned until after the 2nd or 3rd time of contact support team where as in the case of previous levels and surveys I would see them almost immediately. Now for the part which I find upsetting and a breach of ethics, I got a message on live chat saying that unfortunately I didn't meet the conditions of offers which is to complete them in 30 days. So we went from one staff member saying there will be a longer waiting time to get rewarded to getting another saying yeh sorry you didn't do so as required to get funds. I can tell you for a fact that I completed level 25 within a week if not less of starting offer. Also I have been in contact with trustpilot who have said you may wish to write a complaint to freecash for help or if you wish to take it further if not resolved, contact the police. This is so ludicrous to me to even lodge a complaint when you realise that all I've been asking for is to receive 12000 points that I'm owed, which is just $12 paypal. But for the lack of response, help and also in some cases being laughed and mocked by support team, I'll take this to what ever area of law I can. So please all I want is matter resolved and move on, I don't wish anything else