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Free Cash review: Can't get a response from support and when I do I'm told the exact same thing I was told on December 27th it's now January 14,

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On December 27 , I got my account banned / frozen, for no apparent reason, but I completed this kyc they sent me a link for , told the agent, and told me admin would message me in 24-48 hrs, I let 3 days go by, come back to site thinking my account will be good, well I was wrong , I had no message from admin, I decided to send a email because it won't allow me to message them on the site, I get a response , literally telling me the exact same thing , admin will contact me in 24 to 48 hrs, I tell this agent that y'all have already said this and I've completed the kyc thru the link they sent me , I guess the agent didn't understand me , and repeated himself , so I just said ok, and waited , it's now January 10 , I message them telling them right from the start i completed the kyc process , can someone help me yet my account unbanned, well this agent as well must of not read my message and tells me my account is banned / frozen because i need to complete kyc, and admin will contact me in 24 to 48 hours , well they don't even send me a link to complete it , AGAIN, but tell me I need to complete it, so I send them screen shots of the older messages I've had with them , and they don't respond , so another 4 days goes by, I message them again, this time telling them I've been trying to get help since December 27 , and that they just keep repeating themselves , and dont seem to care about helping me , i let them know that ive COMPLETED the kyc, and that they have already told me it would take 24 to 48 hours about 3 times, and havent heard from anyone , and they still say the same thing , admin will message me in 24 to 48 hours, im starting to think they have no care in the world about my problem that im having , and ive been very patient with this , but now its getting irritating because it seems impossible to get the help that im needing to get this done , and i use this account to make money for my kids so i have extra money in my pocket to do things with them and put food on table , and still dont have a care in the world about actually helping me plz help

Desired outcome: Account being unbanned because I haven't broken any rules

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