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A lie of omission is still a lie. FP Mailing Solutions told me that Pitney Bowes postage meters were faulty, expensive and contained hidden charges. So, I went with FP (stupid me). The salesman neglected to mention that you needed a dedicated analog phone line to download your postage. I run a web design business and have only digital signals. And they say there is no other way to do it.

I have a 30 day trail with them, but they are forcing me to pay to ship the machine back even though THEY didn't tell me the absolute minimum requirements. Not only am I pissed that they think so little of their customers' happiness, but because they are forcing me to pay extra when I went with this to save money in the first place.

I'm sending a picture of my *** with the machine back to the company.


  • Jo
    Joe Marshall Nov 11, 2008

    I have had several similar experiences with multiple people whom work for FP Mailing Solutions and have taken matters up with the Better Business Bureau of Chicago. I cannot believe the lack of professionalism and aggressive nature of everyone I have dealt with at this company. I would highly recommend using one of their competitors and spreading the news on what type of company FP really is.

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  • Ir
    Irritated by FP May 26, 2009

    We signed a 36mo contract with them after Pitney Bowes said they were going to increase our monthly rate! I called Pitney, they negotiated back down to our original price! We aren't in a locked in contract and can cancel anytime. We contacted FP to cancel our 36mo contract, and they said they didn't have a 30 day free trial, or a cancellation policy, and that we would have to pay for the entire 36 months! FP's machine was faulty, and a piece of S***! Customer service has been extremely aggressive, and rude... I am waiting to hear back from management where I hope they can resolve this matter. If not, I'm going to send in a formal complaint, contact a consumer protection agency and the Better Business Buereau, AND inform our credit card company that they are wrongfully charging us!

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  • Re
    reads the fine print Jul 30, 2009

    These guys are terrible, and cro-magnon rude.

    Before I had a chance to read through actual consumer reviews about the company, I was pretty much sold on the high buyerzone.com rating and the 4, 000 impressions per ink cartridge. My only hang up was the fact that they were a little shady over the phone about revealing their rates and terms, and attempted to mock me because I was asking about rates before reviewing the contract. The guys said something to the effect that he had never had a client who asked about price before looking at the contract.

    I explained that I was comparing prices and would look at the contract if the prices matched up, but he kept pushing for my email or fax and I finally consented.

    Long story short, I was glad he sent the contract because I soon found out that they had terrible terms that are designed to lock you into their company and provide you with many obstacles to get out.

    This is not apples to apples. As far as I know, most of these providers have a month to month contracts. This is how business is done now in most fields. If you have a good product you shouldnt need to bind your customers with long term contracts. The fact that these guys use these tactics made me take a step back.

    Then to top it all off, after I asked about whether they would be willing shorten their contractual term I got the following response from the salesman -

    "We have one contract for our 80, 000 clients not 80, 000 different contracts for 80, 000 clients.

    We are rated the highest among meter manufacturers through the Better Business Bureau and buyerzone.com rated us #1 in customer support among the meter makers as well. We also have been the only meter maker that has grown in the last 2 years. "

    Another bully tactic. A bragging rebuke followed by further bragging about how high their ratings are. I don't know if this is how they are taught as part of their company customer service philosophy or what, but from the reviews I have read it seems to be across the board.

    I'm very surprised at how high their ratings are. In the age of consumer review and social media there's no reason why a company like that should be able to conduct itself in such a manner and not get exposed. If you have a similar story, or happen to be an unsatisfied customer I encourage you to share your rating as well.

    I've had a great experience talking with NMS (http://www.nationalmailingsystems.com), and their ink prices are actually a little better (a $95 cartidge which yields 2500 impressions).

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  • These guys are crooks. I signed a contract with them 3 years ago and I should be done with the contract on Sept. 29th, 2009. Every time I called to try to stop the service I pushed the button to get me to there accounts receivable department and was then promptly told by a recorded voice that they were having technical difficulties after which they disconnected the call (i.e. they hung up on me). I wasn't asked to leave a message or nothing. Well I finally hit a different button and got to an operator. The operator tried to re-direct my call but she wasn't able to get me through either. This went on for quite some time, months... Any way, long story short I called today (08/13/2009) and the same thing happened twice when I tried to contact there Accounts Receivable department. So again I hit a bunch of buttons and finally got to the CSR and was told that same thing. I was furious and told them I would not be sending them any more money and that they had better stop the service and come pick up there machines. This time the CSR started to refer me back to my contract and every time I tried to explain to her the situation she kept going back to the contract telling me that I had to pay them for another year of service. So now I am really pissed off and told her "fine, bring it, go ahead and try to get water out of this rock". I might have been a little hasty but man I tried everything to get to them and let them know that I was ending my service and it absolutely didn't work. Can anyone help a guy out? Whats my recourse? How do I make these people go away? Wow, as I said they are crooks!!!

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  • Ca
    Can't send my mail out Aug 28, 2009

    BEWARE**** STAY AWAY FROM FP***** We have had an FP mymail meter for about 15 months now. The first machine they sent us broke after a few months. After making us jump through all sorts of hoops to make sure that it was actually broken, they finally agreed to send over a new meter. The new meter is working fine, but after another couple of months we started getting an ink cartridge error warning. I called customer service and the only solution they offered me was to buy a new ink cartridge for $180 (+ shipping). TheY claim that these ink cartridges last for 4, 500 impressions and we are pretty low volume (less than 1, 500 pieces of mail a year) so it didn't seem right to me that we should be out of ink after just a few months. After leaving the machine unplugged over the weekend, the cartridge error solved itself and I was back to happily metering my mail. But that didn't last too long, eventually the computer chip on the ink cartridge was "tripped" and the meter now believes that we have no ink. I know that this is not the case because I can hear the ink swishing around in there when I shake the cartridge. Again, I called customer service and their solution was that I should buy a new $180 ink cartridge. I have been looking into purchasing the ink from another supplier, but due to this computer chip that FP put on the cartridge; I will be FORCED to buy their ink because no other ink will work.

    They also make you buy "rate cards" to update your meter when the post office chages their rates. These cards cost $160, or for an extra $8 per month on your contract you can automatically receive the rate cards when they update. We bought a rate card for the rate increase on May 12, 2008. Our meter is currently out of date on rates because the post office changed rates again on May 8, 2009. FP doesn't offer a guarantee that your rates will be current for any amount of time, so it really stinks that our $160 rate upgrade didn't even buy us a year of correct postage rates.

    Our one year contract automatically renewed for a term of one year, because we didn't provide 90 days notice to cancel. So, we now find ourselves in the unfortunate position of having 9 months left in the lease on a postage meter that doesn't work. To get the meter functioning properly again, we will need to purchase a $160 rate card and a $180 ink cartridge. That $340 is in addition to the $190 that we have left in lease payments. The whole affair has been one debaucle after another and the meter has been out of comission just about as often as it has worked.

    If you are considering an FP meter for the cost savings DON'T DO IT!!! They tell you that the meter only costs $20 a month + a very low cost per impression of supplies. With all of the expenses that we have incurred, the realized cost of this postage meter is $50 per month. And that isn't even factoring in the time that our staff has spent trying to fix the meter and dealing with customer service AND we still have to send someone to the post office for stamps everytime the meter goes down.

    Unless you have the budget, time & patience to deal with all this **** STAY AWAY FROM FP

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  • Ca
    CaminoDental Oct 13, 2009

    I had a similar experience with FP mailing solutions. Horrible company to deal with. They did not inform us that we need a rate ship everytime there is a change in postage. We got around the rate chip by manually entering the rates.

    They gave us a t1000 machine which is so cryptic to use and broke in the first few months. The contract is for 2 years. I called them about 4 months before the contract expires to check when my contract ends. They told me the date but didn't inform me that there is a 90 day cancellation policy or the contract will automatically renew. I am stuck with this machine for another year. But I am going to send them my cancellation 1 year in advance this time.


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  • Ft
    FTL Mar 11, 2010

    I called 4 months before the contract expires and they noever told me about the required 90 day cancellation policy. The machine is a piece of junk. Need a rate chip everytime the rates changes. So I am locked in for another year. I sent in my cancellation already 1 year before the contract termination date. They never told me that the machine ever needed one.

    The owner of the business paid twice on an invoice. FP mailing rep said they will refund in 4 to 6 weeks. I would never ever recommend this company to anyone. Stay away from this company.

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  • Mo
    Moosie May 14, 2010

    Our small company has had equally dismal service from FP. I am going to get out of our contract, and hope to be able to contact someone in their upper management to direct them to this web page. In this current economy, wouldn't you think that every company on the planet would be trying to retain their customers?

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  • St
    stellavanilla Jul 12, 2010

    FP is just an awful company. Period. Service and problem resolution are non existant. Go elsewhere. Anywhere, even Pitney Bowles if you must.

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  • De
    DEBAHINT Nov 09, 2010

    I am researching an FP Centormial system, but will lease through a local dealer, so will not be dealing with FP directly. Has anyone any experience going this route? It seems most of these complaints deal with interactions with FP directly, which I will not be doing for service or supplies. Also, I am quite familiar with the process of terminating lease agreements (IN WRITING!), several months before the end of lease term, so you should all be aware and check for this stipulation with any current leases (copiers, postage meters, phone systems, etc.) you may have in place. I, unfortunately, learned this the hard way and had to eat 12 months of lease payments on a 6 year old copier. Live and learn!

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  • Sw
    swaimm Nov 19, 2010

    Picture of the unit indicated that it might be hard to use. But, I agreed to give it a 30-day trial. The saleswoman stated that even though it was a 30-day trial, we would still need to sign a contract because we might forget to return it at the end of 30 days. The machine wasn't very good. It was more difficult to use than Pitney-Bowes. So, we returned after about a week. After a couple of months, they billed me for three months of a 36 month contract. I contacted them and they said that I signed a contract and even though they are now renting the machine to someone else, I must pay up. Fat chance. I've never seen a business operate like this. Has someone complained to the Attorney General in Illinois? Or, is this standard Chicago practice?

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  • Me
    mellymoo Jan 18, 2011

    Our company has had the same issues listed above. Our first machine arrived broken. They replaced it with a machine that I couldn't load the postage. We signed up on December 28th and received the machine on January 3rd. I have tried to get in touch with customer service at least three times a week since. I have left several message with the sales [censor]. and several managers with no returned call. I have also filed a complaint with the BBB, so hopefully they can get this resolved.

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  • Ra
    RAGAN GANTT & ASSOC. CPA Aug 30, 2011


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  • To
    tonyt53 Jul 02, 2012

    They are lying crooks. We called them over a month ago to see how to return their machine. They did not send us any return information. Now, we are within the 90 days cancellation period. Even though this is an automatic renewal contract, they should have notified us that a renewal was about to occur. As it sits, I am filing a complaint with the BBB. This was an intentional act on their part in not sending the machine return information to us. I am also going to file a complaint with our state attorney generals office. It has gotten to a matter of principal - something that FP evidently knows nothing about. Stay away from these people. PB isn't any better. Use postage stamps instead.

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  • Fp
    FP Mailing Folding Machine Oct 23, 2012

    Please do not deal with FP Mailing. They charged us 3 times the purchase value to Lease a folding folding machine and when questioned they informed me "we had a great deal" if anyone has an issue with a lease with FP mailing please refer it to the Leasing Advisory Service who can investigate for you http://www.leasingadvisoryservice.com/.
    They also trade as the below companies due to bad reputation.
    internet ink
    i lancashire

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  • Ma
    Mailing101 Nov 29, 2012

    FP Mailing are truly awful! Do not do business with them. The sales person I have dealt with is very manipulating and deceitful. I can't believe that in this day and age they can get away with conducting business in the way they do.
    They have completely mis sold our company a machine far above the requirements of the business (at four times the cost of our previous machine) although they told the covering maternity PA at the time that it was a renewal within the existing lease... a complete and total lie. They then proceeded to double charge us for the old lease at the same time too... nice!
    We have been struggling to get the money back for the settlement of the old machine and now the "account/sales manager" I have to deal with won't answer any calls/e-mails in response to our manager requesting a meeting with them to discuss our requirements. I have had to phone Royal Mail at times to clarify that the sales person from FP Mailing is indeed lying and trying to upsell me another machine, yet again... I was informed I needed a new part to print in blue.. complete lies when I spoke to Royal Mail they told me this is for advanced mail only. Awful company/awful sales person/awful sales tactics. They should be reported!!!

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  • Bo
    bob swanson Apr 29, 2013

    I've actually joined this group rather late as many of you have been. I've had experience with BBB supporting businesses rather than customers. My equipment was faulty from the beginning from promising a computer compatible system to waiting 3 mos. for it only to have to return it twice because it didn't work properly. They are "silver tongued devils". Buyer beware!! I have also fallen victim to the "automatic renewal small print" and even commented to the agent that he is somewhat "tongue and cheek" about it and he didn't deny it. Ultimately he told me that he couldn't bypass policy. when I asked to talk to his boss he referred me to him but I'm still waiting the bosses call back. 6 hours now. calling customer service is another matter. Yes it's toll free but the usual wait time is 30 - 45 minutes. Obviously they don't have enough help. When they do come on they help quickly.

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  • Ta
    tash brohi Jul 31, 2013

    fp mailing soluton horrible, horrible million times horrible never do bussiness with them

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  • Ro
    RobertCPA Oct 01, 2013

    The customer service with this company is horrible. They are rude and have no loyalty to a customer of over 3 years. They will promise the moon but will offer far less than you can get straight from the internet at a third of the cost.

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  • Fp
    FP Mailing Is Lousy May 05, 2014

    This is the WORST company. i didn't like Pitney Bowes that much but they are WORLDS better than this fraud of a company. They sold us the biggest piece of crap postal machine. The only good news is that I signed a 1 year agreement and not the 36 they tried to push me into. The sales person acted like my best friend but once I started having trouble he pushed me to their "Customer Service" which I believe is run in a basement of someone's home . Getting through is impossible and the line is always busy. I could go on forever. I have NEVER written a bad review on a company in the 22+ years I have been in business and of course you may not believe an unknown/anonymous person but you have been warned. If you sign up with this company be prepared to be aggrevated, disappointed and utterly pissed off that you didn't go with ANY other company. Other than that they are great.

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  • Ry
    ryan4479 Nov 12, 2015

    Dreadful company who scam customers with ridiculous reset charges, none of this was mentioned when taking out the contract, and be warned if you need more labels buy from eBay they are a quarter of the cost these clowns charge. AVOID!

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  • Jo
    jools490 Jan 21, 2016

    Just checking this works before I comment.

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  • Jo
    jools490 Jan 21, 2016

    I've actually signed the renewal contract for Franco Postalia Mymail last weekend having had a franking machine with them for a year in March, but since have been trying to cancel it having received a call from Pitney Bowes offering a better deal. Thing is every time I call mymail & tried to say I want to cancel & want confirmation I will not be charged because on the contract it states I will be, I get no straight answer just a rant from this man about 'hidden costs' etc with Pitney Bowes. So I suppose I'm a bit buggered now & will have to stay with mymail.

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  • Sm
    smallbusinesswoman Apr 26, 2018

    Just to confirm - FP is still a terrible company to deal with. Our small company was forced to change out our existing meter for a new unit and was required to sign a long term lease agreement in order to not have increased costs. The functionality of the new unit was not on par with the original unit. The ink requirements exceeded the requirements of the previous unit. I notified FP that I was dis-satisfied with the unit and they offered me to exchange it for another more expensive unit or to pay off the full price of the long term lease. Their product failed to meet their customers requirements and their solution was to make their customer purchase a more expensive product or pay off the entire substandard product and return it to them. Neither of their solutions was reasonable.

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  • Gl
    Gloria Hopp Apr 21, 2020

    Beware of auto-renewal!!! do not use this company!!! they will not work with you, and if you have an issue, they will avoid you for months. they are dishonest, and I truly regret being a loyal customer for approximately 6 years. to be treated like sh*t after 6 years is a real slap in the face.

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