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L Sep 27, 2019

First, I am not asking for any $$ or credit, I just want you to make Foster Farms aware, that they have a problem and see if this issue can be corrected by Foster Farms.

Today (09-27-2019), I purchased a bag of two (2) individually wrapped chickens. In each chicken were two (2) water absorbing pads. Each of these two pads weighed at approx. 3/4 of a pound, for a total of (2) X .75 = 1.5 pounds.

This results in the fact that I paid $1.29/lb. x 1.5 = $1.935 for four (4) total pads of red water not chicken. So, the true purchase price for the chicken was 12.75 ponds on the package- 1.50 pounds of pads and red water = 11.25 true weight. Divide this by the the total cost of $16.45, and this equals that the The true cost of the chicken was actually $1.463/ pound, not $1.29 as stated on the package.

I have shopped at COSTCO for many years and normally purchase only chicken with the Foster Farms label since they originally came to Oregon back in the 1990's. I really like COSTCO and the Foster Farms chicken fried up as always, very tasty.

Foster Farms needs to talk to their production folks in the packaging department and only use one (1) pad per chicken, not two (2). See attached photo's documenting the purchase and the number of pads.

Lee Trautman

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