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atlanta top handle satchel bag with shoulder strap navy blue ea [protected]-00se

I placed an order on your website on 31/12/19 and paid for through PayPal. My order number is 9029122. The purse arrived January 6th, 2020, which was on time. However, the purse quality, size and look is not a match to the image of the purse shown on your website. This was to be a Christmas gift to myself and I am disappointed. I tried your website to file a return request and you said your platform has technical difficulties. So I sent e-mails to your customer sevice and did not get any response. I called your customer service number and after a long hold talked to someone. The rep said she will send me an e-mail with the forms to fill out to return, did not receive any e-mail. I keek calling the same number and after a long hold the phone disconnects. At this point I conclude your opration is a scam and I will report you to PayPal and the appropriate authorities.


Avoid avoid avoid at all cost.
The most disgusting experience i've ever had!!! They will steal your money when they get a chance!!! Horrible horrible customer service!!! Very rude no manners and unprofessional... Specifically alex b. Who seems to answers everything!!!
I've lost 175£ for a trainers I sent back it was big, and for the first time ever in my whole shopping experience my trainers never reached them "supposedly"!!! And when I tried to contact them I waited forever and only got a reply when I left a bad review on trustpilot!!! And that alex started emailing me all day arguing with me being rude and disrespectful and calling me a thief indirectly!!!!!! Demanding me to remove my review!!! Really really horrible horrible experience!!! That was my first and last order with those low life!!! If only I googled them before!!! It's really sad that you get scammed and abused online and there is nothing you can do about it.
This happened few months back I lost my money already I just wanted to leave my review hopefully it will help others. Just thinking back about this experience got me all anxious and sad.

ordered something 10 days ago, haven't heard anything and can’t get in touch

I ordered a $200 bag 10 days ago and the order is still apparently processing. I've emailed them twice but they won't reply. Order number is 9011139. I'm very angry and will be contacting the police unless something is done about it very soon. I see many people have had the same problem and it seems that the whole company may just be a scam. Please send me my bag.

  • SubSquirrel Sep 16, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You’re calling the police about a mail order issue? Orders take weeks to process and then time to be sent to you’ve

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Horrible experience dealing with customer service to obtain a refund. My first order was shipped in a size...

horrible cs and poor platform

Poor platform. Beware when you input your address, the second address line might not be successfully stored in their system, but the worst is that when you contact their CS, no matter via CS form, facebook, reply to confirmation event their helpdesk email, no one replies you, even you quote your order number and mention the issue (e.g. incomplete shipping address list in order detail), on one cares and they would just push the parcel and deliver a very bad experience. I don't recommend the site, there are too many other choices, pick something better like Farfetch, net-a-porter etc,

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[Resolved] return services

Cost me 153 cad to return. And i paid 493 cad to but that is 1/3 of my payment. It take forever to receive my payment and they let you wait and delayed without any compensation.

And on their website they said free return that is a lie, you will cost 1/3 on your own to cover the customs that is a lot of money, and they will not resolve you concerns, they will just ignore it.


Company give me store credits to cover my customs! Thanks I am appreciated!

  • Updated by NICK716 · Jun 09, 2017

    terrible return experience

[Resolved] Terrible scam, please don't buy from Forzieri!

I want to know where is my bag and I want it now! Forzieri is a terrible website and if I were you I would run away from it. These people scammed me and I lost over $1000 because of them. I will not give up until I get my money back or my bag. We are talking about $1000 and that's a lot of money, this is not funny!! I thought that Forzieri was a reputable store but it seems like they are nothing but thieves. I want to get at least some explanations but for some reason they do not reply. I give them one last chance, maybe they'll see this review and contact me. I hope. Otherwise I will contact the police and hire a lawyer!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Forzieri's response · Jan 17, 2017

    Hello Sir, Madame,
    I see you're referring to 839905, that is actually a cancelled order with incomplete payment, coming from the UK, with a value of £132.60 GBP.
    Can you let us know which order number are you referring to or which is the email address used to place the order?
    We'll be glad to double-check.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Alex Baronio
    Forzieri Team

[Resolved] Haven't got a refund

Forzieri stole $248 from me. I ordered a bag for that price. I got the item on 4/13, returned it on 4/18, the...

Leather Jacket

In 2013 I ordered a leather jacket from forzieri for about $800, thinking that it's made of high quality...

Late Shipment

I placed an order with this company last Monday, Dec. 16. They ASSURED me I'd get my item by X-mas and...

Refund policy

Forzieri has a refund policy which would be illegal in Australia and I am still not sure that it is legal. After numerous email exchanges and some telephone calls I just gave up and gave the company over $800 as I was exhausted. Most of the international branded merchandise is way more expensive than on other sites in America and Europe but I loved their own brand leather jackets and that is where the trouble started. The jacket was too small. From Australia I had to pay courier postage of $ 120 which was not refundable AND I was hit with taxes returning it to Italy of $80. When I queried the logic of this as the goods were made there I was told it was law in Italy. So I was already out of pocket $200. I should have quit, but I didn't as there was another Forzieri jacket I wanted to try. I was assured that they would refund me the incoming taxes if this jacket did not fit and I needed to return it. The second jacket was more expensive so they held my refund ( I thought) and asked for an extra $600 for the new jacket from me. I asked for measurements of the new jacket which I never got so that I could check if it would fit. When it eventually arrived ( I had to wait for both jackets to be made I think), the jacket was too small. I had already spent $200 on return postage and taxes and now needed to pay another $120 for a courier for the second jacket. I asked for a full refund on the second jacket and was told that the return window had expired and as a favour I could have the second payment of $600 as a refund but that I had to spend $800 with Forzieri. The accounts department had not refunded the first amount but transferred it to the second purchase with the original purchase date, hence the 'expiry". I was pointed to a second return policy on the website which said I MAY not get a refund!!
So I am now out of pocket $320 on two return couriers, one lot of Italian import taxes for an Irtalian jacket and have an $800 credit when the biggest size jacket IT 50 does not fit me. This is the worst experience I have ever had. Please be careful if you are returning something and NEVER entertain an exchange.

Sent bag for repair 7 months ago! 'Customer Service' rude and will not answer phone calls or emails.

I sent my BUTi bag purchased on the FORZIERI website back for repair as the zip had broken. May 2011. Having had no contact from Forzieri after 2 months I contacted them to see if bag was received. They confirmed it had been received and was with BUTI being repaired. Knowing Italy very well I waited until September to contact them again. I was eventually informed (1 month later) that the broken zip had been repaired but if I would prefer a new zip a cost of €36 would be incurred. I immediately sent an email saying I wanted a new zip, as the old zip is now faulty. I thought it strange that I had not been given this choice in May. I told them to phone me for credit card details (security reasons) for payment. That was 2 months ago! I sent 5 emails last week and finally made the phone call to Italy. Was greeted with a really rude "lady" called Cathy who should not be working in Customer Service. She said all she could do was send an email to say I was unhappy. I asked to speak to a Senior member of staff, which she informed me this was against company policy??? and they had all gone home at 16.42. Nice job. I have heard nothing since. I have been without my bag for 7 months now, the bag originally cost $800 and my husband has purchased numerous items from FORZIERI over the years. They really really need to sack all their customer service agents, come to Ireland or the USA and get some serious training on how to actually treat the people that are paying their wages. Their lack of communication is the biggest problem. As everyone knows, if you have an unhappy customer you keep them informed and updated at all stages, not ignore them. This only fuels the fire. I will never ever use this incompetent company again, I have already told all friends and family. In the current climate we should be happy to have loyal customers, I have a feeling FORZIERI will learn the hard way.

Worst Customer Service Ever, 200 Euros Out Of Pocket, No Resolution In Site!

On the 30th April I purchased a bag for my girlfriends birthday. It arrived very quickly and at first I was very impressed with the service I received.

However when she opened the present the bag was torn a little. So I tried several times to contact Forzieri (webform, telephone calls - a contact centre with no manager present & emails) to ask about a replacement. After several interactions chasing for a resolution I was finally informed after two weeks that I could return the bag for a refund. All I wanted was an exchange but i was happy to be getting my money back at least. So I returned the bag, one week later I was informed they are crediting my account but it would take a cycle (what's a cycle) to appear on my statement. I therefore asked for proof of the refund, to be informed it was done and I need to wait again for a cycle, they did not answer my question regarding the receipt/proof of credit. Therefore I sent another two emails, nothing.

Today 8th June (over a month since I purchased the bag) I called once again to speak them, to be informed that there was a problem processing the credit and that someone would contact me tomorrow. Having been told this before I very doubtful of this. I have therefore asked for a manager to call me once again (even though I have requested this on several occasions no one has ever called me to apologise for such a poor service).

Overall I am very dissapointed in the service provided, I have a girlfriend without a birthday present, I am 200 euros out of pocket and I am still waiting for a manager to contact me.

My advice - save your time and money and purchase your gifts from somewhere else!! I am a customer service manager myself and I would never expect this kind of service from anyone.

  • Sh
    Shabz1213 Aug 16, 2011

    I bought a leather bag for $1330 and they sent me a suede bag (same design and make) which is $605 in their website..they refuse to accept it because they swapped the tags when they shipped it..so the bar code was scanned for the leather bag...They are just polished thieves..fraudulent website...got scammed!

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£300 out of pocket

Quite easily the WORST on line shopping experience I have ever had. Dreadful customer service - website said shoes were 'in stock', they charged me £6 for 'next day delivery' over a week later I still had no shoes. I made three phonecalls to customer services to chase the shoes, as I needed them for a function the following weekend - each time they said they would call me back to let me know what was happening and they didn't. Finally I cancelled the order and was assured that no charges would be made against my credit card. Over a week later, I get an email saying the shoes have been dispatched; I call customer services again, explaining that I had cancelled the order - in a nutshell, they said 'too bad' and told me to return them upon receipt. I returned them - costing me another £12 - then a week late I get an email from them saying they are charging me £25 for re-stocking the shoes. I told them I was not happy with this and, to date, so far I have heard nothing. I have not received a refund. I have no shoes and no money and am an additional £18 out of pocket on postage. I have spent nearly £300 and have absolutely nothing. Since then, I have read of other people having a similar experience with this company. This was an absolutely dreadful experience from a company that boasts on offering "a 5 star shopping experience".

  • Sh
    Shabz1213 Aug 16, 2011

    I had the worst experience buying a travel bag..it is a fraudulent website..beware!

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Conned billing

I ordered a handbag from Forzieri.com, was quoted and confirmed the amount in Dollars. To my dismay, they charged my CC in Euros, hence my CC company charged me the usual foreign currency transaction fees. In other words, that handbag cost me more than the price I was quoted for! I tried to contact Forzieri they ignored all my emails to them. I tried BBB, they couldn't get anywhere because said company's headquarters is in Italy! When I ordered the handbag, it was delivered in less than three days; that means that they dispatched their merchandise from their warehouse in New York. I couldn't return the merchandise, because nothing showed on my online CC billing until I received the final CC statement; hence, the allowable time for return was over! I read some reviews from angry customers complaining about not receiving any refunds when they returned the merchandise!

  • FORZIERI Jun 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi TedI67,

    Thank you for your comment.

    We are based in Italy and therefore in some cases, if the automatic payment process does not go through for some reason, we try to charge your card manually from our headquarter in Italy (in Euro currency). We always use the exchange rate to the USD of the day, but sometimes smaller differences can occur anyway; a little bit less or a little bit more.

    When you placed your order, you were given this information on your order confirmation:

    "Please Note: This order will reflect on your credit card statement as a charge by **Firenze Seta** (Forzieri legal business name). Forzieri is an Italy based company and your credit card will be charged in Florence, Italy --in EURO currency-- this may result in a slight difference in price (+ or -) on your credit card statement according to the daily currency exchange rate applied by your credit card company."

    In this cases we are happy to refund you the difference or apply a double amount store credit for the inconvenience.

    Please do not answer to our newsletter e-mails as those are "no reply" e-mail accounts as indicated. Please contact our help desk via the following link or by calling our customer service at 1800 476 1718 (US toll free, 3.30 am - 2 pm E.S.T.) to provide your order and contact details:

    We are looking forward hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    Martin Ricasoli
    Firenze Seta SRL

    PS: It might sound surprising but we really ship everything directly from Italy, we do not have a warehouse based in the US. Three days is actually slightly more than our average, was it shipped on a Friday?

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does not honor pricing on their own site

Forzieri has questionable business practices. I ordered AND paid for a bag, both done online. The bag never shipped and the order showed as "on hold due to payment issues" for days. I contacted the company via email (from their website) and by phone and nobody returned my messages. Fortunately I was refunded the money in the end. However, Forzieri did not honor the price of the bag listed on their website, and were rude about offering to charge me an extra $300+ to "keep the bag". I will never use them again, nor will they be recommended.

return not credited

Forzieri stole $550 from me. I ordered a bag for that price, returned it within 10 days and they never refunded my money. They told me that they didn't receive the bag. Unfortunately, I cannot claim insurance on the bag with the post office, because Forzieri advised me to declare the bag at 10 Euros only to avoid duty and customs when it enters Italy. Only afterwards, I realized that that information does not make sense. Why would I pay duty and customs on a bag that is being returned to the country of origin? It looks like Forzieri simply took back the bag and did not refund my money. Either that, or it got lost in the mail, and Forzieri takes no responsibility. In that case, however, they should not advise their customers NOT to insure return packages! I think this company is operating with illegal practices.

  • Ma
    Max12 Jul 06, 2009

    They stole almost $500 from me. Sent back a defective watch which they then claim was used, didn't refund the money, claimed they sent it out for repair, which I didn't want and which they did not anyway, and six months later, still no money, THe credit card company is incompetent. so no luck there. I think I will take the time to take them to court. It is such a bald-face lie, it is incredible.

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  • Sh
    Shabz1213 Aug 16, 2011

    They stole $630 from me Aug 2011..I ordered a leather travel bag which was $1330, the bag arrived and the color was wrong. So I sent it back to them to change the color but they sent a suede bag (same make and model) which was $650. They do not agree with me as they swapped the bar code with the original leather bag so it was scanned for $1330..UNBELIEVABLE!! We should definitely do something to take these frauds to court..

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  • It
    itsauk Oct 17, 2012

    I ordered two bags from forzieri.com and in the description it says made in Italy, but when I received the bag it says made in China. the bag looks different from the pictures on their site. Description, pictures are different. I would not recomend anyone or buy again from their site. I didnt complain to them but I just knew it would be a waste of time. The shipping however was fast. Just disapointed that description and pictures were different.

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  • Ri
    richardsonci Oct 07, 2014

    I am in the same situation with them. I returned a purse that was defective - stitching on handle came off after 2 days of use. DO NOT BUY FROM FORZIERI!! They admit that they received the purse back for repairs but they won't respond to emails since then. I can't believe a bag of the quality they were advertising would fall apart after two days but it did. I asked for a refund but they wouldn't refund (after only 2 days) as they said it was "used". Not a quality retailer at all. DO NOT BUY FROM FORZIERI.

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I would never do business with Forzieri again!

I recently dealt with Forzieri (an on-line retailer) to buy a pair of Monk Strap shoes. I went out of my way to have my foot measured so that I would know my size.

Forzieri said the shoes came large and suggested I get a size smaller, they did not fit. The shoes were so large that I went down another 2 sizes and they were still too large. Why I am complaining is that I had to pay the return shipping. I finally gave up on trying to find the size that was right for me. When I went to get credit for my purchase they ignored my e-mails until I notified them I would be contacting my state Attorney General. At that point, which had been a couple weeks since returning, they informed me that they had not received the shoes and put the burden on me to track them. I did receive an e-mail from them saying they received the shoes. They also said they would credit my account for the original purchase minus the cost of shipping the second pair of shoes to me. In the end I ended up spending about $50 for shipping without the outcome I wanted. I WOULD NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH FORZIERI AGAIN.

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