Forrest General Hospital / Safety

Xo Jan 07, 2015 Hattiesburg, MS

My father was a vulnerable adult. He suffered a severe brain injury in 2005 and passed away this past June at Forrest General Hospital. During his last hospital stay at FGH my father informed an officer he was afraid for his life and requested the officer to keep someone out of his room. Risk management informed our family that they were not getting involved and that they were "hoping for the best." As a result of the negligence of risk management my father died and there is currently a pending murder investigation with the MBI (Mississippi Bureau of Investigation). It is my hopes that in the future the risk management team will practice more empathetic responses to the needs of patients as well as the family during their times of need. Human lives are important and in this case "wishing for the best" cost my father his life. While I fully acknowledge that a brain injury can make things more difficult for the hospital- my father's safety and well-being should have been their number one priority! Please consider this situation and how it can be approached better in the future.

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