Forrest General Hospitalemergency room

History: 45 year old male, IBS, no gall bladder or appendix, previous two weeks on a diet of potatoes due to IBS, 12 pounds lost in last month, presented with severe pain in upper abdomen under rib cage, pain so severe blood pressure was elevated and body trembling. Anything drink or food over the past two days causes severe pain for hours after intake. Time in: 12:30 PM. EKG completed immediately: negative result. Moved to room. Nurse Practitioner shows up and says she will run some test. I'm walking around in circles in the room due to pain. At 2:30, two hours after arrival I was administered 10mg morphine. Shortly after an X-ray and CT scan with contrast showed nothing. Bloodwork came back normal. Haven't seen the NP since I got there and never saw her again, just a nurse. At about 8:00 PM a nurse walks in and says they are working up my discharge because everything was negative. During this stay I hadn't eaten or drank anything and was given one bag of fluid. I again informed the nurse that I couldn't eat or drink without pain and even taking oral medication made the pain worse. So, I had quit eating and drinking early that morning. Shortly thereafter a different NP came in, that I've never seen, and said she was discharging me with norco, a stomach coating liquid, and Prilosec. I told her that taking medication made it worse and she said well, there is nothing she could do and that a gastroenterologist was not gonna come up there to do a single upper GI. She didn't even call and talk to the GI on call. I guess they get paid to just "be on call" but never get a call. If I had been the mayor they would have been on top of me trying to figure out what was wrong. So, she had called early and ordered another shot for pain and at that time she had never laid eyes on me! She then discharged me even though we made here aware that no pharmacy was open to fill the medicine. They gave me a high dose of delaudid(sp?) and sent me home with the worst nausea I've ever had and felt almost as bad leaving as I did going in. This place is awful. It is a the most mismanaged concoction I have ever witnessed. Evidently the "leadership" of the ER is always "ON CALL." Also, since I was able to lie in bed and look up for 8 hours I counted 6 blood splatters on the ceiling. Also, they nurse told me to give a urine sample shortly after being placed in a room. I did and sat it on the counter in the room and notified her. My urine was still sitting, unmarked, when I left the room at 8:30 that night. Also, when the first NP came in she said we are gonna draw some blood and start and IV. I showed her the IV in my arm and pointed to the blood that was already drawn and lying on the counter where my urine was sitting. These people are coming and going and not a single one knows what the other is doing. Would make a great comedy skit. That's Forrest General folks. Have a great day!

Sep 08, 2019

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