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Absolutely unorganized and unprofessional staff that only irritates and never does their job properly.
I am so tired of dealing with them, but I need to finish and make them resolve my issue.
I am having several problems with my order (shipping and delivery issues). I don't think it's hard to resolve it. I swear if I could do it by myself, I would.
But their support is absolutely clueless and they have been trying to resolve my problem for 2 weeks promising to call me back or transferring me to another representative. Each time I call I get the same treatment. Tell me, will this mess ever end?


I made an order here and did not receive anything. I also can't reach anyone from about my order status and I have absolutely no idea what to do. I already checked the reviews and I'm quite worried about the situation I'm in. This company seems like a scam and after all the reviews I saw I would not be surprised if they scammed me.
I will still try to get any response from them but I'm not sure what to expect. Better stay away from this company.


I have ordered a foam from The Foam Factory website and my order was supposed to be delivered for free, no shipping fees.
When they charged me I saw that they take more than I expected and when I contacted The Foam Factory support to find out what was going on they said that they charged some extra money for shipping! Are you kidding me? I demanded my money back and they claimed that it was my fault and that they never told anything about free shipping!
The I asked them to cancel my order but they said that was not possible. Avoid doing business with these scam clowns!

www.foambymail.comseller found a lot of excuses and my order still hasn't been sent

I won’t use the website again. I ordered two foam mattresses from the seller, who promised to me a discount for the delivery. But he took the whole sum and hasn’t provided the confirmation info and details about the delivery. I called him every day and waited for the news, but each time the seller provided some excuses, why he hasn’t sent info or order. It is really frustrating to wait and listen to such lies and blah-blah.

www.foambymail.comseller provided wrong size of mattress and hasn't helped me to solve the problem

I ordered mattress from the company It was real waste of time and money. I ordered and got it on time, but the seller provided wrong size of the mattress. I paid returned the mattress and paid for the return postage, but this jerk didn’t provide new order. As well as he hasn’t replied to my emails at all. So be careful if you use this website or leave comments if you have horrible experience with this seller. — I still have no idea where the second mattress is

I ordered two mattresses from the company I got all necessary info about the order and the tracking number was provided, but after 2 weeks I got only one...

Thefoamfactory.comseller sent wrong order and stopped to communicate

I ordered foam mattress from the website I got wrong size and the seller agreed to change it. I returned the order back, but after that the seller stopped to communicate with me. He ignored all my emails and messages, which I have sent through the website. Maybe someone has any ideas how to return money back, please contact me then or leave a comment. Thanks.

Foambymail.comI wasn't satisfied with the services

I bought two mattresses from One was ok, but the second was really damaged and arrived in horrible condition. I contacted the customer services, who agreed to help me, but they asked me to send the mattress and pay for the return postage on my own. WTF? It will cost me a lot, so it wasn’t worth it. I asked that it wasn’t my fault, but the rep didn’t care and started to speak in rude manner with me. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Let’s share views about this website.

Foambymail.comseller lies and doesn't deliver new mattress

I ordered two mattresses from One was seriously damaged, so I contacted the seller and provided the pics as a proof. After that the seller told me to send it back, and they would provide new one. I returned the mattress and after that I heard only blah-blah. Crap, it was the worst company I ever dealt with.I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Let’s share views about this website. — not order, no refund

I bought mattress from the website The seller charged me on the same day and provided the confirmation email with the tracking number. I decided to check...

Thefoamfactory.comreally poor business practices

I ordered a $175.00 memory foam mattress topper from this company with
FREE SHIPPING and I have to say, I had no issues with the product,
except that it was too soft for me.
I contacted the Foam Factory
alerting them that I wanted to return the 4# density topper and exchange
it for the 5# density topper, knowing that I would have to eat the cost
of shipping for returning the topper. I assumed I'd eat $30-$35 and
have the rest applied to the new topper. After all, I'm trying to give
them MORE of my money for the upgraded topper! haha
Well... no.
An email from someone named Eddy informed me that not only would I have
to pay my shipping costs - but I'd have to pay THEIRS as well!
Additionally, this number was quoted as 'somewhere around $30-$50'.
(How do you not know how much it cost you to ship an item to me?) I
promptly picked up the phone and spoke with Eddy. He informed me that
this was company policy - and I of course, ran him through the math of
eating $100. in shipping to have $75 credited towards a new topper -
which isn't much of a return policy at all and makes absolutely no
I would have happily eaten the cost of the return - after all,
I ordered the wrong item, but with this kind of 'return policy' - and I
use the words lightly, there's no chance of ever obtaining a repeat
customer, let alone a good review! Essentially, I would lose 57% of my
purchase AND be buying another, more costly item from them!
Needless to say, I'm awaiting a manager's phone call. Really poor business practices. Save yourself the hassle and take your business elsewhere.

Thefoamfactory.comthey don't know the simple arithmetics of pricing the items

Awful and rude. I usually don't write reviews but this time I had to. By the way these people price their items, I can tell they did not graduate high school. They don't know the simple arithmetics of pricing the items.

Let me show you a good example, their "Lux High Quality Foam" mattress is offered in 4 different bed sizes. Twin, Full, Queen, King. So, to get a Twin XL which is about 4 inches longer than the twin, you have to custom order it. Lux HQ foam 5" twin size is only 99 bucks, awesome price. If you custom order it to Twin XL (4" longer than the twin), the price literally jumps up to $202. What is their logic?

In my case, I was trying to get a new foam mattress, 3" memory foam with the base of Lux HQ foam. They usually come glued together. But I wanted those two layers separate, so that I could carry the top layer around easily. Logically thinking, if they get an order of the mattress, and you don't have to glue them together and just shove them in the cover, it's less work for them. The price of an twin XL mattress was $240, guess how much it went up in price when I only asked them to just not glue them, $404.

So inevitably I had to go with the regular, $240. But when I get my $#*!ing mattress, I'm only going to saw the layers apart. $#*! you dumb foam factory.

Thefoamfactory.comI will never purchase anything from the foam factory again

The worst business I have ever worked with is the foam factory. My shipment is over a week late and they have done nothing to expedite it. They have refused to return calls, will not provide tracking numbers, and cannot give me an actual date that my shipment will arrive. Customer service has done little to make me feel as if anyone at the foam factory cares, and the manager nino has been less than helpful. I will never purchase anything from the foam factory again.

Thefoamfactory.comI will never purchase here again and will tell anyone that asks to do the same

I ordered all of the foam from The Foam Factory to make my new mattress on January 8, 2011. The order came in with in a couple of weeks. I weighed all of the foam to check the density. The 4.5lb and 5.5lb memory foam were way off. They weighed almost half of what they should have. I contacted customer service and spoke with Karen. They sent a call tag to pick up the order on 1/20/11. I shipped it back. They sent me the new 5.5lb foam. It took them 2-3 weeks to get it to me. They were waiting on a new order of 4.5lb foam hoping it was the correct density. Finally on 3/17/11 I spoke with Karen again and ask her to just send me what they had because it was going to me at least another 3 weeks before the new foam was in. I called back on 3/24/11 to get the tracking number because I had not received my package. Karen told me the order had not shipped, she didn't know why but it was going out tomorrow. I asked her if they would pay for overnight shipping since it had not shipped as promised. She promptly said "No, we don't do that". She said they would not pay for expedited shipping even though I had been more than patient and they had screwed up multiple times. She said she would have her manager call me back. The manager never called. I called the following day and guess what, they had shipped my foam regular ground with no phone call from anyone. It appears they avoided calling me and just shipped the package with no regard for the situation. I asked for the manager again and he would not come to the phone. I can't believe as a company that they do not check their product to make sure it meets the specifications they are advertising. Isn't that false advertising? Isn't that illegal? Customer service is a joke. Their prices are good as long as you are getting what you paid for. Buyer's beware!!! I will never purchase here again and will tell anyone that asks to do the same. What happened to customer service and caring about the people who keep you in business?

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    Not a retailer Feb 08, 2012

    Sorry but if you are going to SPAM complaints all over the net, please have a valid issue to discuss. 4.5 lb density has to do with the manufacturing process and the amount of raw material (4.5 lbs per square foot) that is used to create the foam mattress. It does not reflect the weight of the mattress itself.

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