Flydubai / booking cancelled without informing the passenger

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I booked a flight to Sofia for March 10, 2019. This was an Emirates flight operated by Fly Dubai. Not being able to check-in online (without a clear indication as to why), I arrived at the airport on the day of my flight, to be told that my booking was cancelled. Fly Dubai desk informed me, after telephone debates with Emirates, that they were not paid BY Emirates, therefore they went ahead and cancelled the booking.
Throughout this process, I, the passenger, was not informed of any change in my booking. I am a resident of Dubai and all my details were easily accessible. When asking how come I wasn't informed, the answer I got was: 'Well, the issue was sorted, wasn't it? And you still have time! In fact you need to wait another 5 to 10 minutes for your booking to re-appear in the system.'
I arrived on time for certain reasons that I do not need to explain to anyone, but what if I was late and lost my flight?
Poor customer service, dismissive attitude, no care for the passenger, who paid for the service.
In the future, regardless of the type of communication the two airlines have or don't have, I strongly recommend that you make it a rule to inform the passenger of any change or cancelation in their booking.

Mar 10, 2019

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