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B Nov 15, 2019

My wife and 2 child (5 years) are now on board fz574/15 Nov. I got to know the status of the flight was delayed 3 hours. I asked my wife to contact any staff at airport to check if any lounge facility can available for service recovery or paid facilities.
Noone of the airport staff are helpful to provide information and FZ staff are not around at gate to give details to passenger. KTM Airport is a Airport with very minimum facility at Gate.
I find fz contact ktm Airport number and dis several times. It is useless effort. I called call center dunai and request to provide me KTM Airport duty mobile however staff doesn't have any contact number. Instead she provide let's talk email for fz. I enquired about some urgent matters but email received as reply with in 12 calendar days someone will get back to me.
I do understand situation will arise where airline has to delayed the flight. Airline need to understand if they offer equal service to all passengers or priorities the specific passenger. One mom with 2 child middle of the night, with no place to rest, does airline can't see this? Does airline staff can't notify for priority passenger on fleet where has only 165 pax on board.

This is very pathetic service from airline. Nil service recovery.

My details can be found on lets talk email

  • Updated by Basu Bhandari · Nov 15, 2019

    My previous feedback about how airline let a mom with twins child 5 years of age stranded at Kathmandu airport around 5 hours.
    KTM Airport has very basic facility like plastic chair. My wife who request to ask FZ representative if any arrangements can be made to sleep for small child. Noone was attentive and professional. FZ Gathered all passenger and provide meal.
    Airline has only 165 passenger and each shift at KTM Airport has 10 staffs. AIRLINE can't even identify the passenger with assistance needed. This can be the very pathetic service
    On other side hoping to be on flight, flight estimated to reschedule departure at 01.00/16 Nov. But 1.30/16 Nov passenger were advise flight has been canceled.
    Does station management check the IATA manual about pilot and crew safety flying hours. Does station coordinate with ATC about if the FZ574 with same pilot and crew can return to Dubai.
    Simple human calculations can proven the flying hours from Dubai to Kathmandu delayed hours at Kathmandu and turnover return flight to Dubai will exceed pilot and crew safety flying hours.
    Management lacking of knowledge and decesion making
    If the station made early decesion why should my wife and 2 kids have to wait airport 5 hours. I m sure there might have other passengers also who are suffering and suffocate simulate condition.
    Station seems lacking of communication with internal department customers care amd hub. They have no Clue what is Happening at KTM Airport. I have registered case [protected] hoping to get back immediately however no reply made from airline.
    Basu [protected]

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