Florida Kidcarenot health coverage

R Dec 02, 2019

Hello. I called today the FL kid care department, because my children were referred by the dept of Children and families and their coverage was going to start effective on December. I sent all the required information over to them on time, and even paid. I never received any letter or advise telling me that I had to pay before Nov 30th to have coverage effective on December. I did paid on Sunday, Dec 1st. When I called today, I was told that the payment hasn't been process yet, and it would be processed hopefully by tomorrow, but I would not have Medical Coverage until January. FL Kid care was closed during the Thanksgiving weekend. Now my children are sick and I cannot afford to pay. The Supervisor who spoke with me, had a bad attitude, and said she couldn't do anything to help me out, that I just had to wait until January to get the coverage, and also, I had to send another payment by the 15th of this month. This is ridiculous. PLEASE, can somebody HELP ME ON THIS MATTER. My kids need medical coverage and I cannot afford to pay for it. It is not my fault that they were closed during the weekend because of the Holidays. Please assist me on this.

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