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I want to explain how this rip off internet company operates. They have online experts who claim to have education and experience that does not exist. I really believe it is fraud to present information that is untrue. Or to charge for services that sometimes the advice given by these so called experts could lead a customer to injury or death. When I brought this up to the attention of Alex their community manager it terrified him so much he felt obligated to just simply delete my account. At this time I am in the process of summarizing the information I have collected to turn over to the Business Ethics Commission, and the S.E.C. as well since fixya is a public traded company. At some point people like this need to be held responsible for ripping innocent people off and misleading them, to separate them from their monies. Let me ask is it not a crime to mislead services for monetary gain. (example : One expert claims to have a degree in electrical engineering but lacks the ability to answer simple engineering questions) These unqualified experts give advice on some items that have capacitors that carry in excess of up to 3000 volts without any warnings of this or the required knowledge to protect the end user from hurting or killing themselves. So in closing what I am really getting at is before you try this service just ponder the thought you are asking advice from someone who lives in a third world country, with very broken english skills, and feels that if he can plug in a cord to an outlet he has the abilities of an engineer without spending the 4 to 8 or up years to gain this knowledge.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.


  • Ca
    Care4U Jan 18, 2009

    As a former expert on FixYa, I must disagree with you. If you have any complaints, I know for a fact that [email protected] or [email protected] will be happy to hear you. Too bad you rather post some accusations than contact them directly.

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  • Qu
    Quill79 Apr 27, 2019

    @Care4U Not really how a good current or previous customer service representative would talk. My browser always says unsecured which I googled and followed here.

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  • Th
    TheMobilian Feb 18, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have provided hundreds of solutions saving people tons of money. I have an 88% rating. How can that be? I gave 100% good info. So far I have never gotten a dime for my time.I doubt I will get anything as bad as I need the money.

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  • Fi
    fixya0000 May 11, 2009

    I disagree as well being on the Top 10 espert list on, I am offended by your faulse alligations that we do not try to help you, your claims are false and you cannot even spell correctly. Your kinds of Bull Crap is exactly what I have to put up with as a expert on You been ripped of my foot I bet you ripped off. Be careful what you say about a company it just might land in you back yard my friend.

    Rulds2008 Expert

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  • Ps
    PsyintZ Mar 02, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @fixya0000 If you have been a helpful assistant for 6ya, then you certainly deserve credit where it's due. However, please do not comment on anybody else's grammar, ever again. You clearly have a lot of work to do in that department.

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  • En
    Engineerchartered May 11, 2009

    Undoubtedly this goes both ways like in the real world.
    Your "Allegations" apply to anything in the real world.

    I have never come across a 100% situation you desire.
    Not even in the most serious business.

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  • En
    Engineerchartered May 11, 2009

    How many with a false CV.
    How many with a true CV but no experience.
    How many false certificates.
    How legitimate recommended working practices.

    There is more then false Rolexes and La Costa shirts in the world.

    Users on Fixya have their own responsebility to choose.
    One problem, a 1000 opinions.

    Should everybody have to do what you want, the bill per consult should be extremely higher including and covering the rest you want.

    I think you could afford a private jet for this.
    You can never consult any MD.
    Distrust everything.

    So then we get the real fee including all codes, insurances, small print, warnings and the final answer will always be take your broken equipment back to the original manufacturer or throw it away according to local law.

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  • Ji
    JimmyLee1964 Jun 16, 2009

    I believe a well organized (organised) critique should at least implement correct grammar and spelling. How is one supposed to take seriously a gripe with errors in the days of "spell check" and "auto correct". To me, those opinions have the weight of a feather.

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  • Ra
    Ray Christie Sep 07, 2009

    I am sorry I don't agree with these so called experts who are defending Fixya. In the choices list I clicked on computer hardware and the advice I was sent referred to a printer. Now in my estimation anyone who is an expert would know that an ACER aspire 5735 is a laptop/notebook computer which is what I described.

    And please don't parade your credentials to justify what I think is a rip off. I had to take the computer to an outside expert to correct the problem but still have to pay for this one time failure on the part of Fixya to provide the service I paid for

    Chartered engineer of 40 years standing

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  • Ji
    JimmyLee1964 Sep 08, 2009

    Now who is parading their credentials? 40 years! Do you work with tubes or just have them for your oxygen tank..yuk yuk j.k.

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  • Ky
    Kyle_Reese Dec 16, 2009

    Try deciphering some of the questions asked at that site: "uh oh, I accidentally my whole network. Is this bad?"

    And who are the real criminals here? The people who try to save someone money by answering a question? Or the computer "mechanic" who tells a customer that they need a new $300 motherboard because their onboard NIC is fried?

    If fix-ya is to blame for someone knowingly heeding the advice of a good samaritan but the problem not being fixed, then we should be able to sue gas station clerks for giving bad directions. Hell, lets go all the way and begin imprisoning children for answering questions wrong on their homework!

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  • Tr
    true_professionall Dec 17, 2009

    Fixya has its merits, pros and contras. Some other platforms on the web as well like that yahoo thing. For one thing Fixya experts are very underpaid for the advice they give.

    A lot of very good very legitimate answers not even considered. So many experts just stop laying good samaritan. Because a living or fee for anything reasonable can't be made there.

    Any comments from customers. Make sure the experts stay online, otherwise you are delivered to those who will overcharge a lot with no second, third etc opinion.

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  • Ia
    IanV Jan 12, 2010

    Fixya is more of a scam on the advice givers then on the recievers. This is how it works, you have to answer 50 questions and get a rating of 80% and 5 votes before you can start getting paid for your advice, what they dont tell you is this:
    People searching for answers to their problem using a search engine often happen upon which promises them the answer to their problems and gives them a box in which to type their problem.
    Only after they type their problem and hit post, does it inform them they have to pay for the answer..
    The big scam on the wannabe fixya experts is this:
    All these questions, by people who are not informed they will have to pay for the answer until after they post the question, are automatically posted on the unanswered questions list for the fixya experts to answer, what this scam amounts to is, the fixya experts who are answering questions to try and make some extra money are answering question after question from people who did not know they would have to pay for the question before they posted it, and have no intention of paying for it.
    You can test this for yourself, as I did. Join as a propective expert, then sign out.
    Now go to and type a random question in the box provided, you will see that nowhere on that page does it inform you that you will have to pay for the answer.
    In the "what product is this about" box type Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. use a phoney email address in the box below and post a question, like any other random person looking for free information on the internetwould.
    Only after you hit the submit does it tell you about pricing for the answers, so do as most people probably do and say to yourself screw that I, m not paying for something I could look up myself on google and close out the page.
    Now go back into and log in to your fixya expert account look for some questions to anser in computer operating systems and you will see the question you just posted yourself right there near the top of the list of new questions about windows vista. Obviously this is testimony to the fact that there could easily be thousands of questions on posted by people who did not know they would have to pay for the answer when they posted the question and have no intention of paying for it.
    The question poster can not see your answer until they pay for it so obviously they can not rate your answer unless they pay for it.
    This begs the question, how many questions would a potential fixya expert have to answer before they get one by someone who was willing to pay for the answer ?
    I have answered 5 questions with detailed answers on subjects I am 100% sure my information was correct, so far none of them have been aknowledged by the question posters so my rating is still at 0%.
    This means I could continue answering question after question posted by people who did not know they had to pay for the answer when they posted the questions and have no intention of doing so.
    In short. the whole deal is one big scam on everyone.

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  • Ti
    tiredofthegames Feb 23, 2010

    Say I answer a person's question. And they are satisfied with the answer. All they have to do is decide to ask another question while we are chatting that I can't answer and I don't get credit for the initial answer. The "asker" can just keep on tagging another question on the end so they can claim to be dissatisfied. It can be a real pain with no end in sight. No matter how half baked and rediculous the questions are it doesn't matter.

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  • Be
    be_my_guest_pakshet Feb 24, 2010

    I totally disagree with the shithead like you, big since you were born in a rich country? what are you pureblood? for your information, there are tons of highly educated people in third world countries. Not to mention, they are better. Are you Voldermort? The one who likes to kill all muggleborns and mudbloods because they are purebloods? you are worst than a communist, you are one hell of a racist idiot! go to hell you hellish cr eature!!! you are not supposed to be born here on earth you should be next to hells king. die you motha###a!

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  • Ea
    EatMyStoolFixYa! Mar 15, 2010

    'dey gonna "fixya", awright!

    Anyone who ever got taken by these scammers doesn't know a rat when they smell one. It has the aggressively friendly, and gratingly ridiculous name, which in universal marketing language says "come here, suckers!". From the front page, it works more like an order form than a forum.

    However, I do agree that it is extremely annoying to get these spam-teasers following you around when you are already frustrated from trying to find the answer which somebody may have posted for the benefit of the world community, free of charge. Therefore, this occlusive attack against the FREE exchange of information among forum communities should be treated as the serious threat which it is. Such lowlife-cockroaches as those who run FixYa must not be encouraged to wear people down as they seek solutions to their everyday problems - I don't mind paying for products (and that includes printed materials, and anything on hard media), services, nor performances, but you should never, ever pay for information! They need to be put down, and by any means necessary!

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  • La
    Lance Denney Apr 15, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @EatMyStoolFixYa! Never pay for information? What if I could save you HOURS of frustration on a lawnmower problem? Then a $38 part that you didn't need? Or explain how you get a Patent OK'd out of the Patent Office that you didn't understand why it was being declined? What's best for Asthma sufferers, a Medically Advised HEPA filter Vs a specific tech in an Air Purifier. I have 46 Asthma sufferers that have personally told me they stopped using their inhalers. What's that worth to a customer? If I had had that advice when my kids first had ear infections 35 years ago, it'd have saved my kids from DECADES of Medically EFFED UP advice, drugs, 10's of 1000's of dollars, and more medical problems!

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  • I have to say that I agree completely that the Fixya Expert paying system needs some attention. To pay the expert that answers the question first, regardless of how well they answer the question is ludicrous. It should be a system that a premium question is open for a period of days, and all the experts can then put their own answer if they disgree with the original answer. After this period, the person that is paying for the answer should decide which answer best fixed their problem, and the person that answered that question should be the only person who is paid by Fixya.

    I happen to be one that just enjoys helping people find answers to their questions. I have been in my particular field for 10 years now, and I'm pretty knowledgable about it. I have spent the last 7 days on Fixya almost non-stop answering questions (started my account on 3/15 and I now have over 100 solutions) about all sorts of different things. Out of the 100 questions that I've answered, only 18 solutions have been voted as helpful. That's only 18 people who originally asked the question tell me that my answer was helpful. That's pretty discouraging to me, someone that's not in it for the money, but rather for the "high" of helping someone with a problem. I didn't just answer these questions in 3 sentences like half of Fixya's "experts" do, but instead I spent countless hours actually taking pictures of the repair, step by step, and even videos of the repair and posting them in my answers. Most answers of mine of 4-5 paragraphs, not sentences.

    I wasn't aware of what the previous poster said about posting a question on Fixya, then only after submitting Fixya asks for money, then the prospective client leaves, but their question still pops up. I can confirm that this is the case. So for all these questions that I've spent countless hours answering, video taping, and taking pictures, there was never anyone out there who even wanted my answer! Fixya just posts my answers so that when someone Googles that question, they will have that answer, and display on top Google results.

    I feel 100% completely ripped off, and I would go in and delete every one of my answers now that I know what I know. Fixya is a rip off, and I plan on exposing them as much as I can now.

    - Ex-Fixya Expert (93% rating, 18 Helped)

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  • Mi
    Mike the tike Jul 30, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Ex-Fixya Expert (93% 18 Helped) I originally found fixya when searching for an answer to a computer problem, after discovering the sight I opted to answer Automotive questions as I am an ASE Certified Master. I wasn’t charged for my original question and since have done many follow ups with questioners sometimes taking Days to find and repair a problem and none of these people ever mentioned having to pay for it. There is a another division of this company that sell service contracts or something like that and I have been asked to join their team of experts but as a retired mechanic I don’t want anything that has a schedule other than fishing seasons. I will continue to volunteer my knowledge on fixya.

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  • Fi
    FixYa Support Apr 06, 2010

    We are always willing to assist you. Please contact [email protected] so that we can look into the matter and resolve it.
    Please send as much information as you can

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  • So
    South of Sagittarius Sep 06, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @FixYa Support this just about blew my gut all over the place ... this is so hilarious it's not funny...

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  • No
    Nowayjose1 Apr 27, 2010

    Fixya is a SCAM. They don't tell you there is a cost until you agree to their terms of service and provide your email address. It's a ripoff! The Fixya expert nailed it. Nobody looks at the answers because only a brainless few would pay for what may or may NOT be worth anything.

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  • Te
    techtechtech May 26, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why do you need to pay for a forum when you get the same answer if better from 1 of 1000 forums? sounds awfully like ExpertsExchange to me.

    And the other thing that I've found is that, you don't find all the answers on one forum, so why sign up and pay for an account of ONE forum, when this is the case.

    I fail to believe that these professionals know everything there is possibly to know about everything PC, laptop and printer related.

    The reason why other unpaid/unprofessional forums work is because of people actually experiencing the issue.

    The professional answers usually contain links to microsoft knowledge base or manufacturer's websites. Usually in the form of: "Can you please provide more information? Make, model, what you eat for lunch?"

    Or the usually 10 page copy and paste article instead of real people who've experienced the issue and had to work it out for themselves.

    I agree with the article.

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  • Te
    techtechtech May 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Is this what your company, Fixya represents:

    "I totally disagree with the shithead like you, big since you were born in a rich country? what are you pureblood? for your information, there are tons of highly educated people in third world countries. Not to mention, they are better. Are you Voldermort? The one who likes to kill all muggleborns and mudbloods because they are purebloods? you are worst than a communist, you are one hell of a racist idiot! go to hell you hellish cr eature!!! you are not supposed to be born here on earth you should be next to hells king. die you motha[censor]a!"

    Experts... pfft

    Sounds like someone can't take criticism. But hey check out all the posts on the website about scam and being ripped off. I'm not stupid enough to pay money.

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  • Ex
    ex expert Jun 25, 2010

    your were one of lucky ones Geremy, most askers are normally so baffled with so much [censor] from these so called experts, ( i should know, i am one) that they actually pay them for the advice and leave feedback, even before they have tried there solution...most often when they cant baffle the asker, they will tell them they need to take it to an expert for

    i would urge anyone thinking of using try your solutions before you let feedback because there trying to make it, if you leave positive feedback, youll never get a refund..and since the chances of you getting a REAL expert, is slim, very slim.

    i suppose if your reading this, my advice here probably wont help you

    one expert continuously give false, misleading, guessed at, goggled and dangerous answers that could actually kill the person if they dont know what there doing ...when he was asked what will they do once someone gets hurt or kill...he matter of factual stated, THATS WHAT THE DISCLAIMER IS FOR!

    remember where i said if your reading this, my advice is to late ...well there is a possible side...if your able to read this, your not dead YET!

    am i disgruntled? No. im ashamed to be associated with a site that has no regard for peoples safety or the money they allow the asker to waste on solutions that are wrong, BS, from a BSE, misleading and dangerous answers.

    you have been warned

    there are a lot of good (and real)experts on that site, but your chances of getting one in a chat are slim to none..

    take that guy that signed Rulds2008 Expert up there that posted (and the one on top of rulds2008 is also him)..that guy is an idiot...hes the one that said, thats what the disclaimers for should some one get hurt or guys want to take advice from people like that, go right ahead, but i feel a hell of a lot better getting that off my chest.

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  • Ex
    ex expert Jun 25, 2010

    when these so called "experts" start saying, yes my friend, you are correct, yes, yes they (always the manufacturer) screwed you...i feel so bad for you..may god bless you.

    when you start getting lines like that, you just been owned by a "fuxya expert" (and there are plenty)

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  • Au
    Aus_BGD Aug 27, 2010

    @ i wl [censor] yo mum

    Even if our/my 1st world country has outsourced your 3rd world country for telecommunications in customer assistance, you still get [censor] pay and [censor] ways of life because our/my 1st world country own you lame people (except for the ones that WANT to try to become better or actually know something) and you fall right into our commerce trap. so technically we still receive the benefits of your hard labour and we reap the rewards.
    If you have any objections to this (you can call it what you want, rascism, discrimination etc..) please feel free to go off your head about this comment because in our/my 1st world country we put up with you and your social ways of life, which is actually starting to piss some of us off and how we have to change our laws and social culture to suite yours.

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  • Fu
    FUXYA Sep 07, 2010

    Many alleged "experts" on Fixya are nothing more that search engine cut and pasters with no real working knowledge on the subject matter. Fixya doesn't care about the "experts" or customers but only in making money. Sure it's a business, but so is drug dealing, right? Fixya is akin to "the Wizard of Oz" movie. There is one particular alleged "expert" Rulds2008 who is incompetent to say the least, but more accurately a simple fraud. The site covers up for him because they make money off of him. His answers are far from correct and are sometimes dangerous. Do you want to pay someone to eventually tell you to take it in for repairs?

    On the other end of the spectrum, there are some great experts there who really are experts in every imaginable way and have tried to advise Fixya on how to run a REAL service, but have been repeatedly denied and silenced by Fixya. Fixya does NOT care because they think short term and count the money right now, instead of thinking long term and doing the right thing. Many true experts leave Fixya when they see the hand writing on the wall, but the BSE's (Bull$h!T experts) stay and continue with bad advice. People do get ripped off the majority of the time and experts percentage based voted responses from customers is altered to make them look better and more customers satisfied, but pull back the curtain and you'll see the man pulling the levers running the show laughing at the naivete and ignorance of the customers.

    If you think the Nigerian Millionaire scam is simple to see and figure out, look behind the curtain and you'll be 100% guaranteed to see the truth (unlike Fixya's promise).

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  • Sa
    sajkfhaksjfh Oct 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer is so worthless. I wonder why, whenever I use a search engine to find information, that stupid site is there with the first 10-15 results. Why is that?
    There is never any information on that site regarding my search so why am I getting results to it?

    This kind of search engine link farming should be punished and all results removed.

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  • Ju
    Jumbergum Nov 01, 2010

    Till i read this article i just enjoyed helping people out with what i could to do with games consoles, computers and any other general electronics, i am according to the site an expert, but i generally only answer the free questions not the premium, even though i have answered some, i had a rating of 87.2% and helped 190 people with 30 testemonials which i was quite proud that i could help that many people, but now i feel abit betrayed by the site, as i thought the only people who paid were the people who choose to pay if they could not find the solution for free, but finding out that all the questions are not free has disapointed me as my advice is free and i am willing to help any one with a problem, i am not wealthy and there are plenty of people like me out there that just want good honest advice to save money, look after your own is what i say, not sites that just want to rip you off, both the anwser-er and the asker alike, and take advantage of people willing to share there knowledge and experiences FREE.

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  • Bl
    blue monkey Nov 14, 2010

    While searching for something else in the Internet, I found Fixya and started to help, people. With a BS in engineering, 15 years experience as process engineer, and 15 years as a Certified Car Dealer, was a pleasure to help people in need. Soon I reached 92% rating, and I was curious to know about the potential to make some money helping other people. It took me no more then 2 weeks to understand what is Fixya, and the people involved over there. Things turned to be very interesting. My rating plunged at 85%, and I was fighting for Amour-prop or Self esteem. My goal was to get back over 90% rating and leave Fixya once and forever. The total was over 300 solutions, over 30 people helped and 15 people not happy. The rest 255 people got my expertise and did not care. They were not 255 people, there were more, because on this 255 solutions there were 6 to 12 viewers per solution, but no rating. So to accumulate points you have to prepare 10 very professional answers to get only one rating. That means your expertise, time to take pictures, download in computer, open a canvas in Adobe Photoshop 8, copy and paste the image, insert text, convert to Gif image, save in computer, and display to the answer at Fixya, it is taken for free and you are ignored completely. Only an idiot can do it for free, and to accept to be ignored completely, after they got what they wanted from you for FREE.
    There are only 10% literate people, rational with integrity that appreciates your help, but there are 85% or more Speculators and Scavengers who are exploiting you for free. But there are 5% to 7% Ignorant and Arrogant people who, persistently and tenaciously attack you, because they do not understand you, or they do not get from you, what they want to hear.
    90% of questions are unnecessary, if people will read the owners manual, or if they decide to fix their car for free, they need to have the Haynes or Chilton Repair manual. The first one can be obtained for $20 on line in Internet.
    Hoping to do any money at Fixya, in car business, you will be happy to get 1 to 2 dollars per hour.
    All relations between people are based on reciprocal and mutual interests.
    Karl Marks.
    If you pay with Peanuts, then you will get Monkeys.

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  • Jo
    Jonny Onearm Nov 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    yes it is a marceting scam - it automaticaly generates so called problems to solve and luring people to join the expert advisers group. More you repply on those auto generated nonsences more money you make for them.
    They are making money from the number of hits on they pages, where they are running addvertisement for companys who is willing to pay.
    there is no danger of incorrect information or advice because the info or advice never gets to the real people anyway
    very clever

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  • Jo
    Jonny Onearm Nov 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    all the criticism in here is not strong enough to do the right thing about the Fixya scam. The site should be clesed down, as it is endangering people who are willing to pay for cheap information on how to repair they electric appliances or cars and puting them and a rest of as into the risk of harm or death. No reall expert will take a risk and explain someone how to change the fuse in the TV receiver that just stopped working, or how to fix the brakes on persons car over the internet.

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  • Av
    Avenger9 Nov 25, 2010

    I totally agree with Jonny Onearm statement:
    "The site should be closed down, as it is endangering people who are willing to pay for cheap information on how to repair they electric appliances or cars and putting them and a rest of as into the risk of harm or death. No real expert will take a risk and explain someone how to change the fuse in the TV receiver that just stopped working, or how to fix the brakes on persons car over the internet."
    This is what a friend of mine mechanic told me:
    "I work on Car Repair business for 18 years. Fixya is pushing hard car owners to make major repairs in their cars, based on one page information. This is wrong, illegal and dangerous. Any mistake this amateurs can do, reparing suspension and brake system, based on incomplete or wrong information, can turn their car in a deadly weapon against them and other motorists.
    Actually we are making a repair job on a 2002 Chrysler Sebring Coupe 3.0L engine. The car was involved in an accident and is hit on front left corner.
    The car was sent at a frame alignment shop for upper rail replacement. Was sent back to our shop. The engine interior vas primed, sealed and painted. The front left side suspenssion replaced. Strut knuckle and control arm. Tierod inner, and outer replaced. The junction box and harness replaced. Front wheel alignment completed and all fluids flushed and changed.
    To do this job we are using not only the expertise, special tools, diadnostic system but and the manuals:
    Chilton Repair manual, Haynes repar manual, and the Factory Service Manual Set, that we bought $16 used, only for the repair of this car.
    2002 Chrysler Sebring & Dodge Stratus Coupe
    Factory Service Manual Set!
    Volumes 1, 2 & 3

    This original factory shop manual set published by Chrysler as a reference to their technicians.

    These volumes cover repair of most major and minor components including:

    * Engine
    * Transmission
    * Suspension
    * Electronic Controls
    * Power Systems
    * Brakes
    * Fuel System
    * Exhaust System
    * Electrical
    * And Much More!

    Hundreds of Illustrations, Diagrams and Exploded Drawings!"
    People that try to repair their cars, based on Fixya information, do not know the reality, because are misinformed by Fixya.

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  • Bl
    Blame_Claim_H8 Jan 07, 2011 is like any other forum on the internet. It is like wikipedia for technology. You can take the advice or you can leave it. As with Wikipedia, if you want a precise, true, unadulterated answer YOU feel is acceptable, you consult a Branded Paperback version at home or in a library. In the same way, if you don't know what your talking about or believe someone else is not giving the correct information on a site such as FIXYA, contact that main dealer, official repair centre or particular company direct. I'm sick and tired of this "blame and claim" culture. Take responsibility for your actions. You chose to pay, nobody made you pay. If you are unqualified to use common sense, that's one of your life lessons that still needs with many other people. I can already predict the amount of stupid, futile and ignorant responses I could get to this answer, but you know what? Life goes on beyond a screen, there is more to life than money and claiming. Happiness for example. Go out and find that, then when you have, come back and view your first post. You'll soon understand that this is just a pointless, rediculous and quite comical excercise as all you've shown to everyone here is what a irrisponsible, unhappy person you are and take pleasure in blaming others for YOUR MISTAKES.

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  • My
    my_credentials_are_unknown Jan 27, 2011

    Blame_Claim_H8 really hit the nail on the head!

    I've been reading this and laughing out loud all the way, in contrast to most of you I don't actually care about all the emotion on here, and I don't feel it my job to tell you how you're A) justified or B) wasting your breath. I have been part of the internet since its beginnings and this is just another part of it, the forums and comment boards full of people screaming (caps) their point of view at each other.

    The funniest one I see commonly is someone trying to discredit another persons argument based on their spelling or grammar. Like their spelling or grammar has anything at all to do with thier point, no its just an easy angle to attack. lol.

    Have you heard of godwins law? Some of you looked like you were heading there with the whole 3rd world [censor], nearly there guys!

    Have fun and enjoy the internet :) Ps I am a fixya premium expert but I am not commenting about that, not biased, you're all entitled to your opinion, I do love the post from blame_claim_h8 though as that would be my opinion.

    Oh, and the credentials comments, LOVING those!

    I made the universe in 6 days and then rested, this morning I am solving world poverty and then having lunch. Systems engineer for 30yrs. My word is law. I am right. I must be right!!!

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  • Ca
    carmechanic25 Feb 08, 2011

    ummm well is it me or is it just people fireing blanks into the sunset here? ime an "expert" in mechanics, have been for 25 years + and still doing it, 90% rated to, in away i agree, it is ripping us all off, experts and quetionaires allike, i say this with good reason, i concidder myself a very good competant mechanic, i like helping people allot, and to be honest i am never going to be a millionair from fixya, for the hours some people put into it, its for the love of helping rather the money, my point your asking???...i have answered over 1500 questions, i know they are 100% correct, i have only 84 feed back from people, i know its not great, but, people do not have to pay for this, ok they get charged for it, but they actually can reject the answer if they want to, i cant see anyone from fixya with a gun pointing to thier head to make them except the answer, and even ask the answer, i have many excelent feedbacks from people, and in some cases, they gave me excelent feedback, then rejected my answer..lmao, so people can get thier money back, i am scared to even contemplate spending any money from fixya at the moment, as the questionair can claim it back ages after they have accepted the answer, so were are still not ever going to get rich, but the satisfaction of someone saying " thanks that was great it done the trick" is more important than the megga bucks we dont earn, its laughable to think that i would be quite willing to start a site that is completly free for people to ask questions, but who would pay for the site?, running of the site? setting it up, keeping it updated? ummmm...i think its called overheads, but no i agree it is a rip off, of sorts, but for both...and i still will be answering questions, free as normal, but look at it more indepth before accusing its a scam..oh..also look at some of the questions people put up on it, i saw one asked "how old am i"? and i couldnt help myself but to answer this absolutly stupid question with a stupid answer, "older then your hair, younger than your feet" lol...anyhooo just thought i would put my penith worth in, no cost to you all by the way lmao...

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  • Fi
    fixya noob Feb 09, 2011

    On a google search I came across a question I knew the answer to and decided to post, providing my e-mail address. There was a note about earning a credit. I was very surprised because I post on forums regularly - it's just an exchange of information and the answer I was posting was a solution I had found for free. I expected an answer back from the opening poster, not realizing until I read this article that they have to pay. I googled again and now all types of fixya searches come up with the topic but when you go to the page they have nothing to do with the topic. They're just advertisements for different products.

    And fixya fixed me all right! My e-mail is now filling with spam. I've been fairly careful and have only been giving it out to reputable companies. So I thought. Since I don't give it out much, it's not hard to tell where the spam comes from.

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  • So
    somervillearron Feb 28, 2011

    i have been to university for my degrees dickface some people dont have degrees but most actual premium users do as they must be qualified

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  • So
    somervillearron Feb 28, 2011

    i have to disagree i have been to university for 7 bloody years for my qualifications and do you recon Scotland is a third world country?

    ill tell you people would only get advice from an uneducated person if they are stupid enough themselves to take advice from anyone but a premium user whom has been checked out ''

    i beleive before you go slandering people get your facts right

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  • Ja
    jackie. Apr 08, 2011

    i gave a question about my car they gave me a name and password they also made me pay up front they took my money
    never got a answer when i tried to use the name and pass word they gave me i aways come wrong when it came to pay
    i had no problem with them what can i do now i cant logon name and password that was given to me dont work thats
    a rippoff

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  • Ja
    jackie. Apr 08, 2011

    how many times do i have to repect myself i paid for advice never got it i was given a logon name and password
    when i tryed to use it came up wrong when i had to pay for advice i came up right what good will it do i am not
    saying fixya is bad just confused i will contact them i just found the invoice

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  • Fi
    FixYa Support Apr 26, 2011

    We are always willing to assist you.
    Please contact [email protected] so that we can look into the matter and resolve it.

    Please send as much information as you can.

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  • Ab
    Abbydo Jun 28, 2011

    I can say for a Fact that there are "SOME" tru-blu honest experts in the field of computers & other ares of expertease on
    YES there is ia a bad smell about . And they know it but find it difficult to do anything about it.
    It's experts aren't as plentifull as it appears. I found that their are these so-called experts & guru's etc.. that have multiple accounts. 3, 4, 5 & more. The same IP addresses found on accounts that answered & voted for that answer.'
    Some Asked ! Answered ! & Voted on the answer!
    Here is an example of one:
    ( )
    It was when name calling between him & others online caught attention to them proving that the answers & votes are coming from the same place.
    Most aren't so stupid as to have two or more account on the same PC with the same IP address. It's very easy to set up a router for a dozen different IP addresses to prevent being caught.
    Make it a family business screwing a business!
    Have a desktop or two in one room with accounts on each, one in another room with an account, laptops connected with their accounts . All on a router that allows you to configure your own ip addresses "IN BULK".
    They spend a few hours a day answering questions on one or two or ? . Then vote on all of them. That can make not only their percentage shoot through the roof but the bank account deposits as well.
    Lets say 10 accounts answer & 10 give thumbs up, that's 100%. Makes sense right ?
    Maybe for them it does. For the honest guy ?WRONG!. If your answer dont jive with the beliefs in the way one of these crook gurus or expert sees it, then they go on an account or two and vote thumbs down. Ensuring your demise. Then answering it themselves, voting with other accounts and thunbs up for them.
    YES, IT'S A SCAM ALL THE WAY. And the suckers out there flipping the bill, filling the pockets of these ### that again ruin a good thing.
    Aint America Great?
    By the way, I have a bridge, a lighthouse, and prime realestate on the moon, all for sale.

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  • Pr
    prosebush Jul 08, 2011

    I'm floored by most of these comments, especially the foul mouthed ones, though I am not surprised. Here's my take on the subject; I am a professional in an electro-mechanical field, I am also a software engineer. My combined years of experience are over 35. I would be considered and expert in my field/s. What I fail to understand and what prompted me to question FIXYA without ever trying, testing or looking into their service is this;

    I can't understand why any self respecting EXPERT or PROFESSIONAL would even think of selling his/her expertise online for pennies when there is a good likelihood that ten times that amount could be earned with one client that you actually go and visit and complete the work. Yes, there are many opportunities online however, most benefit a group of individuals and not the mass of so called experts. I have fired many a salesperson who thought they could make sales by sitting in front of a computer or chatting on the phone. True professionals make actual site visits and get the job done. If a client is so unwilling to call an ACTUAL professional, due to cost or whatever, and would put their own or others safety at risk then they lack the sense given a walnut and deserve a serious wake-up call.

    Many times I absorb the cost of visiting a client to find that they only wanted to pick my brain and get free info which, in many cases I give however, they disappear soon and I have lost no respect, in fact I have gained respect for my honesty. Get up from the computer, take your expertise seriously as more and more people have less and less time to do things themselves. There are opportunities everywhere in the REAL world. The internet is not new. We've been hearing about internet scams for years and we will for years to come. If you are in need of an expert, pick up the phone and help your local economy. If you are an expert, stop wasting your time and GIVING AWAY your expertise for free to sites who do not care if you live or die so long as their bank account is fat. Go out in your own community and show them just what an expert you really are. Build a loyal client base and word-of-mouth will be your ticket to success.

    The real nonsensical part of all of this is that we looked for sites like Fixya to save time and money and in the end they cost us so much more time not to mention the endless frustration because deep inside you know you were had by an invisible person.

    Working and making excellent money in my own community kind of professional

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