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Myitsolutions fiverr scam

When buying SEO backlinks from fiverr just be aware that they do not work, I have purchased many gigs over the past five months and not one of them has made the slightest difference

Myitsolutions fiverr comes in for a special mention, he puts and article with your website link on his google verified website and initially the traffic is great until a week or two later when it suddenly stops, you ask what happened and he tells you that you need to buy more.

At this stage a lot of people have given him a good review and they cannot change it because they are outside the 10 day period where you can leave reviews

See my website traffic drop off immediately after about 10 days on the image below

seo backlinks

start selling on fiverr and get scammed by fiverr international


Want To Get Scammed? Then Start Selling on Fiverr or Buying On Fiver

Oh don't misunderstand the above statement. It is NOT the sellers or the buyers that
scam you.

It is Fiverr International that scams you...You reach a certain point they just keep your money and shut you out.

So all the marketing you did or promotions gets flushed down the toilet.

Because when a potential customer reached your website, they say hey he or she is not longer available but here you go get your stuff from someone else

Sorry to say but Fiverr International is the biggest scamming company online so stay away from these Israeli crooks


  • Updated by Igotscmmedbyfiverrinternational · Sep 10, 2019

    Fiverr International If you buy or sell on fiverr you will get scmmed

    Fiverr International / Start Selling on Fiverr and Get Scammed By Fiverr International
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    Want To Get Scammed? Then Start Selling on Fiverr or Buying On Fiver

    Oh don't misunderstand the above statement. It is NOT the sellers or the buyers that
    scam you.

    It is Fiverr International that scams you...You reach a certain point they just keep your money and shut you out.

    So all the marketing you did or promotions gets flushed down the toilet.

    Because when a potential customer reached your website, they say hey he or she is not longer available but here you go get your stuff from someone else

    Sorry to say but Fiverr International is the biggest scamming company online so stay away from these Israeli crooks


pending clearance why I can't order anything on fiverr from what I earned???

Super bad customer support, they are bunch of mf's

I used to have an account with about 12 $ from my services, they blocked me for nothing, I told them to recover them back at least then close the f account they kept it restricted till they took it


my account was https://www. ammar90it

cannot withdraw my earnings — been trying for days now

Been sending ticket requests in on this problem through my Fiverr account for days but whoever is there i...

ilhamkim’s account and services

Hi All,
Please consider this as a complaint for Ilhamkim, a Fiverr service provider.
The issue is regarding order no #FO6138EA53F46, requested on 3rd of July 2019 in the amount of 89, 25$.
The assignent provided to me on the 13th of July was also provided yesterday to one of my colleagues by Ilhamkim. The similarity on Turnitin went up to 94% for both, which is now considered as plagiarism by our University.
Please treat the trouble created by Ilhamkim as a very serious matter and I request for this persons account to be closed and the 89, 25$ refunded as being accused of academic misconduct and plagiarism.
If you need more details please feel free to contact me on [protected], [protected]

Many thanks!

freelancing complaint and payment issue

Firstly my Name is Yusuf Saeed, and iam a previous freelancer in "fiverr's platform" who was expelled from the site and my account was disabled.
My work was specific to Medical Articles writing and everything was very good, and got my first promotion to Seller Level 1.
I took a vacation, i decided to take it until i finish my final exams, but later i decided to go back from vacation and added note in my profile that i will offer 50% off if buyers contacted me and Book a business "By messages only" it was something like marketing for my self.

PROBLEM is here:
After about 2 days, fiverr's team contacted me to edit my description because iam offering an academic writing which is against their terms i was not offering that as i mentioned iam doing researches for site, blogs, facebook pages and something like that, after taking that warning i decided to confirm that iam not accepting these kind of work "Academic writing", i added a note that iam not doing Academic Writing in my profile and added FAQ in my profile confirming again that iam not accepting this kind of work
after about 2 days fiverr's team closed my account, removed my gig and refused to get it back again because iam doing academic work for students which is completely wrong, i had about 24$ in site and they told me to contact them after 90 days of my account closing, so they ruined my life for no reason, iam sending this complaint not to get my money back or to back to work with them again, iam sending this complaint to know why i was fired after 1 year of hard working and for no reason !!?

freelancing complaint and payment issue
freelancing complaint and payment issue
freelancing complaint and payment issue
freelancing complaint and payment issue
freelancing complaint and payment issue
freelancing complaint and payment issue
freelancing complaint and payment issue

customer service

So, i provide a service in the website I got a buyer for that service. i delivered what he requested, he finished the order saying that he got what he wanted. He was very unprofessional and abusive during the whole process. I got the advice from the Customer Service of that website to block the user. So, i did it. Now, almost 2 weeks later i got a message from the Customer Service saying that they will refund the buyer because he was claiming that the file did not have the correct format. Obviously a lye. So they refunded the buyer and i end up working several hours for FREE for someone that knows how to abuse the system. I think the customer service had no right to take back the money after me having worked several hours to produce the files requested. I feel totally defrauded by Fiverr website.

sellers advertising but not available to do the work.

Fiverr had the largest collection of amateurs ever. Statistics should be maintained on sellers who offers services but cannot provide the service because the have to take finals and any other such nonsense.

The dog ate my homework is not a good business model.

I need to have a logo designed and I will not pay $300.00 for said design.

I scroll though thousands of offers and when I see one I want to offer a gig to the seller tells me they cannot do the work because they have to take a final.

product and services

i nipuna12 from india i am using fiverr from 2007 i never try to break his TOS rule. But few days back they removed my top listed gigs by saying i violated their TOS. Am level one seller. I dont have any warnings on that [email protected] days ago they removed 3 gigs saying im violating. But i saw lots of gigs same as my gigs like. And yesterday evening they disabled my account permanently

about my account

i raaz_graphic from india i am using fiverr from 2015 i never try to break his TOS rule but few day later my friend post a buyer request page that "need idm licence key and bandicam licence key he does't know that this request againt FIVERR TOS and i get a message that my account became disable i contact several time to customer care but all of they not able to help me. and i lost my best account please help me to recover my account thank you
my email is [protected]

refund - scam

I have ordered a gig through Fiverr for $50 USD seller delivered very poor quality work and canceled the order when I requested the revision. Fiverr does not want to refund my money to bank account. Money is siting in my Fiverr balance but i will never use tis site again. I can't believe that such scam website is in existence. They stole my money. The customer service is they do not address my complains at all. PLease help me to get my money back.

  • Fr
    Frank Post Nov 12, 2018

    Me too - same problem with fiverr.
    I´ve lost 80 Dollars and had a lot of trouble. See here:

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fiverr restrict my account without reason. al tickets withdrawn by fiverr without even one word

From 25 Feb, a Fiverr buyer rosemank45 send me an order for purchasing STEAM gift card from taobao. I delivered order and received 5 star rating for completed orders. Thereafter, total 11 similar orders proceed. Total order amount is USD 1650.
I fully trusted Fiverr and do confirmed proceed order upon Fiverr instruction.
However, out sudden, all my orders canceled by Fivver customer support without any explanation. All my earnings are gone.

I filed many tickets (#2582730, #2582819; #2583520; #2582877; #2583870; #2583662...) to Fivver CS, but no reply and all my tickets disappeared.
My account is restricted by Fivver.
I don't know where is wrong.

Now, I need:
1.Explanation why my orders are canceled without explanation.
2.How to trace back the canceled orders revenue.
3.I still have near 100 earning in Fiverr not related to this order. How to retrace back.

it and ites

Sellers! Be Aware! Fiverr is a complete scam Fiverr is for the buyers and scammers, not for the sellers. Thi...


fiverr is stealing money directly from my paypal account

On 9/3/2017 there was a $26.75 withdrawal from my PayPal account. I guess they were just testing the waters. Two days later there was another unauthorized withdrawal from my PayPal account, this time $1044.75. I filed a fraud claim with PayPal who froze my account until 9/20/2017. The third withdrawal cam at 40 minutes after midnight on 9/21/2017 in the amount of$897.75.
If anyone out there knows how to reach these people please contact me at [protected]

This is a BOUGUS company a FRAUDULANT company set up to steal other peoples money.


On 8/19 I contracted a web designer, whom stated he could deliver what I asked. He asked for about 15 or more...


Most of the sellers on this website don't speak English, not even a simple one and that's why it's so hard to... refuses to pay me

Did a couple gigs on and earned $12 . When trying to withdraw my funds I am told via online message that withdrawal failed. Customer service at fiverr blames paypal but paypal told me all is well with my paypal account. It is clear to me that has a way of keeping the money that sellers earn while playing games to hide their own unethical practice of stealing!

image and web design

I purchased online services from Fiverr for tshirt design. The seller waited until the day the project was due to send me thrown together image after thrown together image - no real thought given just to meet the deadline and get paid.

After going back and forth with the Fiverr Seller and Fiverr, to get a refund after the seller did not deliver as promised by the deadline. The seller then held my images hostage because I did not give him a perfect 5 stars in all categories (have screenshot), Fiverr cancelled my account in the middle of other gigs (email messages) I have going on. They did not refund me for 2 of the projects that were ongoing. I did not violate the terms and conditions I STATED the options I had for recovery. Fiverr didn't like the fact that I kept pressing the issue to get my money back so now they are retaliating against me.

I have a screenshot where I was told, by the Fiverr customer service, that filing a dispute was against the terms (I have screenshot of the seller filing the initial dispute)and then Fiverr deactivated my account in middle of a website being built and an image design. Fiverr has bullied me after I was bullied by their seller. In the many screenshots, I have one where the seller told me I was wrong in what I wanted and told me what I should have asked for. He then sent me what he wanted me to have and said, "here take it". The image he sent was not a complete image with just the word “mother”. Because both the Fiverr and Fiverr seller have both tried to strong arm me for standing up for my rights I am being punished by having my projects shut down in the middle of them. Then Fiverr has not refunded all my money that is owed to me. I had to contact my bank to have them step in.

As Fiverr is again unwilling to see the error in how this issue was handled and now my project is dead in the water. I am going miss my project deadline, have to find another graphic designer and I am loosing days worth of web design work that was cut short due to Fiverr overacting.

This all started because the seller wanted a higher rating then what he earned with the quality of his work and service he delivered to me.​

image and web design
image and web design
image and web design
image and web design
image and web design
image and web design

unethical behavior, stolen money, gross negligence

Fiverr is a company developed some 7 years ago. They are the middle man in providing "sellers" who do anything from web development, logos, article writing and more. Fiverr got the name because the services are supposed cost $5.00 each but that is the furthest from the truth. There is so much false advertising on their site, that is makes me dizzy. One certainty is that is you are a "buyer", your rights are so much more limited than their "sellers". The sellers mostly come from Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Bangladesh. If you are from the United States, you are screwed because of the time zones.

They do have terms and conditions I read thoroughly but they do not keep their sellers accountable for anything, only the buyers. You would think it would be thew opposite. The terms ask both parties to refrain from using outside communication but my experience has been the opposite since the sellers are always complaining that fiverr is taking too much money out of their pockets. So, I found myself on skype making transactions through PayPal and others.

In short, Fiverr is a scam. The sellers do not have the talent or creativity to complete a good service. Most of the time, you are waiting way past their "delivery date". Fiverr believes that as a consumer you do not have the right to complain when you are taken for a ride. That happened to me and they restricted my account at a time I had about 2 dozen orders pending.

I have hired several web masters on fiverr and all of them are amateurs and want to hand you over an inferior product. I lost out on $500.00 with one company who kept my money and did not deliver a complete project. I was ready to pay them the $250.00 balance but they use aliases and never their real name. They also seem to be the same when greeting you calling you "Dear". It is already too late when you get screwed to find out you are dealing with "real people".

I tried contacting Micah Kaufman (CEO), Shai Wininger (Director) and Vered Swartz (COO) from but they were unprofessional and did not reply to my messages. They also operate without a phone number or chat service. I out out of thousands of dollars and cannot log back into my account. They also without my permissions cancelled all my orders. This has deeply damaged my business to the point of no return.

You would think that with 60 Million in revenue in 2015, Investors like Accel Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, Cubit Investments, Lightbank, Qumra Capital and Square Peg. Their investors Adam Valkin, Adam Fisher, Guy Gamzu and Eric Lefkofsky are not on the same page.

They are headquartered in Tel Aviv Israel unless that is a scam too. It is shocking that their allies are Pakistan, Afghanistan and India, not the United States.

The office locations they post are all located in embassies. REALLY?

They care nothing about their buyers except for making massive profits off these people in third world countries and us unsuspecting buyers with good intentions that get bamboozled and you cannot connect with them.

  • Le
    Lespo Mar 27, 2017

    Wow! I'm dealing with this now. And she too called me "Dear" repeatedly. I ordered a gig from this seller, and things started off perfectly okay. I provided the seller with everything she needed to develop my website. When she was done with the website she emails me to let me know, and what do I see? Someone else's website. I explain to the seller this is not my website. At this point communication became sparse. She says she is going to fix it. March 15 the order was supposed to be completed. March 23 I filed a dispute after giving the seller ample time to complete the order. I also gave her a negative review. I asked her repeatedly for updates, in which I never received it.

    What happened next was abysmal.

    I quickly changed the passwords to my websites, but I was on an island and had zero internet connection. She figured out my password to my Gmail, and changed the Gmail account information and recovery email. I was locked out. She then went into my Fiverr account modified the review and gave herself 5 stars.

    Thankfully Fiverr is looking into the situation and provided me with a refund. I will continue to use Fiverr, but be careful with some of these gigs you order as some of the work that they "show you" could be fake. Ms Sarah Expert is her name.

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  • Ju
    Junis777 May 05, 2017

    Scott, great article. I hope you have the time to answer this question of mine: does the unethical attitude of Fiverr apply to ALL services such as the creation of Website pages? When you look at the reviews of freelancers who offer Website related services, the reviews are extremely positive. Are these reviews a scam as well? (Saqibmahay) (Rashidrupani)

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payment has been gone after finish the order and done all works

- Order numbers: #FO48499221D5 #FO28498E28D7
- Buyer username: mohaharb from United Arab Emirates (Mohammed Harb)
- Oct 12, 16 and Oct 13, 16
- Website design
- Payment has been gone after finish the order and done all works

>> What I did:

- Links:
First design:

Second design:

- Screenshots from second website:

This screenshot in 11th October:

- Screenshots from FTP from CPanel:
First design 25th September:

Second design 5th October:

- Kindly check the attached screenshot from admin.

1- I make a full dynamic cms without providing any content and I put Content from the internet as per request (first design).
2- He didn't like the design.
3- I make another one as per request (Second Design).
4- He likes it and request to change photo, and I did.
5- He likes it but need the logo to be suitable on the scrolling photos, then I make a glow on Logo and add more photos.
6- He requests another page and I make it (Writing Services), and we got content from the internet because he don't have a content.

Conclusion: I did 2 designs and all the requested points and more without extra gigs, and he didn't provide content or even any other requests, even he will post-pond your business, I make a good work and deserve my offer, and waiting if there's any obvious requests.

Fiverr has been canceled the orders without returning to me, and after he accept the orders!!!
is that scam?

I request a full refund to my money

payment has been gone after finish the order and done all works

unauthorized credit card charge and stole my balance

Hi, Sir i am using fiver to taking my business related services to the seller since long, i created account...

unethical behaviour

I was a digital marketing web traffic provider on the Fiverr platform for the past year. On 3/18/16, I placed...



I joined this site to find someone who could design a webpage for me. I was lucky and it did not take long to...

bad customer service

I recently had logos made at fiverr. After the seller sent me the logos, he went missing in action. It's a...

bad service

I registered with fiverr, I wanted to hire several fiverr freelancers to do some work for me. Once I logged in, I could not figure out how to navigate the site, it was a nightmare. Finally, I gave up and sent their customer service a request to delete my account. I never got a confirmation and, worse, I continued to get unwanted email messages urging me to use fiverr services. There is no way for me to delete my account!

The fiverr web site is difficult/impossible to navigate. And Fiverr management is unresponsive and unprofessional.

This is one of the worst services I have ever joined (and tried to unjoin).


I was delighted to receive a reply from Nancy after I complained that I was double-billed on PayPal for a...


awful service

Fiverr is an awful website. They have a poor support system in place for both buyers and sellers. Buyers can be left for weeks without getting their service with no consequences on the seller. And the Sellers have their money held hostage even after they've done the service. They never respond to these complaints on either side. There are no refunds whatsoever. The privacy policy is obviously just for display. They don't follow it at all. And they have this habit of suspending an account without any warning. This website is not worth the headache.

  • Al
    Alan Brooke Oct 07, 2014

    I agree. This is a very poor service offered by this website.

    John Simpson
    39 Adsgrove Road

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horrible customer service

This company is terrible I really have no idea why anyone uses them. They take 20% of your earnings, make you wait 2 weeks before you can withdraw it, they take FOREVER to repond to your support tickets and when they do - their answers are cryptic and vague at best.

They suspend your account at the drop of a hat and rarely if EVER explain to you why. It just stops working. I have spent my own money on services from Sellers and my account was suspended, I never got a credit or a refund and I never got a response to my support ticket as to why it was suspended.

Finally, they credited my account $15 back but I STILL AM NOT ALLOWED TO BUY ANY SERVICES. So basically they're holding my money hostage because I can't spend it ON THEIR SITE and I can't put it back in my PayPal account. AND THEY WON'T TELL ME WHY. I've submitted 3 support tickets to no avail. No one has thus responded and it's been over 3 weeks. Do yourself a favor, whether you're a buyer or a seller - steer clear of this website. It sounded too good to be true, because clearly it is.

it is worst... than I ever seen in my life

It is worst... than i ever seen in my life...there is no any seller protection at all.they are charging hell lot of money for every order from the seller..why not from buyer ? even they are taking money from seller there is no seller protection...seller can be scamed easily ...fiverr not loosing any thing, only seller loosing huge effort and money...i have already filed cyber crime police complaint against this israel based company...i want all the victims support to close this company...this site is hosting on go daddy servers...i can file case on them...i am trying for court orders to take an israel police action on them.i will slap those guys for sure...i lost huge amount on fiverr... customer support not responding at all.

fiverr will not refund payments made for canceled orders back to paypal

Fiverr Buyers Beware! If you cancel (for any reason) you won't have your money back! Your 5 bucks will sit in your "balance" (read: their bank account, not yours) until you spend it on another stupidity... Right from their TOS: "Fiverr will not refund payments made for canceled orders back to PayPal. Funds from order refunds are returned to the buyer's balance and are available for future purchases on Fiverr.

  • Bl
    BlackFridays22 Nov 17, 2012

    man, i just read their tos... is that even legal?

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  • Ji
    Jimmy000 May 23, 2016

    A-holes, seller decided to conveniently say he could not do the job after i accepted his custom offer & now my $200 are stuck there & i can't take it back.

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  • We
    Werner Schneiders Apr 05, 2017

    and do not forget, a fiverr refund will NOT come back to you.
    You understand?
    What fiverr has received, they do not give back again.
    With your refund you can only pay new orders - at fiverr.
    Fiverr - fiv err
    I have lost 500.- (programmer did cancel my order)

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  • Ch
    Chiekn May 07, 2018

    @Werner Schneiders why dont you create another account, with a false gig for your own use, pay for that gig and have it hooked up to your paypal so that you can just recieve the money you used as credit? its a bit sketchy but it might work as a workaround for their [censored] system

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  • Ha
    Hannah Koenig Sep 24, 2018

    It's even worse when the service you purchased was $157. My experience was SO bad I can't imagine using Fiverr again, but I also can't get my money back if I don't spend it on their site. VERY SKETCHY. I feel like I was totally scammed.

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  • Fr
    Frank Post Nov 12, 2018

    Me too - same problem with fiverr.
    I´ve lost 80 Dollars and had al lot of trouble.

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my advice is avoid using fiverr

I ordered a service that the seller canceled days later with a lame excuse. Didn't receive my money back so I contacted both seller and fiverr asking about this. No reply from either one. Two days later sent fiverr cust. svc. another email asking about status of refund and still no reply so I filed a dispute with paypal. Fiverr apparently got THAT notification because when I went to login a few hours later to see if any messages, my acct with fiverr had been restricted, I'm guessing as a result of the dispute I filed. So apparently fiverr has the time to restrict my acct but can't reply to my email? My advice is avoid using fiverr because is nothing but a headache and their cust. svc. is non-existent.

the quality of most of the gigs are pretty low

Sellers beware. This service has really poor support for Sellers. First of all, they an unprecedented 20% of your sales, (including shipping costs if you sell tangible goods. So you have to charge more in shipping to recoup your costs) The customer support is non-existent. Most of the time they'll tell you it's not their problem. I actually had one customer support guy respond to the question in my help ticket with a "we'll see."

They'll screw you at of your money any way they can. Instead of letting you collect money directly through Paypal, like Etsy or Ebay, it goes through their system, and they hold on to your revenue for 3 weeks while it "clears." In this day and age of high technology, there's no real justification for this. What are they processing the transactions by hand? What this really allows them to do is keep your money for any reason they come up with.

The quality of most of the gigs are pretty low, and Fiverr seems to poor quality, blackhat SEO and backlink gigs in order to rake in more $. This is going to hurt them in the long run though.

fiverr is going down fast, soon and badly

Terrible customer support. I made friends with 7 sellers, 3 were top rated and others including me level 2. Our money was wrongly deducted, ratings spoilt and support didn't care to reply. They treat sellers like pets and disrespect them. They side with only few sellers doing monkey dance or with buyers, since money is all they care. All legit sellers leave Fiverr soon, and its left with stupid and scam sellers. Stay away if you are a seller and more if you are a buyer who doesn't want to throw 5$ in the drain every once in a while. Fiverr is going down fast, soon and badly.

  • Ro
    Rob Mr Feb 19, 2014 owner will someday like Saddam, the owner she cheated people hardworking money and enjoy. One of the worse customer service online all over the world.

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they have a lot of bugs in their software

The design of the website is not customer/buyer friendly. They have a lot of bugs in their software. I wonder if your cc number is safe with them. In my case. I bought a service .. paid to paypal (this is their only option). Their system failed during the transaction. The seller never received the funds. Long story short.. I had to call/email paypal/fiverr. Lost more than 3 hours... It is a crappy service.

account blocked for no reason

This account is no longer active or was blocked. For more information contact us at...

they currently owe me over $400 and have banned my account without any reason

I was a top seller on fiverr for many months and have had great success. I do agree with other reviews on here that this site is run by a bunch of immature con artists that do not give a damn about the top sellers that are making them money. They currently owe me over $400 and have banned my account without any reason. I was a seller for over 14 months on this site and it took a long time to build up a successful business on there with all of the competition. STAY AWAY FROM THE CONS THAT WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY!!!

  • Fr
    freeman1 Sep 15, 2014

    I have been working on fiverr for over 13 months made over 5000 orders, and i can confirm that fiverr support if full of con artists and racists, Since i am not from US or Europe, these crooks are always against me. This has also been true for all sellers from African countries, for example they can cancel your orders for no any reason and they will never reply to your complaint ticket. I have lost over 1500 USD in order cancelation. I dont know what keeps me on this site, maybe its the good relation that i have with my clients. I have found as a better alternative

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  • Ra
    Rakesh Kumar Apr 19, 2016

    Please file a complaint online to Israeli court online this will help you

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freelancer tried to get my account blocked
[protected] - this is her - this is her

Her name is Bette (actually we don't know what her name is since she goes by soooo many. What a way to hide, here's a another name I found - elizabeth bowman). She's an American living in Thailand.

Now had Bette just walked away & left well enough alone, I wouldn't be writing this, but Bette tried to get my Fiverr account blocked all because she didn't like the questions I asked.

I was about to hire Bette to write an article for me & in fact I had a lot of work for her if she did well, but of course like any good buyer/entrepreneur, you want your questions answered first.

I had heard that the ezine article directory required 450 words, so I asked her about this.

Since she is an expert (or so I thought) when it comes to article directories (see above), I first asked her if she could submit my article. She said she didn't offer that service. (But LOOK, she does offer this service. Why the lies? Maybe it wasn't part of the gig I was going to order, but it was definitely something she has offered in the past & she could have easily set it up on Fiverr so it was one of her gigs-

Fine, I wasn't going to hire someone else on Fiverr to submit one article, so I also confirmed with her that I shouldn't be putting the same article on multiple article directories. She started talking about spinning articles which I hate because they are useless once they are spun & they make the company/person look bad.

At that point that's when I asked her if she thought I should put it on my blog instead. If she had been smart, she would have tried to sell me on writing 2 articles, one for the blog, one for the article. Then since she mentioned spinning, she could have offered to spin the articles & allayed my fears about spinning. Just in that short conversation, she could have made 2-5 gigs all in the time it took her to answer my simple questions.

But alas, that's NOT what happened & I started to feel like she wasn't being helpful & was shrugging me off, so I told her I was shocked she couldn't answer a simple question just because it WASN'T part of her gig. THAT'S when she tried to get me blocked on Fiverr.

Finally when I got my account released, she had written:


You can add articles to your blog and/or you can submit articles to article directories. It depends on a variety of factors including what it is you are trying to accomplish.

As I have spent a great deal of time learning the ins and outs of SEO, I'm afraid that I am not willing to provide SEO advice for free.

Best of luck to you.


So Bette, had you NOT jumped to conclusions & felt I was trying to get you to work for free, you would have had money in your pocket & no negative review. And even if things didn't go well I STILL wouldn't have written this, because I don't run to post a negative review just because a person isn't helpful. But because you tried to get my account blocked me on Fiverr, I have to tell others about this.

I feel that this Bette will retaliate if she doesn't like something you say to her. It was clear I had already finished the conversation with her & I probably wasn't going to hire her because of her attitude. She didn't have to try & get my account blocked.


  • Dh
    dhonwyn Jan 13, 2012

    I have same problem. My account blocked yesterday January 14, 2012 WITHOUT GIVING ME THE REASON WHY I GOT BLOCKED. ALSO I STILL HAVE $168 HAVEN'T WITHDRAW. Is there any chance that i can get them?

    Really bad experience. I am not doing harm to my employer but they banned me..

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vicious seller

His location is both Australia & the UK & I'm pretty sure his name is Philip Ryan & his site i... blocked my account

This account is no longer active or was blocked.
For more information contact us at:

This is the most stupid thing in your life that you would have never expected. They blocked my account without giving any reason. When contected their extremly rude customer service gives you the following reply:

We are unable to reinstate your account at this time.

Users who violate our Terms of Service and get their account permanently blocked can receive their revenues (if any) after a safety clearing period.

Please contact us again in 45 to 90 days. We will allow you to withdraw revenues you may have left in your account at that time, after an account verification process.

You can read more about our Terms of Service here:

I should say, Never Ever think of using Fiverr EVER! They will block you, will not give you the money, money you own, you have earned after working so hard. Shame on Fiverr

  • Dh
    dhonwyn Jan 13, 2012

    I have same problem. Fiverr just blocked my account :=( Is there any chance that i can withdraw my $168?

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  • Cr
    CreativeHands Jan 19, 2012

    Same here is beginning to get a very BAD Smelll :(

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  • Ni
    Nikoisbliss Feb 19, 2012

    I absolutly agree!!! They blocked me and i had orders in process!!!

    Thank God I found this fiverr REPLACEMENT!!!

    ------> <------ BEST GIG SITE!!! 2012

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