First Bank Of DelawareFirst bank of delaware is a ripoff


This place is such a rippoff not only due they charge like 300% intrest they ask you to send all your information like a hundred times. i must have emailed them 20 times sending them the same stuff over and over. Not only that but they cancelled my application so it was a complete waste of time do not go through this bank it is a huge scam and ripoff


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    SuperMsPC Jun 22, 2010

    I have to disagree with you. Unfortunatley I had been injured in a retail store and was unable to work. With bills due and needing money I made an online application to First Bank of Delaware. It was fast and the money was deposited into my bank account after I sent them a fax verifying my address. The only other thing they did to verify who I was, was to call my home phone number once to actually speak to me. I realize they do have a high intrest rate, but when you are in a fix like we are then you dont have much choice, epsecially since the store is not willing to admit fault and you are in need of medical care as well.

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  • Ca
    CathyRM Jun 25, 2010

    After 3 paymets I still owe the same amount I borrowed. So, who ever said they are goood are crazy. I borrowed $500 and after 3 $85.00 payments I still owe $443.00 You d0 the math. It was fast getting to me as I did need it but check out the payments you have to make and see what you are paying. Do not borrow from them.

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  • Tn
    tndeluxe Jul 04, 2010

    I have a loan with them now, and yes thes intrest is high, but it is your job to read the fine print and do your homework before you sign or submit anything! Lol, you people kill me, getting mad at a lendor that charges high intrest for risky borrowers as if its their fault you are seeking a high-risk loan. Read the fine print next time, make these payments on time and maybe next time you need a loan your credit score will be better in order for you to get a loan at a more reasonable rate

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  • Ho
    Howdyfolks Sep 20, 2010

    Ah, this is all rather silly. When you find yourself in a bind with a shabby credit score, institutions such as these are ideal. The terms of the loan are laid out, in plain language, prior to requiring your signature. I actually accepted a loan from them in order to improve my credit score and show on time payments to a lender. Yes, the APR is high. A bit of litteracy on my behalf kept me sane and allowed me to see the silver linning on this cloud

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  • Me
    MEboy Sep 26, 2010

    The interest rates are insane but if you pay an extra 30 - 60 each payment you wont even really notice it. They are a good company and are there when your in a bind. It even states on there website that they encourage you to pay extra each payment to pay down the finance charge.

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  • Re
    Reallydude Oct 22, 2010

    I am on my 3rd loan and ever loan has a lower interest rate the more money I get. Remember people, when it says 300% that is 3 times what you are borrowing. If you borrow $600 they are going to make a killing. It is no different than a payday loan except they give you a long time to pay. Not to mention they report to a credit bureau. By time you get you 4th loan you are only paying 39% for up to $2500. In my experience, the complainers are the one with horrible credit and blame the whole world for their problems. Get educated in math people, maybe that is why you have to borrow.

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  • Kl
    kleinweber Nov 13, 2010

    i beleive tndeluxe is both right and wrong... yes you get the money right away and yes you pay alot to repay but i suggest you look at the terms & conditions as well as the payments you agreed to. its a loan with 60% interest. its also called a short term loan. if you pay it off in a week or two there will be a decent amount you dont have to pay. it takes about 10-15 min. to talk to a rep. and they have no problem setting it up for you. by the way i just got off the phone with a rep. and the only thing i can say bad about them is if you have even one late payment you are screwed. thats the only complaint i have. and reallydude hit it on the head but im not one to really complain. my credit sucks, my bank is overdrawn and this loan fixed it at a big interest rate. if you cant handle it dont get the loan. btw ive had about 4 of these loans and this maybe the best one. some other companys make you pay lets say $100 a week. that $100 does not go toward your balance thats jus the fee for having there loan.
    best advice PAYOFF within a week or two or make BIGGER payments then are required!!!

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  • Jm
    JMillerMac Nov 17, 2010

    I've been getting calls from The First Bank of Delaware about refussing to pay them and I've never gotten a Mastercard from them nor have I gotten a loan from them yet they still call constantly asking me to give them my banking information but won't say how much they are seeking or when this alledgedly happened. If I were you I would avoid this company like the plague!

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  • Ka
    Katrina washington Jan 18, 2012

    I don't. understand why are these people harrasing me about a bill I know nothing about someone stole my id. now they say that I owe1, 119.89 if you can send me documents that I was suppose to have signed then can start procceedures. with the states attorney. because this is bull I don't even have documents where I was the owner of this debt. just send me proof.

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  • Co
    Concerned Human Being Jan 19, 2012

    The First Bank of Delaware is a payday loan scam. Please people do not complete their online application and give them your personal information because you are authorizing these criminals to steal money from your bank accounts. If you do fill out their online application, then you gave a stranger all of your confidential information that they can use to destroy your identity. Plus, if you refuse to pay their high interest rate loan after they continue to take crazy fees from your bank account, then you, your employer, friends, and family will be receiving harassing phone calls from a phone number such as (888) 907-6719 despite whether you owed the debt or not. Please people DO NOT FALL FOR THE FIRST BANK OF DELARE PAYDAY LOAN SCAM. I believe donating blood, scavenging for recyclable cans/bottles, getting a second job, cutting back on expenses, asking friends/family for help, applying for government assistance, and taking a metal detector to the beach to find coins are better alternatives to seeking extra money.

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  • Da
    daviddkny Feb 15, 2014

    this is the biggets rippoff credit card compnay dont apply you will be sorry there interest rates are too high plus if you miis or are late payments they call you at work and harassing please read over there interest rates dont do it the worst credit card card service ever

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