Finrite Administrators / vodacom cell phone insurance

I have a cell contract that was suspended in May 2019.

Finrite keep on invoicing the account for insurance, the policies I get from the contract ALL indicate after 2 months of non payment the contact will be cancelled.

I'm tiered of calling the call center. I'm tiered of sending them e-mail as they DO NOT RESPOND BACK.

I have sent them the proof of the statement as from Vodacom, I called vodacom accounts 13 June 2019 to make a payment agreement to them and they gave me the outstanding amount and ensured me that the amount will nor change If I keep my part of the agreement of paying it over four months.

I wanted to pay the full outstanding part in August and realized that the amount did increase over the period.

I'm refusing to pay the insurance for July and August as the policy state that after 2 months the insurance is cancelled.


Ansie Olckers

Sep 11, 2019

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