Finrite Telkom / cellphone claim

I have a problem I took my iphone 6s to Telkom finrite on 25/02/19, I waited for the update but no update then I decided to call them on th 13 March 2019 then they said they require an excess fee of R1000.00 I paid it immediately on the 13th, I then waited still no update no calls no smss I decided to call again on the 22 March then they said My phone is beyond repairs they will issue me with a new device then they requested for my delivery address ai sent it to them the same day on the 22 March, Still no reply, no calls, no update no sms whatsoever, I called them again on the 27 March 2019 they told me that they have ordered the divice and will give me the feedback wen they get the order so really I dont know for how long am I gonna wait for this nonsense.Its been a month without my phone, I regret the day I took the insurance with finrite their service is very poor

Mar 27, 2019

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