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I doubt my complaint will go anywhere since family feud executives care more about ratings and will continue to make excuses for their ways, listening to only the majority but not the minority of family feud watchers.

Even still, maybe this review may mean something to someone. So I'll just try. I'll try. I know I'm not like the rest of the world but I'm a consumer and I believe I should have a say in what products I'm using. Or not using soon..

I'm a Christian lady and game shows tend to be the most wholesome thing that's available that can be going on in the house without having to worry about what my younger impressionable siblings see or what I see for the matter.

The Bible tells us to guard our hearts and minds. Therefore, a guard myself from perverted thinking which is sinful. If you care about what the Bible says and care about God like I do striving to please him in every-way sin disgusts you and the promotion of it. Family feud nowadays is just perverted thinking, for the most part.

The joy of family feud is playing it with my family and determining if we would win as we shout answers on the TV. Unfortunately, now their show has become so filth ridden I put on the show and enjoy the nice parts with family but in the back of my mind I'm bracing myself for a perverted in nature question.

I knew the show had gone to far when my 10 year old brother started laughing because of one of the shows answers. The question was along the lines of "name something a guy might get his girlfriends dog to do for him". Once nobody got the answers and they revealed the answers on the board one of the answers was the dog could help "turn on" the girlfriend.

My little brother laughed like "turn on? how do you turn on a girl?" His association with that word being only that of turning on and off mechanics. We didn't react too much so we wouldn't have to explain it to a 10 year old and instead just left it alone to let him forget. My mother openly stating much later that "maybe family feud isn't a good show for us anymore..".

My slighter older but still younger high-schooler brother was disgusted as well. His disgust being the beastilality like nature of that answer. I also was disgusted. The fact that this was even on the board shows a moral decline.

I've researched family feud and it's true that the older family feuds were no where near this level of perverted. You could watch with your family and play along without having to worry about something so blatantly obviously perverted being shown to a child or even yourself.

A common excuse for the show was that there were hosts who kissed all the female contestants and the show would have innuendo. Here is my response to these pathetic excuses. For the kissing, it was a different time and not perverted in nature. Only a perverted person would assume the kiss was perverted. Also, I've heard beforehand that the women were asked if they constented to the kiss anyway.

I feel the people who complain about that are simply perverted in mind along with anti social due to the lack of actual socialization these days. Everyone is extremely awkward and comfortable reading into things through their own dirty minds. Also, in many cultures people kiss each other like America shakes hands. Please, be time and culture aware.

As for innuendo it was no where near as prevalent, and when it came it was censored or taken out and the ones that would go through could actually go over the heads of children. The modern family feud is very blatend and obvious when it comes to perverted questions. One question I heard yesterday way "Name a fruit that makes you think about sex".

This encourages perverted thoughts. It's disturbing and also requires the contestants to spill their filth on live television. What ever happened to being discrete? The amount of sexual questions is so overdone it feels like I'm being sexually harassed.

The thing is on top of all this I've mentioned it would be maybe slightly not really okay if the innapropiate questions were one and done. In contrast, that's not so. The host steve Harvey who's charisma, energy and comedy I admire but his sickness I do not, will drag it on.

Yesterday, Steve Harvery decided to tell us all about his privates for about a minute. Saying it's his "best friend", that he has loved for a long time and he went on and on. Why would anyone who isnt a sick pervert want to hear a description of the relationship between Steve Harvey and his sex oragans?!

Must I go on? I really like this show and I even like Steve Harvey as a host but not to the point where I'm willing to give in to this sexual depravity for hours. Nor am I willing to expose my little brother to this who has a big heart and is so pure and sweet. I don't want to ruin that and have him turn into a pervert.

There can be clean and family friendly fun. We have seen this with other game shows espicially on the network. Some game shows Ive seen that I'm okay with having on with my family are:
1. America Says
2. Deal or no Deal
3. The Beast
4. Masterminds
5. Catch 21
This is sad because the format of family feud is my favorite and the most fun to play with my family. These other shows are still very entertaining though, espicially Deal or no deal but I do wish that the could just clean up Family Feud because then I could really watch it. However I'm thinking of leaving it alone entirely until it cleans itself up.

I refuse to let people say "the culture is just sexually open now it is what it is". NO! The media is sexually open and the perverts are the one screaming the loudest. Not everyone is sexually open like portrayed on TV and being complicit will only allow this stuff to go on. If you disagree with something, speak your voice!

The term "family" in this show is an illusion and the constant sexual nature of this show is unnecessary. It's embarrassing. I do hope I didn't just waste my time writing this. That's my issue.


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I’m a Canadian viewer and decided to finally comment on the frequent ridiculous answers from the people polled to give answers. Looks like intelligence isn’t a criteria which explains the frequent slip ups where answers are concerned ie question asked was - how long a wedding ceremony takes - answer by your poll was 1 hr while any wedding I’ve ever attended in Canada is 45 mins which was answer the person playing had stated - only 1 hr was the answer with no 2nd option - meaning do u allow for a 2nd answer to qualify team playing It appears u sometimes do sometimes don’t - what’s it dependant upon? I don’t believe your rules - regulations are fair whatsoever and had to let u know. If I were a contestant playing I’d have plenty to argue about ! Please revamp your rules and play fair for everyone’s sake!


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