Family Dollar Storestreatment of young black kids

W Nov 02, 2019 Review updated:

Went to family dollar with my 2 kids and 1 friend. Age from 14- 16. I gave them $20 to get snacks and I stayed in the car. They went in the store and came back with their snacks. As I pulled up to the house, they told me that the employee asked them " who has the money"
My son said " I do"
So the employee told the other 2 to stay up front and didn't allow them to go shopping.
What kind of policy is that?
Is it just for young black kids?
FD needs to quit treating our young black kids like criminals!!!
And by the way, my youngest is a Straight A student!
This situation really affected them.
I will no longer shop at aFamily Dollar store


  • E
      Nov 03, 2019

    This incident says nothing about race and everything about this Family Dollar having had issues with groups of young kids stealing and/or playing in the store. Why would you ASSume this is about race and why would you want to teach hatred to your kids and their friends? Because of people like you, we can look forward to another generation of crybabies playing the race card. The situation didn't affect these kids. YOU telling them it's because they are black has affected them. Think about it! You must have immediately asked them what race was the employee and when they confirmed it was a race other than black, you immediately judged that employee to be a racist, based on the color of their skin. When you judge people based on the color of their skin, like you did, what does that make you? THINK before you speak next time.

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  • L
      Nov 03, 2019

    @Everywhere Whoa hey here’s the complaint police again with his answers to LITERALLY everyone’s complaints. thanks again for your oh so experienced knowledge of racism, customer service policies, the restaurant business, fast food, planned parenthood hours, making reservations, the French, Canada, and what it’s like to be black in this country. I’m sure no one ever complains about you. 😂

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  • L
      Nov 03, 2019

    Make noise! Don’t stop! Those children will be affected by the way the world perceives and treats them. Glad you had their back so they know it was wrong. To those who post negatively in response to your complaint- BE PART OF THE SOLUTION OR GET OUT OF THE WAY ✌️

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  • L
      Nov 03, 2019

    @Fedfjarre Who are you trying to convince? 😂 yourself? We already know how it works in this country fool

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  •   Nov 04, 2019

    @LL cool bean Make noise??? As if black people DON'T do that?????

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  • M
      Nov 03, 2019

    LMAO! Looks like posters Larre and Everywhere have triggered LL Fool Bean. Keep posting guys!

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  •   Nov 03, 2019

    I see no evidence of racism. Young kids get in groups and steal and the employee was trying to avoid a situation.

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  • K
      Nov 04, 2019

    This isn't only for black kids, it's for all kids and has been around since the 90s. I remember in high school when school let out all the kids who didn't go straight home went to the store next door for snacks and drinks. We would have to wait outside the store while only one school kid was in the store doing their purchase and when they came out the next one could go in. My school was a mostly white school and I don't remember any black kids waiting outside the store to go in, I think because the black kids didn't live in town and had to catch the bus home. This was from '96 to '02 was the time I was in school there, and I believe they still do it today.

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  •   Nov 04, 2019

    They probably didn't want a situation. 14 is the age where parents foolishly believe their brat can be trusted and then things go missing.

    Why didn't the other kids get you and say:" you gotta see this!"??

    Funny how the kids just do as they are told by the MGMT but wait for you to get home before saying anything about it. You weren't really there. You were waiting in the car so you don't really know.

    I have news for you... Straight A students really make the worst citizens. It's not the grades that make a difference it's how they're brought up. The fact that they didn't come to get you is a problem for me with believing this.

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