Family Dollar Storesmanager

J Nov 16, 2019 Review updated:

Hi my name is Julie Gonzalez. I live in the area of this new family dollar and since opening I shop there at least once or twice a week. Usually I have an okay experience but that is not the case this past Tuesday. I went into the store and the moment I walked in I could hear an employee talking about another employee that was due to work at 4pm that day. The two employees talking were loudly discussing that same employee stating how she doesn't work and what she's gonna be doing when she gets arrives. At first I tried to ignore the loudness of the employee's. But as I kept shopping it kept getting louder and louder. It was only a few customers so other then the employees the store was quiet so everyone can clearly hear their conversation. At one point I mentioned to my fiancé how unprofessional they were being. One employee overheard and rudely said "these customers need to stop ear hustling ". ( meaning I was intentionally listening to her conversation) instead of responding and continuing my shopping I decided to cut my trip short and head to check out. When I got to check out I requested to speak to a manager. To my surprise the manager that was called was the employee that was the problem. I stated to the manager how unprofessional her behavior was and she stated she only gets $11 an hour and she doesn't care if I called in to make an complaint. I asked her for corporates number and she did not provide it. I understand that the area this family dollar is in is not the best area but I feel it's so unprofessional to deal with a Manager that's suppose to represent the company in that manner. This manager used a ridiculous amount of profanity. I also feel with the amount of time those two employees wasted talking to each other they could have been cleaning up the store which was extremely out of order and clustered. I feel like having a manager like this will make a new store fail and someone should look into who they have running their store. My experience this week at family dollar was by far the worst experience at any store period. The manager was acting in a form like she was ready to fight and she was trying to intimidate me. I would like a phone call or email discussing this complaint. Julie Gonzalez- [protected]. Thanks in advance and hope to hear back as soon as possible.

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