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He Sep 12, 2019 Review updated:

I was at the register when a manager stated the plastic in my purse belonged to them. I asked what are you talking about. The manager I got into the confrontation with told him I came in the store with it. So before I could check out we get to arguing and she tries to get my bag from me while I was holding my 4 month old in my arms. I almost dropped him multiple times while she continued to try to remove my bag from my person. I end up leaving my phone and they will not return it to me without continuing to be a burden and I am seeking help in this matter. I believe it happened on September 01 2019.

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  • Km
      Sep 12, 2019

    You are simply not going to get your phone back. They likely threw it away. I'm guessing you are suggesting they were accusing you of stealing. I don't believe anyone being paid as little as family dollar pays is going to go through the trouble of trying to rip a bag from your hands. The only thing they would worry about doing is document the theft and turn it over to the authorities. But if I thought with no proof that you stole something and you left your phone behind I would simply throw it in the trash.

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  •   Sep 13, 2019

    They saw a bag in your purse and you refused to show them the bag. Why? If you didn’t steal it, why not simply show them the bag and move on?

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