Family Dollar Storesstore manager

On Thursday October 3rd the store manager called a meeting in the front of the store I observed the store manager talking smart yelling and screaming at the cashier I really think she was trying to provoke the cashier cause I was in the back of the store and heard the store manager telling another employee that she was going to make the cashier mad so she will quit or get fired however I moved to the back of the store cause the situation had gotten out of hand and I didn't wannabe hurt but the store manager was unprofessional to call a meeting while people were in the store I felt terrible for the cashier who was then fired cause she's been there for a while and is a friendly person will I ever go back in there no I will not cause of that situation I been going there for over 10years never witnessed that the store manager needs to be fired cause that was uncalled for until she's gone there is a whole lot of us customers who will not be going in there something needs to be done I will go through every measure to make sure this store manager is removed

Oct 06, 2019

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