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Su Oct 03, 2019 Review updated:

My fiancé started working at the Bridger Family Dollar in June. The main manager there is a joke. Right around when he started there she called in sick with pneumonia, then I saw her out at a bar partying that same weekend. She was still "sick" for the whole week after that, and made my fiancé work 9 days in a row to cover her, including a 12 shift. After that she called him into work one day to open 15 minutes before the store was supposed to be opened, because she missed her alarm. Then a few weeks later she wrote him up for not greeting people when they enter the store, which every time I go to the store and she is working she is outside smoking, she has never greeted me once. Now most recently his paycheck was 3 weeks late because she "lost" it in a filing drawer with the rest of the mail. We almost got fined for our rent being late. I don't know if that is how they usually treat their employees, but I don't think it is right. She is very unprofessional.

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