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Mi Aug 27, 2019 Review updated:

I have gone into this dollar store for years.. It has always been greatly ran by a man named ralph... He was always making sure everything was clean and stocked.. He knew all the customers that came in... He even helped my husband grab my normal products for cleaning when I couldn't make it to the store because he knew everyone so well... He was amazing... He made it to where people wanted to come there and spend money but now he's gone... Not sure where he went but the girl that was after him not sure her name but she was just as good but she's gone as well and now the place has gone to crap... It's very dirty there's stuff piledd up in the walkways... Can't get to the bathroom if needing to go and when u can the bathroom is so nasty I wouldn't let my worst enemy use it.. The employees don't care what happens they don't help out when you need the help the floors look like they haven't been swepted or mopped in months.. There never seems to be a manager there... The sign on the door says it opens at 8am and on multiple occasions when i've tried to go there it hasn't been open till almost noon at times.. Something needs to happen with that place... It's making it where I would prefer to shop at walmart then go there and I hate walmart.. Please do something for this store... I want to go back there but don't want to walk in somewhere that smells like human pee and no one cares... Then when u tell the employees about the issues they say they will get to it when they get to it or look at you like your stupid... Tried to go today to pick up laundry soap and the doors were locked.. It was 11 am but when they finally opened I had to move boxes to get to the laundry soap and when I finally did get to the soap the whole shelf was full of liquid laundry soap spilling on everything and as a mother I think what if small kids go by and touch that and stick their hands in their mouth and get sick... It's horrible... Almost makes me want to go in and apply for a job to clean up the place... Needless to say I left without purchasing anything anything because I was furious with the store...

  • Updated by Michellep88, Aug 27, 2019

    I'm not here to fight with other people, I'm here to make a real complaint about a store that has gone from being amazing to really horrible...just because my grammar sucks doesn't mean my complaint isn't legit...I'll be the first to say it...and I say girl because she was younger than me...and she did an amazing job as I stated in my's when she left that it went down the drain...

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