Family Dollar Storesfalse theft accusation, false imprisonment and put their hands on me

Ki Oct 14, 2019 Review updated:

On, October 10, 2019, my husband and I entered the Family Dollar. We ended up slipping up shortly after entering the store. When I saw him again I handed him items I thought he would like and we split up again. During this time I had heard arguing in the store but didnt think much into it. Come to find out, it was my husband and employees. I found this out via phone with him. They were accusing him of shoplifting but found nothing. Upon my departure I was surrounded by employees, locked in the store, threatened by several employee that they were going to beat my ass, purse jerked away and search and they put their hands on me one left a mark on my arm which I have a picture of for proof. They have/had no right to do any of this. Once they went through my purse and didnt find anything (because I dont need to steal) they gave me my purse back and unlocked the door for me to exit. Something better be done about these 5 or 6 employees or I will be contacting an attorney to file suit. Please email me at [protected] to discuss this matter and how it will be handled.

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