Family Dollar Stores5 off 25 coupon

Ci Oct 02, 2019

On 10/2/19 my fiancé and I where in your family dollar store at about 7:30pm we are part you loyalty program so we love to shop here when we Receive 5 off 25 coupons as well as coupons we can clip on your app. Well today we decided to go and use our coupons. Today we had a unpleasant trip at the register. We two separate trancastion that where $27 so I put in my number so I could use my coupons so my total was over what I had calculated with my coupons so I asked the cashier if she can tell what coupons applied she immediately had an attitude about it she then told me she could Not apply the 5 off 25 because I used clipped coupons. So I told her I have been there plenty of times I never had an issue they always apply with no issue. She then told that she was trained to not give that 5 off 25 unless I bought something that didn't have a manufactured coupon. I was very confused because this has never happen to me I was always able to use the clipped coupon and 5 off 25 as long the total before coupons was over $25. I'm not a pushy person I didn't bother going back in forth with her. But I strongly disagree with her not wanting to honor the 5 off 25 when my total was over 25. I been in retail for over 10 years and one thing I know is that you should always go above and beyond and give customers exceptional customer service. She was very rude and I don't know if she made that rule herself because I have been here many times and this has never happened to me ever. I believe we should have been honor that coupon in both our transaction because our total was over $25. I'm not sure if she was having a bad day but that should never reflect on customers. I have never experienced bad customer service like I did today. I will not be returning to this location again. She really made me feel unwelcome in this store.

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