Family Dollar Storescustomer service lack professionalism and show no respect for the people they service.

D Nov 16, 2019 Review updated:

Friday, November 2019 at 8:00 pm. The cashier (supervisor) addresses me as "Baby." I asked her, "Please don't call me baby that's for my companion only." She says, "I call everybody that honey." I asked her again but she continued to insult me. I looked for the supervisor not knowing she was the person I was looking for and when I spoke to the other worker she began to call me honey and says, "I'll give the number to corporate but your complaint won't do you no good." I was so furious me and these two ladies were arguing in front of other costumers at this point I didn't make a purchase. I'm not her man, woman, child or on a personal level with her to call me these names. The intelligent way is to address a person according to how they introduce themselves and the relationship you have with them. The supervisor says, "I say that out of respect" but if I person asks you not to and it angers them why do it? If you don't know how to address a person Mr, Sir, Mam or Miss is appropriate. Humility goes a long way, respect and compassion goes hand in hand. You have to know how to target the need of the costumers and keep them wanting to return. With out costumers you won't have a job to go to. Family Dollar is one of my favorite stores to purchase school supplies and household goods but I will never step a foot in this one as long as these two women are in there. If you have audio you can pull the tape and it will verify everything.


  •   Nov 16, 2019

    You should have called her [censor] and said that is what you call everyone that calls you baby.

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