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You can find cute cheap or decent price things at this fallas. But the some employees are rude. one (older Mexican or hispanic )lady who barley speaks English messed up my card transaction so it was declined . She misheard me she says"oh im sorry i dont undertand" pointing at the register.the manager comes (black women between 26-33)she and the manager couldn't refund me . I been there abouT 30-40 mins. Im holding up the line so a male employee opens a 2nd register.i told her next time have someone who speaks english and to run the register. She says "im sorry mam we give everyone eqaul opputunity" i say give someone who is better qualified to do it she just repeats her self.i left my info and asked her to call when she was done. I apologized about what i said . Even tho its the truth. I went the next day.And when I was talking to a different store manager. (Young hispanic woman named veronica)The old lady who barley knows English asked the male employee(white hispanic mid 20s ) from last time if he remembered me and he was sticking out his tounge behind my back. Both of them mocking at me the only reason i knew was because my mother was standing watching. And they didnt know she was with me. And when she said that was rude and she saw him. All he said was i know mam. Yes. Repeated it several times. But never apologized. Another day later I went again and manager still hasn't called to let me know about my card. She sees me come in and when I go to register because i am exchanging something she gos to the back and even when the woman helping me pages her 3 times. I'm waiting for going 10 minutes she stays back there so a different manager comes to help out and both cashier and manager are saying they don't know why she's not coming and both are baffled. Another day later I come in and purchase something and I get the same manager who couldn't refund me and she doesn't say a word about my card transactions. What a poor excuse for a manager un professional. and so are some of the employees rude and immature. The unprofessional . And when my father went and bought a belt from there the male who was mocking me short changed him. And when my father told him what he did. He couldn't calculate how much he owed my father my father did it for him. The employee looked like a fool. The only helpful one was veronica (another manager) she did call me and told me she would call me when she got it done . But hasn't yet.

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