Fallas Paredes, Mcallen Texasunethical behaviour


Store 297, mcallen texas. Treats employees like dirt, no one gets a say in the process of baskets weighing pretty much twice their weight.Poor girls pulling and guys with no back supports. The things dont have wheels and almost get dismanteled. Restrooms are bad and the smell, well worse, they were in the process of closing that store, but were given a one chance. Time is up, that store is so old, it was the first heb, same restrooms.Employees no name tags, wandering around on their cell phones in pockets. Manager just lets it slip by. Need a new manager and crew, someone who is willing to turn things around. With what they have, they can change that store for better buying experience.Need to report it to corporate or ask for district manager in charge of that store. Thank you for your interest, in this matter.

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