Fallas Discount Storeshazardous shopping conditions store #0695

S Mar 18, 2018

Unfortunately I visited this store yesterday 3/17/18. Hoping that someone had finally cleaned up this place. Negative, its the dirtiest store I have ever seen. As you walk in, there's piles of dirt, trash and clothing on the floor. The glass windows and entry doors look like they haven't been cleaned for years. Your corporate office needs to visit this store unannounced. If there is a janitorial company that is hired to clean this place after hours, they need to be fired immediately. I attempted to push a shopping cart around the isles to know avail. I had to leave my basket behind because the isles were so cluttered with cloths, boxes, trash, you name it... On the floors. I almost slipped and fell 2 times. I felt unsafe in this store. I asked the cashier for the manager, and she said no one was available at that time. So I asked her to write down the store managers name, and I will contact them later. She said "I cant write it down, i'm afraid I will get in trouble". What is going on here? If I ever return to this store I will take pictures and submit them to the local news media to investigate the safety and security of this store.

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