FairySeasonsweatshirt not sized right according to size chart

S Jan 17, 2018 Review updated:

I ordered a sweatshirt from your company, ordered a larger size than I normally wear and when I received the item, it's too small. I have contacted your customer service several times, once being told to take pictures with a tape measure showing the measurements. I measured and the bust is 2.58 inches smaller than what the size chart shows it should be for a large, but I keep getting the run around from your company. They have pretty much told me tough, give it to someone you know that it will fit. This is not acceptable and I'm very angry with your company and it's customer service!

Susan Durham
Order Number: FSB213970369864736


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    Shaun R. Jan 17, 2018

    Hi Susan. Let's see how we can help.

    What is the actual size of the shirt? What is your normal bust size?

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  • Sd
    S Durham Jan 17, 2018

    @Shaun R. I ordered a Large, normally wear a small or medium, but like my sweatshirts big. This item is marked with a L, but there's no way it's a large. My bust size is a 34.

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