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Yesterday I visited fairweather store in square one mall, mississauga.

I was trying slippers and size was different and it was not convenient to wear them so I checked many slippers, one of your employees who is a indian came to me and asked me to keep it back once I am done and other black female came later and shouted at me for creating a mess.

Is this way you treat your customers and I was insulted in front of everyone.

I am planning to make this as a complaint in general board.

They asked me to leave the shopping as thats the better option for me.


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Oct 28, 2015 7:01 pm
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I'm an employee . I can't stand the company . The product is so cheap and they pay us horribly. Their stuff is always 50% off, and we're told to promote that to all customers to make them feel as they're saving money. In fact, I hate helping people now . I just think in the back of my head "how long until this falls apart on them?" It's hard to sell a product I don't believe in. I don't know if it's like this at all locations, but more than likely yes. They promote young teens to management positions because they can pay them less than an experienced manager . Their return policy is standard, however anything 50% off (which is everything) will not allow you to have store credit . You're stuck picking an item that you may not even want because if their policies . It's absolutely ridiculous. The only satisfactory part of the job is the coworkers. Sorry people, save your money and buy something that will last. Invest in clothes. Don't waste money on thear products . ALL you're doing is lining the owners pockets and contrary to customers beliefs, we do not earn commission. They pressure sales with nothing in return . Bye 👎

Jul 05, 2015 9:34 pm

London Ontario Whiteoaks mall Sunday July 5, 2015. After spending almost $100 at fairweather just yesterday I went back today Sunday July 5 at 3:30 pm to exchange items. I couldn't try on the items I wanted to exchange bc there was a man in the female fitting room when I requested to the 2 female employees at the store at that moment (Nada & Nora) to tell the man to please be outside the fitting room. They denied my request saying that men are in the store to buy as well. I was kicked out after spending almost $100. Receiving their stupid answer that they don't "discriminate"?. An answer that has nothing to do with a man being into the female fitting room watching women exchanging clothes or half naked. I didn't have the chance to even try the items to exchange. I came back home with the same items I couldn't exchange. My friend who witnessed everything will never buy anything in Fairweather either.

Oct 05, 2011 10:26 pm

I bought a winter coat from Fairweather. The zipper is defective. I took it back and the sales lady rudely said that there was nothing she could do. Fairweather clearly does not stand behind their products. I will never buy anything from that store again.

Jul 29, 2014 12:45 pm
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Me and my friend also had bad experience in bayshore fair weather...

Sep 08, 2012 8:28 pm

I had worked for Fairweather for just about 1 year it would have been this October. This was my first retail job. I started out as a Sales Associate, and later moved up as a Key Holder. For the one year I have been there we had went through 3 Managers, and 6 Distract Managers. There is simply too much change in management in that company. The location that I worked at was Devonshire Mall in Windsor ON. The store it huge, they would only schedule 2 of us per shift, to save on hours, because their to cheap to staff anymore. They expected us to keep on top of put backs, help customers, and clean the store & do cash, also to watch our men's side / where cocktail dress' use to be. Minimum wage is not worth that job, they treat every employee like garbage if you dont kiss their ###. I was Terminated a few day's ago, by a Key Holer, not even a manager, because I didnt come in for a shift, that I wasn't even scheduled for, still on my vacation time @ fairweather because I had a family emergency. I am not going through the labour board. The customer return policy is garbage. It's overpriced product & garbage quality. They don't offer us employee discounts, only if the items full price, which nothing in the entire store is ever, it'd always 50% off. They only offer us 20% off of the full ticket price & expect you to wear their product.
I'm so happy I am out of this company, they do nothing for the employee's & nothing for the customers either.
Don't shop @ fairweather, international clothiers, target apparell, & stockhomme. All the same company.

i used to work for fairweather, our job was very very stressfull and we did not even get paid enough to the amount of work load that they made us do. Also i have been left alone on plenty of occassions because the company is trying to cut back in paying to many people. they are very cheap and they do not even care about there employees! they urge us to sell our products and implemented we have to wear fairweather and we are not even given allowances to buy these clothes. if u make 9.50 and hour and living on your own its quite hard to afford buying clothes all the time from your job because this is the only thing you can wear. when infact most of there products are in such bad quality! all they care about is making money for themselves and they choose to ignore there employees! they even hired a 17 year old to maanage a store paying her salary base and when she narrowed down her pay she only got paid 10.75 an hour! and they do not pay for over times at all! so if you work for man than 40 hrs a week they do not pay u your over time hrs. also i know many managers who are working 50-60 hrs a week without overtime pay. but when they were sick of course they deducted it from the salary.. i haveso much hate forthat company. because it was my first retail job and it was so hard! they are so cheap and they make us do everything from rearranging walls and attending to customrs for 10 bucks and hr and only 2 people in the store. sometimes even if only one person is on the floor becausethey refuse to hire toomuch staff because it would cause them so much money!

Dec 13, 2010 8:59 am

thursday 9th dec 2010 i went to fairweather bought a jacket for $100 and i went back on friday to return it that was on sale so did'nt ask for refund i just asked to get something els of same amount but the cashier was so rude to me said no way change the size or colour thats it i mean this is rediculous becuz size was wrong they dont have more sizes its like throw ur $100 dollar in garbage...


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