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Fairpoint Communicationspoor service

For two years I paid $45/mo for supposedly high speed DSL service. But it was so slow it made no sense except that the problem was my computer (I'm on a Mac). I hired a Mac tech person to upgrade my computer in October 2009. It took so long to download an ugrade to Firefox that she went to CNET Bandwidth to see how fast my connection was. It was 76kbps, slightly faster than dialup. I checked it several times over the next few days and the fastest it got was 114kbps (and that was rare). Needless to say the problem wasn't my computer. I switched to Roadrunner and now have the speed I should have had for two years.
Since my DSL and phone were "bundled" I had to pick a new phone plan. The only options I was given was 300 or 1500 minute plans. No unlimited long distance, which I had as part of the bundle. Yet a friend in the neighboring town was paying less than the 300 minute plan for unlimited long distance (Fairpoint Exchange Essentials). When I tried to get that plan I was told it wasn't available to me. Apparently the plan is only available to former Verizon customers and Fairpoint hasn't been able to merge the systems yet, over a year later. So I switched to Time Warner Cable phone even though I'd rather have kept my landline.
Over the course of the two plus years I was paying for DSL that was really little faster than dialup, I actually overpaid $600.00. From the complaints I've read on this site, it's hard to believe that there isn't some kind of class action suit for consumers against this company that promised excellent service if only they would be permitted to buy out Verizon. There was quite a struggle, but eventually Fairpoint got what they wanted. And customers were left to pay the price.


  • Bx
    bxb21 Apr 28, 2014

    I am determined to file a lawsuit against Fair point communications. I have a disability and am low income. For the past 3 years I have been trying to get them to lower my bill. Last year I finally got them to lower my bill to 59.00 a month and Internet to 39.99, so 100.00 a month is still to much. In January of this year the phone bill portion of the bill jumped 19.99 a month I had no idea. So here it is in late April and my bill is 355.99 and ready to be shut off in 10 days. I called customer service to set up a payment plan and was told that I had to pay all of the bill at once or lose phone and Internet service . I also found out that had I called in January I could have avoided the 19.99 increase which is now 100.00 extra on my bill. Though like pulling teeth I was able to ascertain that there is a program I was eligible for all along that would have given me phone service due to my limited income and disability for get this 10.00 a month. I had been seeking this type of plan all along for the past 3 years since my disability and every CSR i asked at Fair point lied and said there was no such program and the lowest I could ever get my bill was 39.99 a month . I use my land line to make an average of 5 calls a month, and I make no long distance calls at all from my land line. That is a average of 11.00 a call. Is there something wrong here.

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  • Gr
    grady collins Mar 07, 2014

    lets boycot fairpoint.

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  • Ki
    Kim_Harris Jan 07, 2014

    This company is a complete and utter joke...I have had multiple service requests in with them since October and they still continue to insist there is no congestion and no issue with their service and yet when I test it almost every evening when I actually want to use my internet service at home I am getting less than 1 Mbps and paying for 7 Mbps...daytime speeds are almost always close to 7 Mbps...NO CONGESTION...are they all ###s. What can we as consumers do to make them stand up and pay attention to the service they are charging for but refusing to provide? Any guidance would be great as I am at the end of my rope and unfortunately in the State of Vermont...they appear to be untouchable and it doesn't matter how bad the service is that they provide.

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  • Ro
    Rosemarie A Apr 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have been going through the same problem! It's not right that the customers are being treated this badly. The internet is as slow as dial up and customer service is terrible! I wish someone would start a class action law suit!

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  • Zo
    zombieritual Jul 02, 2009

    The average repair time for FP is 3-4 months, move on people!

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  • Me
    merckx72 Jun 26, 2009

    Horrible company. Horrible Horrible. I tried to upgrade my internet speed and they said it was all done, But for days there was no increase in speed. Even though they kept saying all the work was done. A few days later and a bunch of calls later they agreed it wasn't working. All of a sudden there was a problem. They could not tell me what it was or when it would be fixed and we are still at that point. Luckily I have the time to call them waht do people who are tied up at work where they can't call fairpoint do. You really have to chase after them to get anything done. Very bad. And there is no number to call the main headquarters. They must be dodginga lot of phone calls from pissed off customers.

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  • Ra
    radioman66 Apr 09, 2009

    When they took over from verizon my service was intermittent to say the least, before I moved.

    Now I have moved an notified them two weeks in advance of the move and now three weeks later after the move and the timeframe that I was to have internet and phone service I only have phone service & no dsl. Now five weeks after I called to do the switch., they do no tknow when I will get mydsl service and can not provide any timeframe either.

    I have been disconnected from calls by rude customer service reps. and transferred to another rep when I was told they were putting me on hold to get the answer I sought. So how many times does one need to explain the situation to these people. I was transferred from tech to repairs, and the order inquiry center and back to customer service over the last five weeks with each area telling me it is the others that need to address the issus for my correct service to get working again. I have spent 25 plus hours on the phone trying to correct this delimna.

    The regulatory commission should look into these problems for us customers as in some places this is all we have for internet options.

    For the last four weeks I have to use a dial up ISP provider for internet service. So now I have charges for these minutes and have to pay for the services I can not get that I am being charged for. I tried to get my service disconnected and they can not do this as I am not officially in the system until the first bill is printed.
    Beginning of last week I was told that I would have service in 3-5 business days and this has come and gone with no luck. They do not care or even worry if you want to leave them as a company and go somewhere else.

    I was told by one rep in the beginning of march that 16000 customers have left fairpoint in Vermont alone since they took over. Businesses that moved locations do not have the basic phone services needed to conduct their business. Communications tha only took minutes prior to this now take days and weeks and possibly months to correct. So where is the justice or concern on fairpoints stand for losing possible customers after the purchase from verizon. This must be appealling to the stock holders that they are losing money and customers. Comcast is doing nicely since fairpoint has dropped the ball.

    What a scam! HELP...SOS.

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  • Ge
    geekdaddy Apr 09, 2009

    I've experienced many of the same problems as the other posters here.

    Getting my service last Fall was difficult. They committed an install date, and then only activated the phone (no internet) on that date. They scheduled the internet a week later without notifying me. I asked them to pull it in. They didn't.

    I signed up for a triple-play bundle of $99. I've never paid anywhere near that amount. Closer to $130.

    My network performance is horrible/slow. Sometimes the DNS server flakes out and I have to reload a page to get there.

    My phone service isn't reliable. My voice-mail is sometimes not accessible to retrieve my messages and/or my callers can't leave messages..

    A few months ago, they transferred billings for my satellite account to DirecTV. My bill at DirectTv is more than Fairpoint said it would be when they were billing me. My Fairpoint phone/internet bill is $113. I called about the charges and Fairpoint said they're only overcharging me $10 (and don't know how to remove it). I'm supposed to pay $69/month plus taxes. Yeesh.

    I was also affected by the Verizon to Fairpoint cutover problems. Lost my email for awhile. Fairpoint tech support couldn't help me. My bill was MIA for nearly a month, and the charges were "estimated".

    Fairpoint has no ability to allow customers to view their bills online or pay them online (or get live chat support online). Their customer support model is 10 years behind everyone else.

    SO I've had service issues, poor network performance, confused billing statements, and a very high bill. I really wanted to see Fairpoint succeed as a viable competitor to Comcast, but I've had enough.

    I was not a very big fan of Comcast, because they frequently made accidental over charges on my bill which I had to contact them to remove. But their service was rock solid. With Fairpoint, my service is worse and the over-charges are worse. It's back to Comcast for me...

    For those of us with competitive options, I see no reason to issue class action suits (except perhaps to reclaim some of the over charges). We can "vote with our feet" and use a competitor.

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  • Er
    Eric Apr 08, 2009

    Posting for a colleague: she's having the same trouble that I am getting through to Fairpoint. She called three months ago to have DSL connected at her home, and it still hasn't been connected. Every time she calls, same problem: either she gets an operator that says it should have been done but wasn't, or gets hung up on.

    Has filed complaint with State. To do so, go to:

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  • Er
    Eric Apr 08, 2009

    It's now April, and Fairpoint is an even worse position than a few months ago. When we tried to increase our services over a month ago, we actually got through to an operator the first four times we called, and each time was told that it is "in the system" but that no one had "done" it yet. Still not done, you'd think they'd get on that since we're looking to pay them more money. But no. The last few times though we haven't even been able to get an operator, the system puts us on hold for the longest time, then we hear dialing to another number, then nothing - no hold music, no voice - for a few minutes, then the dial tone when it disconnects. Every-single-time.

    I've even tried calling from the office, same result; the company I work for is trying to disconnect a service from one of their branches that closed. Can't do it. I'm recommending that they just let the payment lapse.

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  • El
    elynne Mar 30, 2009

    I called to disconnect my service 2 months ago and its now March 30th and my service is still on! WE never received a bill until March 28th which was for these past 2 months the phone was supposed to be disconnected. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! Since I called to disconnect service I have made numerous attempts to speak to a customer service rep only to be holding on for over an hour each time. Needless to say I would hang up in frustration because my time is valuable and I cannot afford to waste it holding on for the phone company. A little over a week ago I finally go through to a human being after being on hold again for over an hour. I asked her why my service has not been disconnected yet and she said she sees my request in the system and their computer system is "hung up" with this transition from the verizon system to theirs. AND THAT IS MY PROBLEM??? I told her that we refuse to pay for the bills after the disconnection date because of their system errors. It is unacceptable. The representative informed me that I would have to pay the bill one we receive it. I demanded a supervisor. The rep informed me that it was not going to get me anywhere with a supervisor because they would tell me the same thing. I demanded a supervisor anyway and was ut on hold again for over an hour. I got pissed off and hung up. I WILL NEVER USE FAIRPOINT AGAIN!!! They are the worst company I have ever dealt with and I refuse to pay this double bill I just received 2 months after I disconnected service. For all of you that are experiencing difficulty with this company file a complaint against Fairpoint through the Public Utilities Commission in your state...maybe there will be a class action lawsuit in the near future. This bill better not effect my credit of there will be dire consequences and I will file suit personally!!!

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  • Er
    eridon Mar 18, 2009

    My speed test shows 730 downloading, 125 uploading -- it's supposed to be 3000 -- but they blame my computer. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH MY COMPUTER -- IT WORKS FINE EVERYPLACE ELSE EXCEPT MY HOME.

    The last two service techs on the phone agreed, it's their system malfunctioning not my computer -- I was told the system was being fixed TODAY, but my service still isn't working. I was told that if it wasn't fixed by 4 PM today, it has to be the modem, and they would bring me a new modem. Well it's 5 PM, and it still isn't working.
    I called to cancel my internet service because this has been going on for a week and I must have internet service. But I cannot get through on the phone, and there is NOTHING ON FAIRPOINT'S WEBSITE TO CANCEL MY SERVICE.

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  • Fu
    fuzzykitten3769 Mar 17, 2009

    I've been trying to get new service connected since January 14th, at that time they informed us that they couldn't connect service because of the conversion until Feb 17th. We waited patiently until five days after that point then called back and was then informed that the confirmation number we recieved, was on the old system and they couldn't find it and then gave us a new date. This circle has continued over the last month until last Monday we was told they would contact us whenever they could get to us. This is pathatic, here in Maine as a state there were protests to Fair Point taking over and all of our fears have been actualized. I personally work as a network technician and there is no way that this conversion was thought out at all... unless it was done by monkeys.

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  • St
    Stephanie Mar 05, 2009

    All of Fairpoint stinks! Last April I signed up for the phone, net, and tv bundle of $99/mo plus taxes bringing it up to $108/mo. Never did I see that price! I was charged $140 - $150 a month! I contacted them each and every time I got my bill that was suppose to have the correct bundled price. Needless to say they continued to blame direct tv and I continued to overpay!

    Six months later I had enough! I went to phone power and internet phone service that isn't the best but works because it was my only option. Sad thing is I couldn't get another DSL provider in NH! So I stuck with fairpoint on that. They forgot to mention that they need to have a credit card on file and 2 weeks later my DSL was disconnected!

    I called them yet again was reconnected but they reconnected me under a 2 year agreement! Totally not something I wanted because I'm still searching for other alternatives so I can be completely done with Fairpoint! Now if I leave, I get slapped with a major fee!

    Fairpoint is the worst phone company ever! The customer service reps are useless too as well as the managers!!!

    Now if you go and check their tripple play bundles, the one I had is advertising as $91.99 a month yet they could never get the figure right on my bill!

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  • Fu
    Fulton Feb 26, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Fairpoint has by far some of the worst service I have ever experienced. After the transition I lost my email account.. verizon discontinued its use and fairpoint sent a message telling people to simply change the POP and SMTP info and it should work... well just like all of fairpoints other services it didn't. Then try to get in touch with someone in tech support, it is damn near impossible. I sat on both the phone and their online chat waiting for assistance for over 2 hours only to find that no one would pick up the phone or the online messaging.
    This company is is dire need of a class action lawsuit being brought against them for failure to make good on contracts that they bought.

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  • Te
    techmonkey Feb 14, 2009

    This company does not have it's act together. I tried to call and cancel my service on Feb 5, and was told I can't because they are doing data conversion and their systems were down until Feb 12!!! Can you image a communications company with a planned system down for over a week. Honestly, I think prior to this venture, the management team for this company ran a donut shack. I'm still trying to cancel my service, that is, if I'm able to reach them during their customer service hours of M-F, 8-5! I guess I'm expected to be on hold for hours while I'm working. Can you tell...I hate this company. I'm no fan of Comcast, but they're looking pretty good right now, and I'm switching back to them if I can ever reach FairPoint.

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