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Complaints & Reviews

Useless phone numner

The phone number for Experian leads to an IVR. Press one if your call is about denied credit based upon an Experian report, press two if something else. I pressed two, and got silence. After a while I called and tried again - silence. So, I tried pressing one, and got deeper into an IVR, hitting the request for a representative. Silence.
I figured they were trying to get me to give up, and did not have hold music. I waited in silence for 20+ minutes, and gave up. The other number that was listed for them goes to a company that cleans up credit reports for a fee.
Unless you go via snail mail, good luck reaching anyone, and good luck getting anything done. I have been trying for more than 10 years to get data from ID theft off my record, and it is still there!

mistake on Expeian report, inquiry electronic bank 1/16/11

My name is Huizhen Chen. 3Bureau Monitorilng Report dated 1/17/11, was forwarded from my old address(667 /La...

Direct Charge to Credit Card

Just like others, after requesting a non-annual report I kept getting charged $14.95 a month. Charges are presently under dispute through credit card company, but I took the time to file an FTC complaint. If more people would do this, the firm would be fined just like Verizon Wireless got zapped millions for accessing the web.

Refusal to respond to request for correction

On [protected] I took my vehicle to Sacramento to attempt to sell it to CarMax (Roseville) and Nissan on...


When you order your $1 Credit Report & Score, you will begin your 7-day trial membership in Triple Advantage®. If you don’t cancel your membership** within the 7-day trial period, you will be billed $14.95 for each month that you continue your membership. You may cancel your trial membership anytime within the trial period without charge. I forgot to read the fine print stating you will be billed $14.95 each month that you continue your membership. After the first billing statement I sent a request to discontinue my so call membership. To no avail they still charge me for another $14.95 this month and have yet to respond to my initial and second request to discontinue service. If they are supposedly there to insure fraud charges to your credit card are not done. Why are they still charging me for something I ask to discontinue.

09/20/2010 09/21/2010 Info.FreeCreditReport.comInfoFCR.com CA

08/20/2010 08/22/2010 Info.FreeCreditReport.com InfoFCR.com C

  • Tt
    ttonyx Jun 03, 2016

    Since October of last year I have been receiving fraudulent charges from Experian.com at least once or twice a month, I have never visited their site, nor ordered a credit report but I continue to get charges from them at least once or twice a month! Every time I call they just say oh this happens all the time, I will shut down the account and refund your money. I have done this so many times now I now have Experian on speed dial. I have changed both my debit card and credit card numbers but some how the charges keep coming and I never get any other fraudulent charges from any other company, just Experian. The most resent just happened today I just receive another two charges.

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No response

I ordered autocheck.com's unlimited reports plus titleguard product. Afer checking some vin numbers, the website said my account needed to be verified by staff before I could continue. I then had to fill out a webform of the problem. You get an automated email that you will get a response within 48 hours. It has now been 3 weeks and I filled out the webform 2 different times. There also is no number to call support. Be careful if you try this product.

  • Ad
    adfadsfasdfsadFanon123_2010 Sep 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    same as the previous complaint. I purchased the "unlimited" reports for 45 bucks. After 50 or so reports, the site disabled my user ID. it turns out that eventhough the advertisement states as "unlimited", it really is limited to 50 reports.

    this the error

    "Your Account Has Been Temporarily Disabled! Our records indicate that you have run the maximum number of vehicle history reports allowed without verification per our terms of service."

    Note that it states that "without verification".

    Tried writing to customer support and no reply for 4 emails. I gave my cell number for them to call and verify, and there is no reply or any contact whatsoever.
    I was in the middle of searching car and the account was disabled.

    This really is cheating. there is no contact number to call autocheck, no replies for emails and no support whatsoever.

    Beware of autocheck!!

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  • Ca
    Carlton Hen Oct 05, 2010

    I had the same problem with AutoCheck. They deceitfully promise you unlimited checks and then after you reached what the deem to be the limit they disconnect your service.

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  • Ma
    Mark 262 Oct 16, 2010

    The same thing happened to me with these Frauds!

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  • Ch
    chaebel Nov 18, 2010

    I got the same thing I want it to check for a car I put all the information of my visa cards and it gave me the message that it is a wrong adress while they took money from my account I did the job another time they charged me also arround 36$ so all arrounf 70 box and I got no info about the car really beware from AUTOCHEC.com my name is charbel and my email is [email protected]

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  • Mi
    Michał11 Mar 10, 2011

    The same like above. Such a big company and cheats. Be aware of it and use carfax if it's possible.

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  • Au
    AutoCheckMalPractice Aug 18, 2011

    I agree with this complaint ...I also faced the same experience. Its disgusting that they call it "Unlimited" but somewhere in fineprint they mention that one can generate only 5 reports. Its Fraudulent practice.

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  • Jo
    John Brown Smith Mar 26, 2012

    I just solved this problem. call 888 409 2204, press 5 to talk to their real person. they can help you un-block your account. Got this number from google, I have to agree they are suck since they do have a limit on UNLIMITED account, and we have to call them ourselves to un-block this. But what can we do, this is the only unlimited VIN check site since carfax only offers 5 times.

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false charges

I was charged for servies that I was not given. I called them and told them I did not sign up for anything and they would not remove the charges. It's absurd and a fraud.

  • Rd
    RDrennan Jul 07, 2014

    Experian Credit reporting agency signed me up automatically when I downloaded my credit report.
    The charge was suppose to be $1.95 and they charged me $14.95 I contacted them
    and my bank and Experian refused to cancel and refund and my bank has placed
    the charge in dispute. Experian says, "That I signed up for credit
    monitoring" and I disagree. I did not sign up for their service I ONLY
    wanted a credit report.

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Unauthorized Charges

I, too was just asking why I was getting sent emails to my "Junk File" stating that my credit score was being jeopardized and I wanted Experian to check to see if everything was o.k. The next thing I know is that my checking account is being charged $14.95. I was under the assumption that it was a one-time charge to check out this information. Now, I see that this is a monthly fee. This is becoming a new way for companies to get extra money from people. You subscribe or buy one thing, and you get charged for additional things not mentioned.

  • Te
    Texas Carol Feb 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When I went on-line to get a "free" credit report, I was signed up for credit monitoring service and billed $15.88 on my credit card. After research, I discovered you can call 1-877-481-6826 to cancel.

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  • Gr
    graciano r. romarate Mar 13, 2010

    today, i received my sears card bill and was surprise I was charged $29.90 for something I did not about by info.experiandirect.com.

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  • Re
    Reginald Hampton Nov 01, 2010

    Here we go 1 more time - I have been paying the amout of $14.95 for the last 10 months (total of $149.50) an have not use it.It is next to impossable to get this bill off of me an have it turned OFF.I guess that the smallest print down to the page & says how to get this off of MEeeeee

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  • Ch
    chelle78 Feb 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had got my credit score and authorized experiandirect 2 charge $1.00 out of my debit card on january, then they charged $ 15.88 in addition 2 that .Then this month they took out another $16.88 out of my account without my authorization.

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  • An
    Andrea Santana Feb 17, 2011

    They charged me every month for $14.95. I want the every charge that went through for the $14.95 back on myaccount immediately. This was an unauthorized charge. How do I make them stop

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These 3 credit report companies have absolutly are not reporting the right people or debts owed by someone else, a credit card was opened in the same name as mine and it isnt me but i can not get them to remove it from my credit, also my son and daughter in-law bought a mobile home in 2000 and it was put on property that i coowned with my son i sighned a paper stateing that i released the property they used as collateral if they failed to pay, so they didnt pay for it and they tried to make me pay for it and i quickly pointed out to mortgage company that i didnt co-sighn, i just released the property they stopped trying to bill me, but they put it on my credit report the company is vanderbilt, these credit reporting agencies need to look at what they are doing to inocent people

Unethical business practice

I recently opened an account with the three credit bureaus so that I may view my credit reports online. The service was advertised as “free” for all three – and indeed it was for TransUnion and Equifax. However, while opening the account for Experian, a screen made it impossible to proceed without providing a credit card number. The screen assured me that my credit card would not be charged and that the information was needed for verification purposes only. Several days later, I see that Experian has charged $14.95 to my credit card.

After speaking to a representative of ConsumerInfo.com (an Experian company), today, I learned there was “small print” that informed me that $14.95 would be charged if I did not cancel within nine days.

Let me first say, if there was information telling me of this paid membership, I did not see it. The “small print” was evidently not as prominently placed on the page as the request for credit card information. Had it been, I never would have proceeded with this transaction. And if it was not the intention of Experian to surreptitiously and unethically dupe consumers into signing up for this “paid” monthly membership, it would have allowed consumers to complete the “free” registration process before prompting them to join a paid monthly membership. Consequently, today I learned that if the membership was not cancelled within nine (9) days of “joining”, a refund or credit would not be made to my credit card. What a travesty!

These, and other unethical business practices, are exactly what consumers are trying to guard themselves against. And here is one of the top three credit bureaus endorsing and engaging in some of the same despicable and reprehensible practices out there. I am insulted and incensed that Experian has taken this fraudulent route of deception, and I again, request a refund of my money for this incorrigible act.



Credit report ripoff

I accepted their offer for a "free" credit check. Without knowing, the began charging me $15 a month for what I later found out was a "membership." I didn't realize I was being charged for close to a year. When I called to complain and cancel the recurring charge, a person named Daphney said it was all laid out in fine print. She said I had to be a member to get the "free" credit report, thus the monthly charge.

Since they are based in Irvine, CA, I am considering filing a formal complaint with the Orange County district attorney. I think his name is Tony Rackauckas. He needs to clean up businesses in his jurisdiction. Maybe we should all phone his office and demand action.

  • La
    LaLocaTrippy Mar 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dude, I just called these yo-yos for the same reason. They want to tell me they'll allow me to keep Experian Direct for three months for free. Uh...I just paid for something I did not want in the first place, so, uh, NO THANKS...give me my MONEY BACK. I got charged for two months before realizing it, but I don't care. Gimme back my $30.00.

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  • La
    LaLocaTrippy Mar 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just an update...I went to the Better Business Bureau's website and filed a complaint there. The company agreed to give my money back. According to the statistics on the website, Experian APPEARS to be legit on the surface (with a B+ rating, as it probably gives people their money back once they complain, especially after having so many people file complaints against them). I'm not sure how you will fare with your complaint (if you haven't explored this option with the BBB yet), since it is considerably more money than the average consumer, I fathom...but I hope this route of action works for you.

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I accepted their offer for a "free" credit check. Without knowing, the began charging me $15 a month for what I later found out was a "membership." I didn't realize I was being charged for close to a year. When I called to complain and cancel the recurring charge, they said it was all laid out in fine print. They said I had to be a member to get the "free" credit report, thus the monthly charge.

Since they are based in Irvine, CA, I am considering filing a formal complaint with the Orange County district attorney. I think his name is Tony Rackauckas. He needs to clean up businesses in his jurisdiction. Maybe we should all phone his office and demand action.

  • Ch
    Charles H. Hughes May 18, 2010

    has submitted monthly bills to my American Express account for service/products:

    That I have not ordered or received.
    That I have never authorized.

    That I have asked American Express to stop paying and to refund those that were paid!

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  • Ny
    nywils Jan 09, 2011

    I've been charged for a year now for the amount of $16.28. I cannot locate this company or phone number to call to correct this issue. I saw other people have posted that this is a scam hence the reason why i cannot contact them.

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  • Ny
    nywils Jan 09, 2011

    I agree. I've been charged for a whole year now too without knowing it. What should i do?

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'Free' Trial of Credit Expert

I applied for a free credit report from Experian - Credit Expert and decided to cancel it the same day. I emailed the Company and received a response to say they were looking into my email. I then found my credit card had been charged £6.99 and after a lot of searching, I found a freephone contact number for Experian and rang them. They said I could not cancel via email (funny the email I received did not say this!) and had to ring to cancel. They then agreed as a'Goodwill' gesture, to refund the latest monthly payment (which was news to me!) of £6.99. I then found I had already paid £6.99 which they have held onto. I would not knowingly have applied for anything with a monthly charge as I only wanted to have a quick glance to see if it was worth it and decided it was not. I believe this to be another scam as it is not made clear from the outset that you can't cancel the product other than by telephone and by then it is too late as they have your credit card details and take out the money!

application for macy's card

I applied to Macy's for a Macy's card to get the latest offers. I have no debt or mortgage. I am a...



01/31/10 0.00 0.00 Debit Card W/D -14.95
Info.ExperianDirect.com InfoExD.com CA
Date 01/30/10 24351780030656858841104 5968

Took money from Credit Card without authorisation

I tried their 30 day free trial and emailed them to cancel.

How ever they then stol £6.99 from my credit card account for another two months and only after phoning and complaining did they agree to cancel. But refuse to repay the money stolen from my account.

They however will not destroy my credit card information which they hold on their computers.

As far as I can tell this site is some kind of scam site stealing money from people.

When i phoned the credit card company to complain the girl on the phone said they also stole her money for seven months before she realised

  • Ch
    charleyb Apr 08, 2010

    Same story here. Emailed to cancel, only to discover after 3 months of 2 lots of 6.99 subs (my husband and myself|) we needed to telephone to cancel. They wouldn't refund either, so as fgar as we're concerned they stole £42 off us

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  • Ca
    C A Gamble Jan 04, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Like others, I took out the 30 day free trial, and made sure I emailed in plenty of time to cancel the membership only to find a debit of £14.99 taken from my account. I thought it would be a direct debit payment and was about to complain to my bank!!! I have phoned only to be told that they will cancel my membership in a months time and will not refund the payment - it is all in their terms and conditions which I supposedly ticked agreement to!

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  • Da
    Daniel B 90 Jun 10, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i had the same problem, emailed them twice, CANCELLED MY CARD AT THE BANK and still there taking money, only there taking 14.99 from me!

    how is that even possible?

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charged $14.95 a month for 'free' credit report

My husband and I were directed to Experian to get a 'free' credit report in October, 2009. We were leery that they asked for credit card numbers but went forward anyway. TWO different accounts were charged $14.95 per month, one for each of us. Different websites are listed on each bill and none of them get you to them. No phone numbers to contact them. Since one of our accounts was a debit the bank removed the charge but it comes again every month. Finally customer service at my Old Navy Visa gave me a phone number that worked. They told me that somewhere in the 'free' credit report website it told us we had to cancel our 'membership' within 7 days or we would be billed the amount each month. Kept asking for SS numbers which I refused to give. Offered one months refund, still giving them a $60 profit. I didn't let up. They have now told me to fax the three months of statements from each account in order to 'review' it and someone will then call me. We'll see. The phone number is [protected] in CA. Don't be intimidated and good luck!

  • Wa
    Wally harris Jan 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These "SO CALLED FREE" websites need to be checked into and fined or shut down OR BOTH. Living on limited income these days takes all the money you get.

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We wish to terminate your service

We were robbed of several thousand dollars worth of merchandise during a burgurly of a storage unit in Monument, Colorado. We felt some or perhaps all of our personal information may have compromised. We contacted Experian to report this and to get our "free" credit report. This situation has gotten out of hand. We do not need a monthly report. We do not want any more funds taken from my wife or myself. Her name is Dorothy Tiry and my name is Dale L. Tiry. We called the Ent Federal Credit Union and requested that no more requests for payment be honored. I want my name and my wife's name removed from youir active files. We feel we do not need your services at this time.We tried for hours to contact you by phone without and success.

Dale and Dorothy Tiry 243517893278542569186

charges to credit card

I have a charge on my credit card for Info Experian Direct.com Info EXD.com CA - there is no phone number or...