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On June 29, 2009 I received my At&t phone bill which had another bill from ESBI which was for charges from a company called Email Discounts LLC which I never heard of. I contacted them (E-mail Discounts) & told them to take the charge off my bill they said they would, but I needed to give them an e-mail for confirmation which I did. I never received confirmation.

I contacted AT&T and they told me they couldn't prevent third party billers. I never ordered the service I'm being billed for. I asked AT&T to block the transaction and they said the only thing they could do is put it as a disputed charge. If I put a block on the account I couldn't get a credit and it would show up as an unpaid charge.

I don't know how this company ESBI can put charges for things that weren't ordered.


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      Aug 03, 2009

    I check my Verizon phone bill every month and found a new charge from ESBI for $16.00 (monthly fee $14.95 pus tax). I called ESBI right away and they said I ordered the service via email which I never did before. They only canceled the membership but insist I have to pay $16.00. I contacted Verizon to dispute the charge but Verizon said they can't do it since the bill is from third party. Can't phone company protect their customers and where does this bogus company get personal info from?

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      Aug 04, 2009

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