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K Sep 12, 2018

I purchased two used books and they sent me another customers order (complete with their sensitive personal information). On notifying them that they shipped me the wrong order and that I wanted them to send me the correct items they hedged and kept passing me off from customer service person to person. None of them were intelligent enough or spoke English well enough to follow the email thread. I requested a refund for my items as they did not ship them to me and they refused and began ignoring me. I submitted a complaint to amazon and suddenly they were willing to rectify the issue but only if I sent them the item back first. I did this on Monday, they received it Tuesday, it has been over a day and they haven't issued me my $98+ in refund. I have had to send out about eighteen emails to try to recover my money and nothing so far. THIS COMPANY IS GARBAGE AND FRAUDLUENTLY CHARGES AND WUTHHOLDS THEIR CUSTOMERS.

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