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EPG Financial Services / EPGBill.com Complaints & Reviews

EPG Financial Services / Charges on my account

Mitchell999 on May 28, 2016
I filled out their form innocently under the understanding that it was a age verification form and 100% free I am really disappointed and feel cheated. I am requesting a charge back of the total of $55.61 into my Commonwealth smart access account the card used ends in 0202 expiry 03/17 cvv...

EPG Financial Services / EPGBill.com / I'm being charged without my knowing of

Noah viox on Jan 3, 2016
I am Noah Viox and I am reporting/making a complaint about how I have been getting these charges to my bank account. As if 12/29/15 I noticed my bank account was charged $1.00 from EPGbill.com/*guestadd LOC: 877-972-3400 then as of 1/3/16 I was charged $19.95 from my account. I want all...

Epgbill.com / Unauthorized card charges

mircea veres on Nov 25, 2015
On the bank statement I have two days with charges from that company -05 and 09.11.2015 with a total of £65.86. I contacted you on Saturday 21.11.2015 and I was told that in maximum 48 hours you'll contact me to solve the situation, now there are 76 hours already and I don't have any sign from...

Epgbill.com / Unauthorized credit card charges.

razaulmustafa on Nov 15, 2015
my name is razaulmustafa. I received 2 messages of my credit card has been used by EPGBILL. com. I did not purchase or order anything then why are you deducting money from my master credit card. 28.86 usd was deducted by you 07-11-2015. and 39.95 usd was deducted by you 02-11-2015. please...

Epgbill / illegal deductions

eddieseno on Mar 4, 2011
to: epgbill what kind of transaction i made for you, i don't even know epgbill, tell what is the problem of your company beacause at 1st you deduct me 38.88 usd in 07/07 then on the next day 07/08 you deduct again 39.95 usd. pls checked this matter i don't have any transaction...

Epgbill.com.market / geting money out of my bank

dont have one on Jan 7, 2011
hello my name is alan hall you have been takeing money out of my bank account every other day from the start of december with out me knowing i did not tell any one to do this so i want it to stop also i want all my money back asap my bank number is 4462787066 can you please sort this out...

Epgbill.com.marketsocial / Credit card

I have the same amount deducted on my creditcard on a website I don't know anything about. I called and they said that it was cancelled. But it hasn't. I get charge again. $38.23 and 31cents..

Epgbill.com.marketsocial / Epgbill. com. Marketsocial

Same stuff everyone else has here, was month to month now its 3times a month. the only way to stop it is report to ur bank and cancel your card. these dumb people going to tell me they dont have a number to call billings department they will contact me and think I believe them. then not...

Epgbill.com.marketsocial / Unknown credit card payments

I am making payments to an EPGBILL.COM.MARKETSOCIAL. Why am I making these payments and where would they be coming from? As far as I know, I haven't applied for anything or bought anything from this website or anything. They're only small payments of 30 or 40 US dollars but can...

Epg. Bill. Commarketsoci / Illegal collection from creditcard

Money being deducted from the credit card every month without any authorisation.

Epgbill.com / unauthorized credit card charge

This entity charged my card for $39.95 very recently, even though I followed the instructions on the website which stated it was $1, then the amount of $39.95 after 24 hours without notice of cancellation. I did cancel same day (within a few minutes actually), and received an email...

Epgbill. com. marketsoci8663145182 / Why am I charged

I am charged for something that I do not recognise. A sum of & pound;26.88 is taken from my mbna account monthly

Epgbill.com. / Unknown billing

I have been receiving billing from this company thrice in two successive months from May 2010 onwards and the details of order are unknown...

Epgbill.com / Continuous withdrawal of amounts from my credit card

As far i remember i purchased avast anti virus on my credit card on 20th may 2010. Its price was only 3000. But the amount is being deducted every month since my purchase, as it was only one - time payment. The billing is also mentioned as epgbill.com. Marketsocial. . . Please clarify. . .

Epgbill.com.marketsoci / Unknown bills

Epgbill. com. Marketsoci 8663145182 de (Always found on my statement of account @ rcbc bankard and I dont even know whats this paying maximum amount of 39$ for this)

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