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Resolved Monthly fee even when not downloading

I subscribed to emusic in June 2009 for my husband. At first he was downloading quite a bit but then he forgot about it. I didn't think it mattered because I thought the fees I was paying would accrue. They did not. emusic just takes your money and doesn't give you any credits. This setup is NOT made clear when you sign up.

The setup is a complete rip off. On top of that their customer serice is a joke. I contacted customer service and after all the money they took from me they offered one free month.

They should be very clear up front if they are going to take your money even if you don't donwload anything.

fraudulent charges

i sent them an email[from gmail] cancelling an account with the date and email address[yahoo]that i had used.i got confirmation and thought everything was ok when i didn't see a charge that month. when i saw they were charging me again their response was they cancelled the gmail account[which never existed].very sneaky and an outright fraud. this company is making its real money from all these small mistakes they create from the business model they have. easy to set up, looks like a good deal from a legitimat company.try cancelling or contacting them and you will have a problem.

  • Lt
    ltorio Dec 23, 2008

    I attempted to download free trial from Pizza Hut, but was unsuccessful...unable to even log in...so I gave up... Then, a few weeks later, charges for monthly subscription show up on my bill...11.99 per month. I called their 800# from the website...got an answer (offshore customer service with thick accent and bad connection). "Lola" told me that they have a "No Refund Policy"...I insisted upon speaking ot manager...told "they are all in a meeting, call back in an hour"...I continued to insist upon satisfaction and credits...threatened Better Business Bureau and contesting charges with VISA. "Lola" finally made an "exception" and credited the charges and canceled subscription. I'll see if the credit properly hits the billing. Be pushy and peristent!

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  • Lr
    lrs Oct 19, 2009

    Emusic continues to scam its customers. My complaint is typical of other complaints. I signed on with the company at one rate only to have the company "switch & bate" once I placed my membership on temporary "hold." Upon returning for business I was given a pricier membership "more money/less downloads. I spent a total of about 10 hours attempting to speak with someone. The "contact someone" route was set up to "not work" and send customers around in a n endless circle. I canceled my membership and discovered new billing two months later on my credit card. Again there was no point of contact offered the customer. My credit card company took care of this current problem, as I sent an Email to our Attorney General. This company is getting very rich one fraudulent penny at a time through what are more than likely considered mistakes on their part.

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  • Ch
    chocological Nov 22, 2009

    In Dec 2008 I tried to cancel my membership online. It was time consuming, user unfriendly, and after the fourth try to cancel, I instead wrote eMusic an email requesting to cancel my membership. What they did was "freeze" my membership for 3 months, and then without sending any notification, restarted the membership, charging me every month. For the next 5 months they sent me no updates, no emails, no ads, yet continued to charge me. It is almost a year that I have tried unsuccessfully to find a reasonable human being to talk to at eMusic. It is like talking to a computer. They refuse to let you speak with a supervisor, they refuse any and all reasonable arguments, and they behave in the most unprofessional scam artist way you can imagine. There is no contact information available, and they are shameless in their money grabbing unethical f%^&*-you you can't touch us attitude. I wish them a long slow and painful death.

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  • RR.Rbtt Feb 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That's a really odd way to cancel, isn't it? Send them an email from an email account in reference to another email account? I'd be surprised if anyone would honor that kind of request.
    Apparently to cancel an account, you do it on their site when you are logged in. I'm probably canceling my account after this month's funds are spent and I already checked out the cancellation process. Pretty straightforward little form. If there are issues, I'll just contact my credit card company and let them handle it.

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  • Ox
    oxbro Feb 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Mr. RR.Rbtt,
    I knew I would draw you out eventually. You work for emusic, and you want to denigrate me. You are telling me that I am so stupid that I don't know how to carry on what should be a simple and straightforward transaction between willing participents.That will scare off some people, but not me.We know that you monitor sites like this to intimidate people, and try to humble them as neophites to the electronic age.So be it. The war is joined.
    Having monitored you for some time now I would like to ask the following question's,
    why does your phone number change every two to three months
    why does your address change every two to three months
    why don't I have an account number
    why is it when I cancel an account you charge for some phantom sub-account
    why do you create an account for simply trying to contact you
    the list is endless and in some ways admirable for its depth and creativity, but they are screwing us and it has to be stopped.
    These people have created what passes as a legitimate business with one that preys upon a thousand small mistakes by their customers, and outright fraud.
    If you are following this trail please contact the company you got emusics advertisement from and let them know what this compamy has done to you. This will be our quickest and most effective way to shut down these predators
    to the emusic predators that responded to this original post

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This has got to be the most unethical, unscrupulous company that I have ever dealt with

This has got to be the most unethical, unscrupulous company that I have ever dealt with. I agree with one of the other reviewers. . . I would give them no stars if that was an option. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give them -100. I have tried to cancel my account with them for the last two months and keep getting charges to my credit card. I just got my credit card statement again and lo and behold there was another $11.99 charge even after receiving an email from Emusic that I had canceled my account. I immediately called my credit card company and filed a dispute. I also called Emusic and went round and round with them for the umpteenth time. All this because I joined after getting a "50 free music downloads" coupon with an MP3 player. I never did get their website to work so that I could download the songs. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER do business this company. Once they have your credit card info it's impossible to stop them. And to register you have to give it to them or you cannot continue. I'm afraid that if I will have to cancel a credit card that I've used over 10 years. I should not have to do that. Be wary, very wary of this company. If you're not next thing you know you'll have hundreds of dollars on your credit card that you don't way.

Resolved bait and switch

On 22 October emusic sold me a contract for 2 albums/month for a year for $99. They
changed it on 18 November to one that only lets me buy 1 album/month. This is Bait and switch.
They refuse to refund the unused portion of the contract. Instead they offered a one-time bonus of $12.50 which would allow me to buy 4 albums this month and 1/month in the remaining 10 months for a total of 14 albums instead of the 22 they owe me. AVOID EMUSIC. I wish I had seen the many complaints online before I joined,

  • Tr
    trefoil Dec 08, 2010

    I made a complaint to the Better Business Bureau of Santa Clara (where the parent company is located) and sent a copy to emusic.com. Emusic then refunded the subscription as requested, so the issue is now resolved.

    Recommendation: if you have a problem with emusic register a complaint about Rovi Corporation,
    (2830 De La Cruz Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95050, Website: www.emusic.com ) with the Better Business Bureau http://sanjose.bbb.org/Home.aspx and let emusic know. This may help resolve your issue.

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  • Ji
    JimB62 Aug 05, 2011

    Looks like we've been stung by the same scorpion. Thanks for posting a possible fix to my predicament, I'll try doing the same thing in the morning.

    Jim Brewer
    [email protected]

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Resolved Charges unauthorised

an honest account of a dishonest service/company:

1) customer thinks: oh that would be nice, a 'free trial'..
2) eMusic Promotes the concept of 'free' with no strings and 30 'free' downloads..
3) Customer signs up..
4) customer searches and doesn't find much of what they are looking for but tries to think positively about emusic - 'could I pay for this, could I use it - is it worth it'?..
5) customer downloads the Download manager and downloads some tracks - customer experiences problems as many tracks don't download properly..
6) customer allows emusic through firewall..
7) 30 'free' tracks download successfully - as emusic advertises..
8) customer feels that the service isn't worth 24.99 GBP per month as many tracks wanted are not available..
9) customer cancels trial within 7-day-trial - as advertised
11) customer not happy and emails emusic (tries to phone but cannot find a phone number)..
12) customer runs a goodle search for 'emusic charge' and discovers that many people have this problem with emusic..
13) customer waits 5-6 days for emusic to respond to email..
14) customer contacts their credit card company but they cannot act because emusic deducted money within 14 day period..
15) Customer really unhappy and cannot contact emusic to discuss ILLEGAL deduction of moneys..


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taking money from credit card without authorisation

For anyone else out there who has been scammed by this company: I didn't realise they'd taken a monthly subscription from my credit card for some time. I had cancelled my trial membership as soon as I joined but they claim to have no record of this. It amounted to over £200 and I sent several emails asking for a full refund but they refused to reimburse me. I had never once used their service. So I took them to the small claims court in the UK - don't know if there is anything similar in the US and I was then reimbursed the full amount.

Amanda (London)

Resolved impossible to cancell account

Emusic directs you to www.emusic.com/account/cancel.html. whereas it's impossible to cancell the account. It reports back to you
that due to problems/upgrading they cannot execute this request.

But it's not possible at all;have tried it many times. Now I have to contact my bank to stop renewal charges of $99.00 .Emusic is a scam and should be avoided anytime. Don't get inot their free trial
They are a rip off and their music is very old.

Resolved fraud billing

I just wanted to make you all aware about this particular incident that happened to me.
Basically I was looking to download free music and I came across this website that looks very professional (looks can be deceiving).
It allowed 25 free downloads but in order to get your music, you need to register with them. So I did.
While in the process of registeration, you need to give your credit card in order to complete the process. The website promised that they will not use the credit card without your permission and it is just part of the process and I can cancel my registration any point in time. So unknowingly I gave my credit card since I believed in the assurance that I was in control and can cancel my registration anytime and I did intend to when I've completed my free 25 music quota downloads.

However, what happened was as time went by I downloaded 9 music. Then after a couple of weeks ago while I was looking through my credit card statement, I found that my credit card was billed GBP24.99 from the website company! I was shocked to say the least! I've not heard anything from the company about billing me the amount as they assured that they will not use my credit card without permission and most of all the fact that the music is suppose to be free! So I researched and I found out that there was a very small clause regarding the free downloads - the free downloads is only for 7 days regardless if you donwload less than your 25 free music quota, after which they will charge. Now, had I known that, I would have quickly download all 25 free music downloads within the 7 days BUT because the clause about the 7 days was not made clear I was scammed into a false sense of security that they will not charge me unless I go over the free 25 music quota! So there - they have pull a wool over my eyes and they will not refund me the money because I have ticked the agreement section when I registered! I've also since found out that there were numerous complaints of this scam on the website when I googled the company. I wish I had googled them first before I registered with them - what a mistake!

So in short the lesson is:

1) IF THE PRODUCT OR SERVICE IS FREE, THEY SHOULD NEVER ASK FOR YOUR CREDIT CARD. Please don't give your credit card in any situation to a merchant that you do not know - especially if the item or service is free. Ask yourself, if it is free then you don't need to give your credit card details as by doing so, they have the power to charge you anytime, anywhwere!

2) RESEARCH THE COMPANY FIRST BEFORE DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM. The Google is a great place to pull information out about the merchant and their reputation. By doing so, you will safe yourself a lot of problems and heartache. Always do your background research on the merchant if you want to buy items from them. If i had done that in the first place, I would not have fall for their free 25 music dowmloads!

Since I have no recourse of getting my money back from the website company what I've done is to go through my Bank of which the credit card was used and dispute the amount billed since there is a recourse via that avenue. It's a good thing to purchase via your credit card as any billed amount that is originating from scams or fraud can be claimed back from the credit card bank/company - but you must do all the legwork of course, such as filling in the required forms from the credit card bank/company, get your evidence or case against the fraudster/scammers through print, in my case I printed out the complaints and reports from other people on the website about them. Also, I highlighted the fact that the amount of 24.99 was never mentioned in any of the registration process - I did this via the email I got after I registered with them. So hopefully that will help my case in disputing the amount.

Cross fingers!

Resolved paypal rip off

I cannot cancel my order for the free trial. They took my paypal data to charge me. This business is a scam. They definitely know the laws on their side.

  • Nc
    nctechmom Jan 29, 2010


    Hi the same thing has happened to me as well. I had the free trial, and had put the membership on hold (which means you don't want new credits and won't accrue monthly subscriptions). I wanted to see if at the end of the year they had etched out any deals to get a better selection of music (which isn't very extensive). Well, they "timed out" my hold and started charging me a subscription again. I contacted them the same day that they initiated this, and I refused the subscription and credits. They continued to bill me though, and Paypal was of absolutely no help as well (I am also cancelling my paypal account due to this incident). My only recourse may be my bank, which has very strict policies against allowing merchants to bill when express authorization has not been given, or has been revoked.

    I suggest you complain to the Better Business Bureau (you will see that emusic is not endorsed - for obvious reasons), the NY Better Business Bureau (they are located there), your state attorney general's office, and the NY state attorney general's office.

    I believe their practices violate the Fair Credit Act, and am in the process of vetting lawyers to assemble a class action lawsuit against eMusic. There are enough folks out here now that have been scammed and lied to by eMusic that it shouldn't be hard to find enough evidence.

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  • Ms
    MsTsue May 12, 2013


    In the context of the law, If I did something like this I would be prosecuted right away.. I think its called deceptive practice or theft by deception. Though I am not a lawyer. Either way, what they are doing is very wrong and hugely unethical.. But what is worse is that our government allows companies to get away with so much before they step in to do anything. And if we try to resolve it ourselves, we have to ask permission from the courts to even proceed with a class action suite. All the while the consumer is left to foot the bill out of our own pockets, for some unscrupulous venders. In fact! It is the government who made the laws that make this practice possible in the first place... So who should be in counts, People like EMusic, Big Finance or the Government? Think about it..

    And remember also that all the time they are taking our money, the days, months and years ad up as well as the interest acquired with your money. So they are also collecting interest while depriving us of our own money. What do they care if they get sued.. They still make a killing in interest before the fact... Try and collect that back! That is why no one cares if we sue...

    I give up with trying to get my money back.. I just want revenge now... Your rights are useless without action to own them. Never assume that it is your right. And remember this! Your best interest is not served by the law.. It is built to serve The Corporate States of America's over active lust for power and greed.. We are only the machine that feeds the monster..

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Resolved Absolutely unable to contact anyone by phone

I joined E Music in Nov. 2007. The cost was $10/month for 30 downloads a month. You are unable to view their catalog until after you sign up (this should have been a clue). I was able to find exactly 2 songs I liked and subsequently download to my computer.

After that, I immediately cancelled my subscription but have continued to be billed for an additional three months. I have requested my account be closed on 3 separate occasions and continue to be told it has been, when it hasn't. I have to date spent $40 on 2 songs! Oh, but I forgot, my old PC died along with those 2 songs.

You are absolutely unable to contact anyone by phone. My credit card company said the only thing they could do would be to issue me a new card.

Don't sign up for EMusic!!!

Resolved charged after cancel

my girlfriend set up for free trial to see if there was any music on the site that i might like.free trial ended on 10-19-09, she called on 10-19-09 and cancelled the subscription. on 10-20-09 they charges 114.99 to the credit card. havent even signed into the website. have no password to emusic but they charged even after cancellation. called and spoke to someone on the phone, they cancelled the subscription once again and was told that they cant refund the charges

  • Do
    donewithcrook Aug 20, 2012

    are you kidding me since oct 11 i signed up for free seven days to confusing to use on 6th day I cancelled the sixth day, they never cancelled it my husband been gripping for months what is this i have been getting my faceproducts for years from same same compoany price is almost to the dollar i never even have emusic another thought he gave me the complete information i said what the crap finally signin on emusic which my accont closed has been getting 31.99 for months, i never touch the program downloaded or even used it which phone rep agreed and i said of all the packages u just default to a 31.99 one instead of and she goes you want to downgrade to 5.95 i said are you kidding me you have made 600.00 free and clear and no one even downloaded one song nothiong whatever there glitch was i canceled on sixth day and rep danielle said well we have updated our system (information Lost) so lets just keep drawing off account because we can ...she said my supervisor said we can only go back two months in four days credits, oct 11 people, two months best they can do...well wink wink bad mistake on their part, very clear account never used, and after the conversation i had with several options might take few months, year...i will have way more than two months refund, and things will change get your best suit on emusic because of greed theres will be about few thousand other mad consumers that were taken advantage of and gots back to few years ..hope you saved and got plenty of insurance

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Resolved Horrible Service

I had an account with emusic for less than an hour and still got ripped off! I realized they had an unsatisfactory music selection and was charged $11.99 for cancelling my account -without even downloading anything from their site! I called customer service, and after waiting for a representative for over 10 minutes, she put me on hold for 20 minutes and then hung up on me! I called back and had to hold another 15 minutes to even get someone on the phone. The "supervisor" I talked to was completely incompetent and the "corporate office" doesn't allow phone calls or complaints. What a ridiculous company!

  • Ri
    RI11 Oct 17, 2010

    Where do I start? This is the email I sent to EMUSIC after trying to save money by purchasing their card

    I finally got through the card issue. Now I am trying to download songs on my daughter's Ipod. She is asking for recent songs of course, but I did not start there, because I read online in the many customer complaints (after I bought the card of course) that EMusic did not have a large selection of music. So I start with "Queen". That should be easy, right? Is there any justifiable reason there are no albums by Queen, a major classic pop band? This went on and on as I tried desperately to find one song to put on her ipod. The search engine is terrible- you should be able to have an advanced search where you can type in the song and the artist. Maybe there is one and I am not finding it. I try to download ONE song from Christina Aguleira and am told I have to download the whole album. What?? They are my credit which I purchased- I dont want the whole album!
    Oh and don't call customer support. Oh thats right you can't. You can only email them because they conveniently don't provide a phone number.
    Besides being very non-user friendly, the selection of music on Emusic is very challenging to deal with at the very least, and the frustration with it is SO not worth the money I "saved" by not simply just grabbing the Itunes gift card. I would obviously never use Emusic again, never mind recommend this to anyone. I will, in fact join those other complainers online to deter people for falling into the same trap of trying to save money on a clearly inferior product.

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Resolved I paid for a $ 30.99, but I do not know what by credit card

I paid by credit card $ 30.99 but I do not know what I bought from them?
I used the MASTER CARD
This happened 05.JUL.2009
EMAIL: [protected]@email.com

  • Ki
    Kim Hill Jun 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    there has been several unathourized charges from this company.

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  • An
    ananthanarayanan v Aug 09, 2009

    The emusic.com music, has been making fraudulent unauthorized charges to my CREDIT card for 2 years, this reference in my statement as follows:

    030709 EMUSIC.COM MUSIC 866-847-0719US 55432869184000411397340 USD 11.99
    Please will you cancel your invoice that has been charged on my credit card.

    Yours sincerely

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  • St
    STUMPS Dec 08, 2009

    i too have had money taken out of my bank account by this company i didnt no who they were until i looked them up have tried to stop this happening but low and behold i checked my account this morning and another payment of 9.99 HAS GONE OUT THIS MORNING

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  • Co
    Connery Feb 24, 2010

    Same here. Same amount.

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  • So
    SoKelly Mar 30, 2010

    Emusic.comMusic took £4.99 from my card, l also what was that for. l do not know where they got my card details from. l am really angry. l never buy any music and l want my money back. THAT IS ROBBERY!

    Solani Mloyi Mguni

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  • Jo
    Joanna Kohere Jun 27, 2010

    I too have had money taken out of my bank account by this company I didn't no who they were until I looked them up today Monday the 28 June 2010 From Gisborne NEW ZEALAND. By using my Debit Card. I spoke to the Banks Card 0800 no. she said it started in 2009 about Mayish...I remember checking them out and that... online and maybe payed for a one off thingy...but I don't recall agreeing to make these monthly payments...of 11.99 US dollars??? simply because i haven't heard or even seen what i suppoed to of purchased or bought into...soundz like a SCAM...& a Dodgy deal...I want them to stop this siily Robbing deal...I'm obviously am not impressed I want out...I don't like them...they are a RIP OFF. Bl**dy ROBBERS#CROOKS# PHONIES!!!

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  • Jo
    Joanna Kohere Jun 27, 2010

    I've just discovered the ROBBER-NOT... Sorry emusic I apologize.. I've gone and logged into my emusic account and have simply canceled the plan I did with you guys... last year in May...so in the future I want be ruffled by you fullas taking out the 11.99 US dollars... I really didn't know what I got myself into but now I know. So to all those fullas out their who are wondering why they're getting UNAUTHORIZED MONEY GOING OUT OF THEIR ACCOUNT>>>You need to look back to when you visited these guys online...to then go to your plan to find out whats the haps. oh yea so on the 27 July2010 my SUBSCRIPTION PLAN will be CANCELLED...no more 11.99US Dollars deducted. Simple.

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  • Na
    nanda74 Aug 14, 2010

    i agree with you
    and they are stiling from me also 24.99 a moth
    ive went to my bank and they said that they can not do anything about it
    this is mad !!!

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  • Sc
    Scott Bower Mar 06, 2015

    I received a unauthorized charge on my debit card I canceled my card and got a new one and received another unauthorized charge for 11.99

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Resolved there has been several unathourized charges in my bank account from this company

The emusic.com music, has been making fraudulent unauthorized charges to my debit card since May 20089 as follaws: 13.99-978-CPR. ESTRANG. o valor de -13, 99 EUR .

I've already try to contac them for the past two months and nobody answers me.

  • mr p m chapman Dec 07, 2009

    i do not have or not had a account with you and have not downloaded any music from your site so please refund my money back in my accont

    mr p m chapman

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Resolved fraud

Stay away from this company. They are crooks. If you've ever done business with them and cancelled, they'll sign you up a year later, using the credit card information they have on file. Total scam artists who need to be shut down. Contact your State Attorney General and the FBI's Internet Fraud Office.

Resolved Online fraud

These people are maliciously fraudulent, and I would not recommend doing business with them in any manner. I certainly can not recommend their "free trial offer" anyway... it's inherently flawed and intentionally deceptive. They say you have a free Audiobook download for your trial, and that if you don't cancel within 2 weeks or so, it will go to a pay account. Okay, that's fine. What they don't tell you, except in extremely vague legalize in their "Terms of Service" is that if you use the one "free" download, it apparently means to them that you want to become a full paying member! So unless you want a "free trial" that consists of downloading absolutely nothing, I would not recommend trying it. The fact that they run such practices makes me question their ethics in general as well, and I would not want to do any business with such a shady company, myself. I contacted them disputing the charges and they did nothing, so I will dispute them with my CC company.

  • Ch
    Christoph L. Jan 04, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Fully agree that emusic.com is a malicious company making money from tricking consumers into monthly re-occuring charges on the credit card that have never been approved by the consumer. In my case, the company charged for more than a year and unfortunately, I did not notice this on my credit card. When I did notice and called to cancel, they said that all charges are non-refundable. This is despite them clearly seeing and knowing that I've never used their services. I have now read so many similar reports online and I cannot help to think what a shame it is for a company like this emusic.com to exist, largely based on these malicious, fraudulent charges.

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  • Tr
    Trudenmo Mar 27, 2012

    Same thing, charged account for trialo that I didn't even use up. I am disputing the charge thru me credit card and my next stop is the better business bureau.

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Resolved unauthorized charge on debit card

emusic offered a 'free trial membership' to their music download site. they ask for proof of being a first time customer by requesting your debit or credit card information. What they don't tell you is that as soon as you give that info they bill you for a year of their service without your permission. They billed my debit card $95.90 the day I signed up for their "trial service'. I have gone through my dispute resolution dept with no viable outcome. Emusic has refused to refund my money after several attempts of contacting them askibg that the money be returned immediately. They showed on the web page when I cancelled the 'trial membership' that my money would be refunded but it has been 3 months and I have received nothing by way of a refund thus far and they have refused to return any of the many contacts i've sent them about this matter. Any help in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.

shannon wever
7589 Ryan Place
Wilmer, Al 36587


Resolved Uncalled for charge

Please will you cancel your invoice that has been charged on my credit card.
11/04/2009 13/04/2009 5735 EMUSIC.COM MUSIC [protected] £10.99

I never ask for it. Goggle states: 'Sorry this URL is invalid'

Yours sincerely
John White

  • Te
    Tetiana Jul 26, 2009

    Please will you cancel your invoice that has been charged on my debit card.

    07/24/2009 5735 EMUSIC.COM MUSIC $30.99

    Tetiana Paradna

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  • An
    ananthanarayanan v Aug 09, 2009

    The emusic.com music, has been making fraudulent unauthorized charges to my CREDIT card for 2 years, this reference in my statement as follows:

    030709 EMUSIC.COM MUSIC 866-847-0719US 55432869184000411397340 USD 11.99
    Please will you cancel your invoice that has been charged on my credit card.

    Yours sincerely

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  • Ca
    Carlos Alves Sep 23, 2009

    The emusic.com music, has been making fraudulent unauthorized charges to my CREDIT card for more a 1 year, this reference in my statement as follows:

    EMUSIC.COM MUSIC 866-847-0719 all mouths: € 16.99

    Only during this year 2009 it was:
    2009.02.22 €16.99
    2009.03.24 €16.99
    2009.04.23 €16.99
    2009.05.23 €16.99
    2009.06.22 €16.99
    2009.07.22 €16.99
    2009.08.21 €16.99
    2009.09.21 €16.99
    Total (2009) = € 135.92 to credit in my card: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-4567 or in my IBAN

    NIB: 0036.0025.99100002994.81
    IBAN: PT50 0036 0025 9910 0002 9948 1

    Please will you cancel your invoice that has been charged on my credit card.

    Yours sincerely

    Carlos Daniel Simão Alves
    From Fundão

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Resolved Online scam

I, like countless others, have been ripped off by this seemingly legal scam, and I won't repeat all of the various ways in which this company has scammed people, those can be found all over this website. I will simply post the latest method this company has used to extort money from my bank account.

The first step to take when you're scammed by Emusic.com is to cancel your subscription. Clearly, many of us have tried this, but it's not always that simple with Emusic.com...

When I canceled my account last month after having been charged unwittingly for four months I was relieved. Then when I found out today that I have been charged TWICE this month, yet have a DEACTIVATED ACCOUNT and no ability to download more music I became furious.

Why was I charged $11.99 for a month's worth of music downloads and $9.99 for a month's worth of audiobook downloads if my Emusic.com account was deactivated? Why could I not download the items I had been charged that month for? Is this legal? Is Bernie Madoff running this company? How can I be reasonably certain I will not be charged again if I already have canceled my membership and am still being charged?

This is a step beyond Emusic.com's usual 'Bait & Switch' and even beyond their shady 'radio silence' when it comes to charging your debit/credit cards. This is denial of service and mandatory automatic payment.

Does this, or any complaint made against Emusic.com, have any leg to stand on? Are any lawyers working against this company and for us scammers?

  • Sc
    scarlet May 22, 2009

    WOW... a whole website devoted to whining and complaining... I guess there's a place for everyone. Anyway, I have never had any problems with emusic over the past 3 years I have been using the service. I am convinced most of the problems I see here involving emusic are user caused problems. Things like not canceling BEFORE the trial period or forgetting to cancel all together. Emusic has good music for those that care to take the time to experience something new. It's very cheap compared to other sites. And neither me or any of the people I have recommended have every had any billing problems that were not caused by forgetfulness or such. I myself have canceled and resumed my subscription several times. I found the site easy to navigate and all my emails were answered promptly.

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Resolved free downloads, billed anyway

My son received an mp3 player fro Christimas and inside was a free coupon for emusic. Free downloads. In...