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I am the Vice President of Villa Therese Condo Association, this is a 29 unit building with five floors. We have handicapped unit owners and elderly in the building they moved here because we have a elevator. In May 5 - 11 of 2007 one of our unit owner on the fifth floor, received flooring from Empire Carpet. They brought in her flooring on the elevator and removed her old carpet. When they took the carpet out they made a mess, carpet residue was on every floor of the building and they broke the elevator. We have the elevator serviced every month so we called All Types Elevators Incorporated - 115 W 61st Street-- Westmont, IL 60559 #[protected] to come and repair the elevator, we have two unit owner in wheelchairs that depend on the elevator to get to their floor. A part have to be ordered and when Tom of All Type Elevators fixed it the cost of repair was around $603.00 (I think). This happen in May, Empire was called and a claim was put in numerous calls were made by (our old)Board President at that time, payment was never made. Then our management company called numerous times and was told payment would be made. Our (new President) called a number of times payment still has not been made. In Oct I rec'ed a call from Tom the repairman @ All Types Elevator, he's not very happy because he still has not been paid and he and Cindy (All Types Elevator) have called a number of times and sent all documents Empire has asked for. Oct 18'07 I made my first call and left voice mail for Mr. Troy Prinle, Donna Osbourne(admin) to Mr. Steve Silvers (VP), CS reps, JoEllyn, Judy, Kelly, Silva, Liz. (Resolution Dept)Silvia and Rebecca Clerk [protected] x4195 or x 3169. Acct or referral numbers I have been gave, also when I called the first time I learned they had closed the case. 1-[protected] or (FC31002 flooring), C636474. All types Elevator called again, still no payment after both of us talked to Rebecca and she said payment would be made, now they will not return are calls...Help. Empire should be ashamed of themselves, because they will not do what is right. The unit owners of this building, should not have to go into their pockets to pay for something Empire did, they make lots of money and pay a lot for air time $603.00 should not have them saying they will pay, not returning our calls and thinking maybe we will just stop and give up, IT IS WRONG. This is not a new building, we have a lot of other repairs that we need to do painting, roof, broiler we need a gate for our safety and we cannot afford to pay this. We do not have thousand of dollars in reserve so when thing need to be repaired we have lots of special assessments. Paying for the elevator will take away from something else we need to have done or getting a lawyer to sue. For a long time the management company had to front us money due to our balance being negative. We just can't afford another special assessment for this repair. Cindy at All Types Elevator told Rebecca Clerk that the elevator did not have a pre-existing problem it is serviced every month, and it was broke due to Empire breaking something on the door. Rebecca Clerk called Cindy and me back and said they would pay Tom. Tom of All Type elevator he has been very good about not billing us yet and still giving us service due to the unit owners who are in wheelchairs . Thank you and God Bless.


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    Rebekah Clerk Jan 07, 2008

    Thank you for brining your concerns to the attention of Empire Today. Empire Today is dedicated to providing world-class customer service to every customer. The payment for the elevator company is being processed and will be sent via Fed-Ex this week. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for further assistance.

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