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I am very disappointed in the lack of customer service with this company. My fiancee and I had a meeting in Naperville. The girl who typically works in Naperville was sick so we had our meeting the the gentleman from Schaumburg. We had a wonderful meeting with him and we enjoyed your company very much. we were discussing pricing and I had stated I received and email from your company with prices for a deal on video and photo. We discussed it and the prices were off. When we left he stated that he was going to look into it for us and get back to us the next day. That was almost 3 weeks ago. I am extremely disappointed. I will NOT be doing business with this company and I urge you not to as well!

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Dec 06, 2011 3:51 pm

I wanted to delete this review all together in order to calm the waters between my fiancee and I, and this company. The review was posted with haste, and perhaps could have been delayed in order to give customer service a chance to respond before I posted reviews such as this. The content of the complaint is factual, aside from my typo of almost 3 weeks, as it was almost just 2 weeks. None the less, we were told we would have a response the next day. That was his assurance, we didn't even request such prompt handling and would have understood if he informed us he needed more time in the meantime. However, this was not the case. We didn't hear a word from the company until after contacting customer service and posting reviews. As I said, I was quick to post reviews, and should have maybe afforded customer service some time to respond first. Regardless, this unfortunate turn of events has led me to not being comfortable with this company. The representative has offered a very generous consolation for the inconvenience of their lack of service, which is appreciated. However given what we have seen with this company, there is no way of finding comfort in using these services. With photography being such a considerable cost of a wedding or other events, I advise you to use your own discretion when selecting vendors.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Aug 30, 2012 5:29 pm

You were wise not to select this vendor for your wedding. I unfortunately did and am still regretting my decision. I hope that you were satisfied with the vendor you selected. I appreciate your review. I hope yours as well as mine will be helpful to someone. I wish that I had run same as you because there were warning signs from the very beginning.


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