EF Educational Toursno way to cancel if its the weekend?

I have currently been trying to cancel my trip within the given 48 hour period which allows for the full refund of my deposit. But you leave no way to cancel other than to talk with you directly on the phone which has extremely restrictive hours. This is an extremely shady business technique and I get that you don't want people to cancel but to not even allow or say how to cancel on your FAQ is downright wrong. I have sent multiple emails to which your automatic response has replied. If I don't receive the entire refund of my deposit I will seek action against you as this is unacceptable behavior from what initially seemed like an established company. You need to have clear instructions on how to cancel a trip and make it available at any time. I'm not able to cancel at all now because you aren't open weekends? that's ridiculous, please respond as soon as possible

Oct 05, 2019

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