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L Sep 12, 2018

I am a repeat customer for many years and love your products, however this last order will unfortunately be my final. I placed an order on Sunday 9/2/18 to be delivered on Monday 9/3/18 (Labor Day). All day Monday I tracked my order to which it said "order received by store". Knowing that past deliveries have been delivered early with no problems, I finally called the store at 4pm. The phone kept ringing with no recording of them being closed. I had looked up the hours for Labor Day which said open from 9am-7pm. I understand it was a holiday and times change but my order receipt said "Delivery Monday 9/3/18". The day came and went and no delivery, no phone call, no email, no nothing. Tuesday morning I called customer service and explained my issue and that I felt I was due some sort of credit for the miscommunication. The woman told me I would get a phone call from the store and could take it up with them. Well a week later I still have not received any calls from anyone. I spent over $100 on that order that wasnt received the day it was supposed to be. I own my own business and I know that with all of the competition in similar businesses, customer service is a key to success. I will no longer be a customer of Edible Arrangements. Thank you for great past experiences, except the last!

Edible Arrangements
Edible Arrangements

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    A very nice lady called and offered me a $30 credit toward future purchases or a free $30 box of chocolte covered fruit free delivery! Obviously I took the food!

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