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8:22 am EDT
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Duct Masters Inc Not good work & Non Responsive after Work was done

Got a coupon in the mail regarding Air Duct cleaning for $ 64.99. it is the basic cleaning with no returns cleaning. The coupon shows a big truck with the real vacuum mounted on truck. I do not think these guys have any of these trucks. They showed up @ my home with a small vacuum and compressed air hose. Not happy with the cleaning. The tech just blew air thru the vents and his "LITTLE" vacuum was at my furnace “Trapping” the dirt! Half the time when he was blowing the air thru the vents the vacuum was not working because it blew the fuse. So I am not sure what happened to the dirt he cleaned from the ducts. The Technician demanded cash even though his coupon says it will accept credit cards. I had to ride with him to the bank and get him cash. The worst part is that I returned home and found that the A/C was not working. I did not pay attention because I saw them switching off the system for cleaning, and I thought they switched it back on. I did not get a chance to check the A/C after they were done because the Tech was in a hurry & he wanted his cash. I called the Office number on the coupons and service contract. It went to the voice mail. I kept trying and someone picked up. I told him that the A/C is not working and asked him to help me. But he said the office is closed & will open only at 8:00 AM. I told him I have a 3 yr old kid & it is very hot but he simply hung up. I tried again he threatened me saying that I was harassing. To make the story short they did not help me but I had to call an emergency A/C repair person who charged me $ 350.00 to get it fixed. It seems that while the tech was cleaning the duct he pulled out some cables from the circuit board. I would have just spend $ 180.00 If I called in a proper air duct cleaning outfit.
These guys are not genuine & do not know a word about customer service, I would advice everyone to stay away from these air duct cleaners
DuctMaster Inc; DuctMaster Duct Cleaning LLC [protected] or [protected]

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Sterling, US
Sep 13, 2013 7:29 pm EDT

I too purchase the Amazon "deal" from DuctMasters as previous posts mentioned. The appointment was easy to set up and the "technician" was on time and couteous. Within the first minute he said the coupon doesn't cover my HVAC...two returns, two mains, blah, blah, blah and that the additional cost would be $200. I told him i was only interested in what the coupon entailed. He said, "how much did you pay for this, $40-50?". I said, "yes, $45". His response was how could we possible clean a system for that low price? Well, the value of the service I purchased was advertised as $335 so if you can't perform the service as advertised for the price advertised it is illegal advertising/bait and switch. I usually figure you get what you pay for but like other posters thought they were maybe a new company looking to build a client base. Anyways, i quickly realized it was a scam. I told him to do what the coupon stated and pick which of the two returns he wanted to clean and leave the other one. As he was working I googled "Duct Masters Air Duct, scam" and saw what I should have read before purchasing the "deal". It is hard to tell if the vents/ducts are cleaner but I'm sure they are not dirtier either. Lesson learned. I'm more upset with Amazon for promoting shady companies. I order from Amazon almost weekly and love their services. I hope they screen their "local deal" companies more carefully so they don't lose customers as a result. Stay away and use a trusted company for duct cleaning.

Marc Dossantos
boundbrk, US
Mar 20, 2013 7:10 pm EDT

I agree with all these comments. I saw a amazon local deal for DuctMasters Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning for Northern Jersey and scheduled an appointment. First, they cancelled the initial appointment and when I called they said they had called and left a message, which of course they did not. I made another appointment. A russian kid came to do the dryer vent and duct cleaning. He was nice enough and courteous but after he looked at my unit, he pulled the add ons which came out to like 300 bucks. I told them that I bought the voucher from amazon local and that I wasn't going to pay a penny more than the voucher. He had his manager call me and he kept lowering the price so I would take the scam bait. He went all the way down to 175 claiming that doing what only doing what the voucher specifies (dryer vent, one intake, and one out, plus unlimited vents) would be pointless without doing all the intakes. I asked why they don't put that in the advertisement. I didn't budge and told the manager for the kid to clean my dryer vent and leave and forget about the ducts. The manager had the odacity to say that "OK, this was a long drive and we won't charge you for the drive down to your area and we'll just do the dryer vent for the price of the coupon". The coupon clearly specified that they cover all over NJ. At that time I just wanted the kid out of my house so I ignored that statement hung up with the manager and sent the kid to my dryer. This place is an absolute scam. I have been purchasing living social and amazon local vouchers for a while now and they are usually used by start up companies that want to get the business name out there and get repeat business at the cost of a loss leader. Not this one. This is a bait and switch company and they should be shut down for false advertising and not providing a service that they promise at the specified price. I hate the fact that I was ripped off but this was a learning experience. Never use DuctMasters Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning for anything. Stay away and let them fail for their terrible reputation and service.

Bristow, US
Sep 14, 2011 9:17 pm EDT

I found (M) Monster Vac's coupon in the Val Pac coupons earlier this year when were looking for someone to clean our carpets and chimney after we moved. We scheduled an appointment and I even called back to confirm the appointment. Imagine my surprise when they did not show up. When I called them they said that we did not appear anywhere in their books and they couldn't help us for a couple of WEEKS! I had to get the carpets done that day! Needles to say, I am very grateful that I was able to contact Stanley Steamer who showed up within 3 hours of my call. They were very professional and reasonably priced.

DO NOT HIRE THESE PEOPLE! I get angry every time I see their coupon in the mail.

Ali Agca
Fairfax, US
Jun 21, 2011 11:36 am EDT

said $65 but it was 185 at the end. not professional. the debris around the vents were still there when he left. the place around the vents were more clean before. Not recommended

Woodbridge, US
May 07, 2010 12:07 pm EDT

I just had these scammers leave my house. I am still pretty shaken up from it. They advertised with ValPak for full house air duct and dryer vent cleaning package for $44.99 and tried charging me $175! I told them to just do what is on the coupon and they refused to do it without collecting the full $175. They did not show up for the first appointment I had with them and came the next day, which they showed up an hour late. They proceeded to argue with me in their very broken english, talked crap about me thinking that I didn't hear them, very rude, tried charging me an extra $80 for an AIR FILTER that I could buy myself for under $10! This company is such a scam! Make sure that they do not leave with anything of yours! I kicked them out of my house as they were mumbling words as they were walking out and I told them that I was going to report them. The guy said very sarcastically "OOHHH I'm scared!" Class A scammers and a-holes!

Herndon, US
Mar 07, 2010 3:18 am EST

I agree with all the negative posts, I only wish I had read some reviews before the came out to my house. I had a coupon for $44.99 and the "money saver, value pak" that said unlimited vents, One main duct, PLUS free dryer vent cleaning. I called and scheduled an appointment stating that I did have a coupon and they schedulded for me and this whole time while scheduling I thought the mans manner sounded very unprofessional but I THOUGH it was he didnt speak well English. They came to my house, took a look in the main duct and told me it was very dirty and that and they would clean it because its a "mans job". Now im a single woman so right then I thought to myself.. okay hes going to try to take advantage of me since im not a man. He then said a bunch of jibber jabber and I couldnt understand his thick accent and then i heard "$300." I said no.. this coupon says 44.99 and thats all im paying, thats why i called you so I could get this price. Then he tried explaining soemthing about vents and registers and I said.. I dont know what your saying, sir but you need to do what this coupon says, for 44.99. He then tried to sweet talk me and said.. "for you, (as he winked his eye and smiled) I clean juts dryer vent for 70.00" I was like.. fine, ok.. Then i went to my male neighbor while this guy was out in his truck and asked him for help and he told me that this guy was scamming me.. My neighbor totally flipped out and literally told the guy to get the BEEEP out of here and he was NOT nice about it at all.. The guy yelled back in his face saying "this is not your house" along with some other jibber jabber and then started to walk away.. we both went into our houses and next thing I know, the guy is coming back up my stairs with a flash light, looking in me and my neighbors windows and thats when my neighbor came out and raised hell and told him to get off our property. The guy stood there like he didnt know any english and FINALLY i went back outside and in a calm voice "sir you need to leave" He left and said "i no clean you house!"

I then told my boyfriend about it who then tried to call the company in a nice manner and ask what does this coupon cover, and why advertise if its false, and the kept hanging up on him. He must have called about 5 times and they wouldnt answer his questions or dicuss the matter because "we not clean your house"


tam from ill
, US
Feb 24, 2010 12:05 pm EST

I guess I should have read all these comments before using their service. AWFUL! Not only have they not fully cleaned the vents, they are refusing to come back and do a better job. they also claim not be in our area anymore, which may be true, but that means they know they would take us for our money, which of course they charged us more then the coupon. I cannot get managers name, man I keep speaking with hangs up on me, told me I'm stupid. They are non US citizens here to make money and not stand by the work or word. Do not go with this company, you will be sorry! They do not follow through, and did not get dust out of my home! I am back to finding a good cleaning service, this time I will go with referrals only and check online.

Elizabeth Shtern
mc , US
Jan 26, 2010 6:57 pm EST


Elizabeth Shtern
mc , US
Jan 26, 2010 6:56 pm EST

Guys I had Duct Master duct cleaning services in my house! I paid $550 for the whole house they had same truck like pictured on the coupon! And i'm very satisfied with the job!

Andrews, US
Jan 18, 2010 10:08 am EST

Called Air Duct Cleaning [protected]) to have my air ducts, blower motor, and coils cleaned. Was quoted $49.99 with my coupon for the air ducts and $60 for the blower motor and coil. (Normally it is $120, but with the air duct cleaning it was 50% off). Once the Russian came out, he added up all of my vents and said the coupon only covered one main duct and one register. Apparently, I have three main ducts and two registers. It was an additional $55 for each main duct and $25 for the additional register, he agreed to do it for $160. When I asked about the blower and coil cleaning, he said he would look at it. He never did. Additionally, he used all three of my spare filters. If you have spare filters HIDE THEM! And they WILL dirty the one currently in there.

By the time he left the main office was closed. When I called the next day and spoke with the manager he said he could have his guy come back out and do it for $120. I told him about the filters, he offered me $90 for the job. I told him that was ridiculous and it shouldn't be any more than the originally quoted $60. He hung up on me. When I called back and asked if he normally hangs up on his customers, he said only if they yell at me or say something I don't like. After not getting anywhere with the guy, I told him I was going to file a complaint, and he hung up on me again.

Customer service is not great, I don't think this company has ANY repeat business.

Don't fall for the valpak coupon "Best Quality, unbeatable prices. Period!" "no hidden charges!" "100% unconditional satisfaction guaranteed" Everyone of them LIES!

Air Duct Cleaning, DuctMaster Air Duct, Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning [protected]

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