Dubai Duty Freedubai duty free gold shop agent

A Nov 15, 2019


Myself Ashwini, and I traveled on 9th Nov from Bangalore India to Dallas USA via Dubai. I had 4hr transit and wanted to purchase gold at duty free. I walked to Duty free gold shop at terminal C and at the first gold shop I purchased a earring with the help of a very good agent. The earrings were very pretty except it had a sharp corner. Later when I was walking towards terminal B, I came across the second gold shop at terminal C. There I was assisted by Shah Zeb, a duty free customer. I saw the same earring at second gold shop but different design and I wanted to exchange the earring here as they had same earring without sharp edges. Shah Zeb wasn't so helpful in assisting me with the exchange and kept saying that I need to go to customer service at terminal C. I showed him the receipt of my purchase which was less than an hour, but still he wasn't ready to help me. He asked for my native in India and the purpose I am travelling to USA. After the conversation, he was not ready to show me any of the ornaments and asked me to walk to different gold shop. I was utterly shocked with his behavior and the way I was treated. He did not help me exchange the earring nor showed me any other ornament when I kept saying that i want to buy a necklace for my mom. I was very much disappointed and disturbed with the incident. I hope the agents would be trained well to behave well with the customers as Dubai duty free is one of the best and reputed duty free in the world. People like Shah Zeb can kill customer service and customers peaceful travel to their destination from Dubai

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