Dresshead.comno returns allowed

S Aug 12, 2018

I placed a large order ($165, $70 was shipping & taxes) w/Dresshead. The items came and a package of 5 large rocks included.
I ordered about 10 items and 4 of them didn't fit me. I emailed the company (no phone/or other info) Lucinda emailed back. I asked for return info, address, auth number, etc. She replied w/an option to keep everything and give me 2 free gifts on my next order.
I responded, that I don't want there free gift, just a return address. She also said I would have 2 pay for shipping. Said fine, just give me an address where to send back. She wasted a week on ridiculous question.
After 4 additional emails complaining about their service, I still can't get a return address or any info from them.
They have just ignored all my emails. I WOULD NEVER BUY FROM DRESSHEAD!

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