Domestic Uniform Rentaluniform rentals

G Aug 17, 2018

For today for NO [censored] FRIDAY I have nominated Domestic Uniform Rentals as one of the worst companies I have had to deal with in all my companies history and in my lifetime. Hand shake deals or contracts mean nothing to this company. They are one of the worst service companies and dysfunctional customer service I have ever seen in my whole life time. Between the 5 year shady contracts, to the lost of quality and missing of uniforms, rags, and towels... that is needed to function for our operations to keep are quality of work for our employees is horrific. You can talk to the salesman to the Vice President it means nothing to say the least. Stay away from this broken company, hope to see them in Court very soon. I will not pay for bad service or the lack of as long as I am on God's Green Earth. I would love to join the lawsuit contact me at [protected]

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