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Nb Aug 30, 2019 Review updated:

What has happened to this location? It use to be really neat and well stocked. It seems that the manager was on leave and the substitute is not as good. The staff does not seem to follow thru on stocking and you have to go search for someone to ring you up. The aisle are cluttered and you can't push your cart thru. I hope you can bring back the previous manager. She ran the store so well and it felt like a community store.

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      Sep 16, 2019

    Dollar General must not train there employees, this is the biggest complaint on this site. I can’t believe corporate doesn’t implement training for all including there managers and if they are getting trained the instructor should be fired. Here’s a company that prides themselves on going into small communities. It could be a great little store if employees were trained and not something for 1 day and then that is it. Every
    3 months a meeting and new training technics. These small communities that you put your business in would love to have a community store to shop in where people are friendly and Mdse on the shelves fully stocked. It isn’t that hard, In fact it is easy with the right ppl in place.

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