Dollar General / Employee Theft and Customer Neglect

Cm Aug 18, 2019 Review updated:

I want to mention that I have worked in Retail Management for nearly 40 years. I am retired but that doesn't stop me from rating my service!
1) Customer Neglect: Part of my purchase was that I had bought six glass bowls. While the employee was placing them in one bag, I heard that these bowls were being clanging against each other. I had mentioned that these bowls should be handled better with maybe a piece of paper or another bag separating them in the bag. She didn't even pay me any mind. She was too busy talking to the people behind me in line and not focusing on me, the person standing in front of her. She didn't show any care to me and my purchase.
2) Employee Theft: I was parked in the handicap parking and was loading my backseat of my car with my purchases when the same employee came rushing out to open the Ice Machine. She reached in and came out with a huge bag of ice. She gave it to the customer's grown daughter. Then she reached in and grabbed another bag to give it to the customer. The customer said to her, " I had only bought one bag." The employee replied, "that's alright, take this one too." The customer gave her the okay look and took the extra bag of ice.

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  •   Aug 19, 2019

    Mind your business.

    Were you authorized to park in the handicapped parking area????? Hmmmm???

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